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  1. raphoux

    Quality of US players

    not understanding sarcasm is a sign of mental incapacity or worse. Even a new player knows that US was never more populated than everyone. Saying otherwise would prove that you're just trolling, because you cannot stand that i'm right ? Or just because you want to worsen this particular subject. Oh wow, the irony... Maybe, but you take thing very personnal.
  2. raphoux


    Especially when med pouches are kinda a buy on most characters...
  3. raphoux

    Quality of US players

    just gonna bring up again your posts with 1919 sway… XD NEver said it was. Only said that 1919 nerf fuckign decimated US pop, which it did. WEll, you have no data too as far as i'm concerned. And you cannot say that the DT29 has more recoil, less bullets, worse handling over all etc. In the post, the you was plural. again plural. And this is the tendency of this forum.
  4. raphoux

    Quality of US players

    0-30 meters is just too big. It's basicly every point fight which is, normally, where you do the most fighting. Nah, most new players go to GE. It's just that most of the good player pop just rage quitted the game after 1919 nerf.
  5. raphoux

    Quality of US players

    whatever you tell yourself... I'm just done spending effort correcting your misinformation since it just results in you spinning the conversation into another subject. Don't get me wrong, you do say things that are correct, or are simply just a valid opinion, but you also say blatantly wrong shirt, like "nerfing 1919 to fix US population" or when you talk about 2017 statistics related to Johnson. Your recount of events is just complete BS I can't remember, have you posted yourself playing on US or SU side and/or your weapon stats yet to show you don't just constantly play only GE and have a completely biased view similar to that Trigger guy for US? You pretty much have avoided it at all costs. It's better just to admit you're heavily GE biased so people can understand that right off the bat when reading your posts. First, why would i prove myself ? Second, i was using sarcasm. 1919 did fix the population of the US in the wrong way. MG13 is OP and that's a fact, but don't go spread lies about how it the most OP one. You just say DT29 has sway has this has that when it has none. The best way you could describe it would be that it has terrible sights, and it does have bad sights. But the rest ? Almost flawless. I'm not talking about other guns that just are too good in terms of balance. But right now they're 2 top ones for sure. Then again, SU has way more arguments than GE, so saying GE has THE MOST OP weaponery in the game is again a flaw in argumentation. They drown in money. Well, they did produce stats very rarely. RETO isn't really known for transparency. And stats aren't really a flawless data to begin with.
  6. raphoux

    I have quit 7 games in a row

    Map design is quite flawed but i doubt it will be changed in quite a long time not to say never.
  7. Oh yeah "faster handling", whatever that's. And sure, better hipfire.
  8. raphoux

    Quality of US players

    I'm just using your logic. If that's Fox news, then fine.
  9. And yet you still think MG13 is better than DT29 ?
  10. raphoux

    Feedback after a long break

    You missed the point i see. HEadshots will Always be a multiplier or an instant kill. And yes, a welcome feature, but there you go back to the Birth of FPS then, which is interesting i guess ? It's not an argument. As i said, it's there since Birth of FPS and should remain. The problem is that the system is broken thanks to the hitreg and thus your "balancing system" doesn't work.
  11. DT29 had sway before this patch ? Oh wow. MG42 prepatch not challenging without TGG and even with ? ok then. Not biaised at all... But play this patch, you will be surprised. If you never mention the other faction, i can only be selective. One question then, did the DT29 in your opinion, change a lot with the new patch ?
  12. didn't see you complain about DT29.
  13. raphoux

    Feedback after a long break

    And i didn't talk about what weapons are good or not too. And randoms, will want to improve instead of being spoon fed... And excuse me, but the maps are more void than anything else, so learning that isn't difficult... Well, new recoil pattern did, again, messed with weapon balance. That sway was annoying is understandable and is a good thing to be removed. But those new recoil patterns aren't great. Having really easily controlable straight recoil for some weapons shouldn't be a thing. The problem isn't that, the problem is the hitreg. Sometimes the bullet just go through the head without damaging.
  14. raphoux

    Feedback after a long break

    Some weapons just are too easy to control for what they're. Plus saying it's more noob friendly because you cannot "learn a weapon" is just a wooden excuse. Who would play a game where you cannot learn ?
  15. raphoux

    When will the STG equipment points be reverted back

    As i said, this has Nothing to do with tiers since in LMG world they Don't exist, but you still bring that up. The problem is old vs new LMGs and RETO already said they wanted to fix this. Plus, this topic isn't about BAR or anything... I didn't derail anything, i just cited you. Bar and MG13 have two different problems. Comparing them isn't really interesting. The problem of the bar is RPM, as said previously btw... I have no problem staying on target with it, it hasn't really got any big recoil there. Then again i Don't use it often. Hipfiring is a no, but i almost never hipfire LMGs. As said previously, again, the MG13 has other problems. The diagonal recoil is quite annoying, but then again they changed recoil patterns to Something weirder since they buffed the recoil patterns. Maybe they will fix it again or revert it like they always do. Not really, it's just that you talk about LMGs when the topic is STG. IF you made a topic, i would go into further details, but you proved to not read full sentences so it's kinda rich from you… So if y ou Don't have anything to say about reverting Equipment points let's let it be until you make a forum subject ? You never bring up big arguments. The 1919 "drunken sway" is just an example. You say you have sensible argument. The only interesting one is the handling of the 1918 and the tier comparison. Problem is, into the LMG class, tiers don't really mean anything since all LMGs got introduced in different contexts and for different purposes. You say you fall into despair, but hey, at least make Something more interesting than just handling. Because the Bar has really shirty RPM. Unless you want it to replace the M1/M2 into the AR world, which most US players in this forum discarded as an idea, just to name one idea they Don't want, then fixing handling of 1918 is moronic. Plus, you talk only about MG13, which is also kinda pointless, since as far as i know they're 3 factions are they not ? I talked about buff 1918 RPM and even suggested to make the 1918 AR level of handling. I talked about sight rework of the Johnson and if sight flip was possible. Finnmaster said no since they are no other sights on the Johnson. I talked about SMG buffs which would lead to a 4HK base SMG world and hence a M1/M2 buff. Just to name a few. I read them, mostly trash posts about how GE guns are beyound any other weapon and that you should buff 1919. Truly interesting ideas. Well, so you want a STG ? You already can afford one. Well, i Always take complains seriously, that why i'm answering. But just saying dumb stuff like MG13 is beyound anything, let's buff this gun, won't lead anywhere.