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  1. MattiMikkoEeverttiSalonius

    Captured weapons is one thing but...

    So does using picked up weapons or unlocking enemy vehicles and tanks. You already have many people picking up mg13 and such. SU soldiers arriving on Kubelwagen and shooting off mg13 is almost common. Just take a quick peek at the map if you are unsure. Hell, I used to pick up Mosin/m1903 behind the enemy lines so I wouldn't get caught because of the sound. Oranges into lemonade, my man.
  2. MattiMikkoEeverttiSalonius

    Captured weapons is one thing but...

    Honestly, anything that works to shut up the people admiring hellcat is fine. If they want to do all that waiting outside the tank to kill the tanker and farm one up for themselves, I think they should have every right to do so. As long as it takes actual, long effort so that the tiniest percentage of players with mental health problems can have their revenge on the US. Just like PTRS, it's not going to appear on every pair of German or US hands, and the effect on the game itself is minimal. It's more about the freedom to custom your gameplay and to set goals for people who are basically done buying new things.
  3. MattiMikkoEeverttiSalonius

    Getting fed up with H&G issues

    And the same problems persists to this day. With the addition of US/GER quitting the war totally.
  4. MattiMikkoEeverttiSalonius

    plane landing

    I go for roads, and you can actually take off while climbing up a mountain. It really is a 50/50 chance if an invisible obstacle, small crack or bumb in the terrain will blow you up like c4, but when you succeed you do get some endorphins. In any map, often the best places are near traintracks, so i just keep looking out. Signed, I've landed in the current factory map too many times for my brains
  5. MattiMikkoEeverttiSalonius


    I would most definitely buy gold to get Finnish uniform and good old pystykorva or konepistooli, even if i haven't bought any gold yet. One question though, as you said "it should actually resemble WW2" how does doubling German production go with that? I get it from the gameplay perspective, but if you want "ww2" we'd see a Germany lacking in tanks for example. Especially as some q&a reto videos gave an positive reaction as to "will rescources be tied to cities?", adding actual resources such as steel and so strategic element would be increased. For now, we have been blessed with GE being "equal" in everything but playerbase and fronts - nothing that the can't be easily changed. War will definitely become "harder" to compete in, wouldn't make sense for them to add 2x Germany production if they are planning on introducing resources.
  6. MattiMikkoEeverttiSalonius


    The cities are done to mirror what war was prior to D-day. Sevastopol was invaded back in 1944 may, so you can kind of put it around that timeline. If you play HOI4, this is something of a endsieg mod.
  7. MattiMikkoEeverttiSalonius


    No hurry, the war will just start over again and again until May 1st.
  8. MattiMikkoEeverttiSalonius


    I believe this or anything would make people join Germany, atleast for the duration of the event, see if they could balance the war xp bonus which has been dominated by US/SU for way too long.
  9. MattiMikkoEeverttiSalonius

    fw190 nerf wasn't enough...

    I meant h&g in general, not to say that they strive for realism per se, but it's not full arcade either. Thus, the decisions made should be in the same scale, not realistic but not all imaginery either.
  10. MattiMikkoEeverttiSalonius

    fw190 nerf wasn't enough...

    They already destroy infantry like no other, so only way to make them "balanced" while also being most damage to inf and planes would be to make them cost like hell. I feel like HE is too weak against planes, too, but for dogfighting, i just pick my APCR setup and kill tanks and planes. With HE, infantry. As HE was lighter, faster and did more damage in the real world, something like that in a mixture of realism and arcade would be, well, hard to balance with everything else.
  11. MattiMikkoEeverttiSalonius

    fw190 nerf wasn't enough...

    I think the problem lies in the fact that you didn't see US complaining, ever. You don't want balance if status quo favours you. It does give flying a nice "survival of the fittest" attitude to it. You see people who have 10 plane kills and one death on all factions, Yak using accuracy, P-51 using it's ability to kill components and Fw using it's mobility to be at the right place at the right time. If you learn the playstyle, in my opinion, you can make anything work. I'm not saying balancing shouldn't happen, but they should only strike on things that make even a mediocre player the greatest of them all.
  12. MattiMikkoEeverttiSalonius

    FPS keep dropping with each update

    I've found that many people, including myself, got a drop on fps after the highlighting was introduced. Disabling it gets it back to smooth 60fps for many. Also, keeping clouds and shadows turned off does little to the outlook, but may add to the performance.
  13. MattiMikkoEeverttiSalonius

    If you don't like the game then don't play the game.

    Damn, you called it out right there! I guess we are, in a sense, moving towards the middleway of realism and fun, as in - take realistic parts that also can be fun, leave realistic but non-acradeable parts away.