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  1. The thing is, all the updates didn't really went in the direction to a balanced game in my opinion. And why would bipod do such a thing ?
  2. raphoux

    Impact grenades

    You can do that, but you can also throw a grenade and if you hit the body kill him that way. I don't know if its' a bug, but some SU players like to spam grenades, maybe if you find one of them he will teach you his tricks ?
  3. raphoux

    Can't use AAA truck

    Well i guess people learn from themselves.
  4. raphoux

    tank destroyer ww2 Jagdpanther !!!!!!!!!!

    This is basicly a periscope with triggers, how is that even a technological advancement ? People should stop trying to find those innacuracies just because they can't do 5 minutes search on the internet and actually play war to see what should be fixed.
  5. I doubt people will play RTS in the first place when US has such high win rates both in FPS and in RTS.
  6. raphoux

    Soviets vs US in NA timezone gameplay

    You're the type of guy who says i'm not racist BUT kind of thing huh ? You don't do condone Something by giving excuses to the thing you just condoned. Not my fault you're trying to defend your buddy or you just try to pick up a fight on the forums for no reasons. Cheating is cheating. Should i say i installed an aimbot just because my aim is bad ? or because the hitreg is bad in this game ? or maybe because of those servers ? No, and you would probably be on the same position as me, reasons just aren't existing for cheating. Cheating comes from being frustrated enough and weak enough of a person to rely on such dirty and low actions. Waiting 40-50 minutes for a game is because you queue with a clan as 15, which already give you automaticly at least 70% win rate, if you need more winrate to stat pad yourself, no problem. Finding "reasons" for cheating, in this case alting, just shows how many people are actually fine with or even pratice it to even talk about it publicly. Or as said, you're just trolling like this forum has become quite a few years ago.
  7. raphoux

    Are Mines Useable Anymore?

    I find the T70 rather unreliable and needs 7 H3 in quite a lot of situations.
  8. raphoux

    Impact grenades

    It's now a strategy when you're out of bullets and in CQG to throw a grenade at your feet to kill yourself and the ennemy at the same time.
  9. raphoux

    Soviets vs US in NA timezone gameplay

    And i'm the troll huh ? But hey, i'm the bad guy for seeing this rather poor wording or this blattant troll. I mean, a lot of americans are playing GE too, so it isn't too surprising. I would rather be surprised if you told me it was SU.
  10. raphoux

    Tanks Are Overpowered

    Well, maybe because you only saw artificial forests and no wildlife forests ? On what part is it said that AT SHOULD destroy tanks, most of people were complaining about AT rambos when you could 3 H3 a tank, no matter which one. Now you're complaining because you can't three shot them. Let the tank be hard to destroy, and then limit the amount of tanks you can put on the field, and everything is fine. I don't hear you complain about how planes are op since you cannot realiably destroy them with AA.
  11. Why am i not surprised that this is a US guy talking ?
  12. raphoux

    Tanks Are Overpowered

    And as i said, it's as bad as the exp for damage, since it shows when you do more than your gun normally allows, but never when you do less than your gun allows, it's really misleading Indeed.
  13. raphoux

    You did it, Reto! Thank you!

    Because VERY FEW people play on GE side ? like VERY FEW were playing on SU side, comon, stop playing dumb.
  14. raphoux

    Tanks Are Overpowered

    where did i talked about realism ? i talk about logic. A tank needs to be hard to kill, stop putting yourself as a whiteknight of the infantry. A tank IS and SHOULD be annoying. If it was real life, a GE tank would be almost unkillable for SU and US by infantry means since it was infantry covered and hard to kill, and our mine trick wouldn't work. And this is shown into the gamen most tanks are annoying to destroy especially when you don't have the right equipment. Rocket are really useful to damage a tank, and better vs an expenrienced one when you shoot sides and rear, but then again you talk with your infantry nihilism. H3 are easy to place, and 2 will disable you a lot of components. Not all tanks can stat up really fast, especially on GE side, but also every above med. You complain about infantry getting farmed by tanks, but it was always the case. Stop whining on tanks then and whine on "unfair" War mode. If you do no damage, you get no exp. You get 1 exp of worn down armour if the shot is powerful enough, and this isn't misleading. You Don't need a PHD to know that more EXP = more damage, which is also not Always the case, since damage on vehicules aren't really shown as exp since you can get let's say 7 exp for almost no damage
  15. raphoux

    Tanks Are Overpowered

    Half of the anti-tank Equipment isn't really great vs tanks, what's YOUR point. You think stickies were interesting ? the AT grenades that you can throw ? Reto has been generous with the AT weaponery, with the anti-tank rifle update on the verge of being released (apparently), we will have more anti-tank equipment than anti-personnal. Tanks are supposed to be hard to kill, Reto did that, now you cry they're op against infantry. In what world it isn't ? You just talk about Overpowered, but a tank has very chances against infantry in 1vs1. The tank almost Always need back up, since the first H3, mine or rocket is almost always to disable the track. Unless it's a tank vs no tank match up, you will generally never come on top as a tanker. The only cases you cannot reach to the tank is because you're attacking on one lane and the infantry is pushing your objectives hard, so in already winning conditions for the ennemy or your team. Plus apart from heavy tanks, you get down really easily, especially slow tanks like the germans one, heavies and meds, T38, T28 etc. I find rather disturbing that it's actually today harder to kill an active APC than a light tank.