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  1. raphoux

    Jagdpanther any useful ?

    I'm sniping with it, and no, getting 3 shotted by an SU is kinda bad.
  2. raphoux

    German alt

    I did it, this was 2 monthes ago.
  3. raphoux

    Operation Barbarossa starts June the 18th!

    If you wanted to share, why not give it to everyone ?
  4. raphoux

    Questions about H3 and Panzerwurfmine Lang

    *dynamite Lover is bad for being an AT guy.
  5. raphoux

    Questions about H3 and Panzerwurfmine Lang

    Reput the image please. the trick is well placed, most of the time you Don't get to place well H3s, so in genearl you spam them to ensure the kill with the rocket launcher. 3 H3 and 1 rocket ensures the kill on almost any tank below heavy.
  6. raphoux

    Jagdpanther any useful ?

    Honestly, the more i play it, the more i see that, without having tons of modules destroyed, you get bursted easily by any other tanks. You even loose some duels against ennemies TDs if not careful. My question is, is this Heavy TD the exception, or are all HTDs the same ?
  7. raphoux

    Questions about H3 and Panzerwurfmine Lang

    3 H3 and 1 panzershreck rocket destroy lights and some meds.
  8. raphoux

    buried Panzerfaust

    There's also one in the middle of Krepost, i will try to provide a Screenshot.
  9. raphoux

    Med bag behind Church

    I think he says it doesn't work, you need to look at the crate at first, then you can look away.
  10. I think that with staged and war, they want to calculate the amount of ressources gain you need to balance out the production cut they did. The thing is that the more you win, the more you will crush your ennemies and clan pushes will be letal. Cannot wait to see KGB and RS work together to take out whole regions and come back to see our ressources dried out.
  11. raphoux


    I've seen so many SMGs with heavy spring but trigger, things to make you Wonder. But the best thing i saw was heavy bolt MG42, bullet, barrel, quite the achievement.
  12. raphoux

    Match maker

    Story : We were 8 clan mates defending a town, we won and they got pretty salty over the match. The same people queued whilst most of our clan went and od Something else. They saw our tag and thought again it was clan people, so they left. My guess, and i can see it sometimes when i'm randoming vs RS or KGB, people leave the game when they see the clan tags.
  13. raphoux

    Ressource abandonnée au combat

    La faction gagne ces ressources. C'est en quelque sorte les ressources volée à l'autre faction. La différence est que les ressources volée proviennent des ATs et les ressources sont transmis à la production d'AT pour le déploiement.
  14. The problem isn't this. The problem is the server where you hit head but Don't do damage, or is behind a wall and still get hit because of latency. Most people blame cheaters when this is really a server issue.