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  1. Mr.Wittmann1942


    That looks so good! I hadn't played for a while and got back into the game and for some weird reason that was the first thing I thought of, how cool headlights would be. Yea, In my original post I said if they are added it would have to be to where you can turn them on and off. I think the Engine should have the same option, so if you jump off a car to shoot someone and get back in it doesn't take 20 seconds to get going again.
  2. Mr.Wittmann1942


    Adding Headlights that you could turn on and off would be really cool, not only for night battles but also areas that are kind of gloomy. Most vehicles already have headlights on the model so I don't think this would be too difficult. This should extend to tanks and recon vehicles not just cars. I found something like this pls
  3. Mr.Wittmann1942

    Prototype test: Armor plating

    This will turn away a lot of players of the game like most updates do. Just rethink the Armor Plates idea. Just quickly glimpsing at this topic I saw a bunch of much better ideas that I think would be more viable rather than Armor Plates.
  4. Mr.Wittmann1942

    Armor plates

    I don't like the Armor Plates idea. I feel like it would be much more beneficial to reduce the availability of scopes across all classes. This would reduce the need of the Heavy Set badge and also would make the new bipods added to the game more effective like the D4 and C4 bridges on the town map would be great spots for machine guns however when everyone has a scope any attempt at holding down a key point (such as a bridge) with a machine gun becomes useless.
  5. Now I'm confused, are you acknowledging the fact that the Hellcat is overpowered or mocking us for bringing it up similar to how you are bringing up the Fw190?
  6. Mr.Wittmann1942

    MG42 Builds

    Since the Bipods were implemented I've been playing around with some Machine Gun builds and for the MG42 I came up with a stable build. The downside is it fires extremely slow but it's pretty much the only build that you can rely on firing without the bipod. I run it with Tight Grip Gold as well just for more stability and when you have the bipod down it pretty much has no kick. I was wondering if anyone else had any other goods builds.
  7. Mr.Wittmann1942

    Tiny encounter map idea

    I would love a map like this, but just elongated to the point of it being an assault map. Where there is lots of cover but its mostly a flat map. But for that to work we would need stationary AT guns.
  8. Mr.Wittmann1942

    why is bolt actions in the game?

    Its in the game because it's was the standard issue weapons for most factions and it should be the first weapon you unlock, as it was.
  9. Mr.Wittmann1942

    Let's buff for U.S

    Hmm. I like the P-40 Warhawk as is but you want to buff it go ahead. Just makes it easier and harder for me. Generally, when I'm flying I use the U.S though because I've grown accustomed to them when I was blowing up noobs in the P-38. Good old days.
  10. What are you saying? TTK is Time to Kill. It's a statistic. It's not something you can pick say "STG is a high TTK weapon" because it's not. The time you need to kill someone with the STG is longer than you need with the other factions assault rifles. So it is an inferior weapon in terms of TTK. That doesn't mean you're not gonna be able to kill anyone, but if someone pulls up with a M1/M2 carbine or an M1919 at range you're gonna die. Unless you get praised by the RETO gods and get an instant headshot.
  11. Make all weapons purchasable. I want a M1919 on my German.
  12. Cmon guys relax. It's not that much of a letdown having an MG on a Gaz model that didn't have one. Stop bullying the guy. In a game where an American recon plane can take 3 plus Panther rounds and still fly in PERFECTLY fine condition, where you can fire a Full RPM MG42 while standing up, can operate a full (!) tank with only 1 member (optional machine gunner). I don't think to have a mounted DP-28 would be that much out of norms.
  13. Mr.Wittmann1942

    Remove APCs from staged encounter

    Hmm. I think they should keep them in because it's the first vehicle you unlock when you play the game. Maybe remove the AA Truck but not the standard spawn truck.
  14. Mr.Wittmann1942


    There is a really annoying bug that I've been experienced since I got back into the game a few days ago. It keeps bringing up a 0 and shows no chat boxes. Even if you try to start a private conversation, it doesn't bring anything up. I can chat fine in the game using Squad/Team chat, but when I'm back on this screen I'm unable to chat. I've restarted the game multiple times (because I remembered when I used to play when I had this issue I would restart the game and it would be fixed) but for some reason, everything I've done doesn't seem to work. Did anyone experience this problem? Are there any fixes?
  15. Mr.Wittmann1942

    Why now tanks have so much HP?

    I don't know why the Tiger does so much more than the Panzershreck. Like there is an obvious difference between a cannon and a shaped charged, but come on they are the same MM just for game sakes could you not make it similar? Having to shoot a light tank like 800 times with a Panzershreck is just stupid. I really like the idea for this update and It's better than before but they definitely need to fine-tune some stuff to actually make it enjoyable for all classes.