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  1. Biohazardousgun

    US players second chance?

    You're cool. We like you.
  2. Biohazardousgun

    US players second chance?

    Can we get a big fat F in chat boys?
  3. Biohazardousgun

    ☭Order of the Red Banner☭

    In-Game name: Biohazardousgun Age: 24 Country: America Reason for Joining: Making ORB greater then what jmj191 can Do you have a PPSh/PPS/AVS/Dp28 on an infantry character?: I have all of them Do you have Assault Teams?: Yes If so, How many and Type? 6 small para, 8 bikes, 3 big inf, 1 moto recon, 2 recon plane.
  4. Biohazardousgun


    @Reto.Hades I don't see it in the change log, but did you guys fix the bugged war battles?
  5. But yet tank spammers just sit in the far ends of the map HE clicking poor little inf. trying to attack/defend a point. Not helping the push for their team and only farming XP for their own selfish gain? It seems like that's hampering with the ability of the inf to play the game.
  6. Unless you're like me, and just refill with gold.
  7. Hey i have a character just like that, but it was for another whiny tank spammer.
  8. Biohazardousgun

    HE spammers (both tanks and planes)

    Complain about HE spam, but is a clan that is known for HE spams and HE spams himself. Hmmmmm....
  9. Biohazardousgun

    New winning town mechanic

    /M 7556190150182039688
  10. Biohazardousgun

    New winning town mechanic

    /M 4218641019230186501
  11. Biohazardousgun

    Fix the sound!!!

    I'm in the same boat as this.
  12. Biohazardousgun

    Remembering the 7th Panzer Division

    Why do I get put at the bottom but @vengeicegets put at the top.
  13. Biohazardousgun

    New winning town mechanic

    /M 2731922136449602044 /P 4545238687656735738 /W /lang en /NOSERVER /H 0 /PS 2255416749842209560 /V 156858 /x steam /R "ircserver=" /R "chatp=2255416749842209560::BxI0LR/OpOCWBx1TqSrPOfCa9ok" /R "sync.delayShow=1" /R "actionhost=" /R "useDX12=0" /R "render.enable_pbr=0"
  14. Biohazardousgun

    New winning town mechanic

    /M 5127623791483947474 /P 1656641236285662026 /W /lang en /NOSERVER /H 0 /PS 8329853866994943778 /V 156858 /x steam /R "ircserver=" /R "chatp=8329853866994943778::fFmaYrqDz9Tv6mwW+XV/zrAVomo" /R "sync.delayShow=1" /R "actionhost=" /R "useDX12=0" /R "render.enable_pbr=0" Nice.