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  1. There's also an underground panzerfaust in the middle of krepost.
  2. raphoux

    Welcome to German faction

    Honestly, even if you cannot cap, you will get warfunds from Killing on caps with raiding and defense bonus, all i see is that you are very far from the point. 210 warfunds is maybe a single cap. So yeah, i Don't know whre you're going. I get that people can get frsutrated on non participating team. I find my self leaving matches when we attack C line, since nobody advances and when you have no APCs it seems pointless, but this is beyond comprehension, in 15 mins, 0 caps, 0 defending kills, 0 raidings kills ? You can even do them outside the point.
  3. Because the ine doesn't have the planes ressources maybe ?
  4. No. You have to queue as infantry and then maybe he can switch.
  5. raphoux

    exploding planes

    I sometimes go through the ground and explode. This is piloting now. Never repair, they're traps everywhere down there.
  6. raphoux

    Americans LMGs OP

    Make the MG42 great again, until everyone starts talking about how GE is the op faction that has lots of cheaters and easiest guns to use.
  7. raphoux

    Welcome to German faction

    All i see is : 35, 0, 0, 0, 70 Do you know what a capping point is ?
  8. raphoux

    Bonus Damage for non-Underdogs

    Every body is kun fu sniping Every body in a bush camping Wait... Wrong song.
  9. raphoux

    Cheating problem

    Why do you think Apex and Overwatch are hardware banning ? People who cheat rarely use the same name, and i doubt any players in the forum is cheating. Nobody will know the players, maybe a few and even then, you would need the cheater that has a cheap cheating system + a name he frequently use.
  10. raphoux

    German Pilots...

    More people playing GE since it's the biggest faction. GE has also the biggest player base in staged. GE has the best new plane. Planes in war are impossible to queue for, since you can wait hours, unless you posses the ATs. No class cap. Would be good to have a cap ressource related, but hey.
  11. raphoux

    Americans LMGs OP

    Generaly speacking people play meta weapons, but long time players play whatever weapons they like. So quantifying a representative pool of player is impossible.
  12. raphoux

    Ampulomet or bazooka

    It does, but doesn't mean it will do more damage since the ark. But then again, maybe you will be a god with it
  13. raphoux

    E-100 in Heroes and General?

    Never was a thing in WW2, why would it be a thing ? And then why not SU 152 too, so that you can nuke cap points and one shot at least light tanks. Why not a sturmtiger to destroy everything in a 50 meters radius ?
  14. Take a shovel, steal weapons : no repair cost