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  1. LMAO, kinda glad I been playing SU for the last few wars. I don't understand Russian, and its actually been peaceful not seeing a ton of Salt in the chat. Plus the Russian General actually told me he was sending in Yaks for me to fly. Too much fun! #WhenDidIBecomePerPilot
  2. Again this example of quality. GE has quantity, yet focus and complains bias and shirt weapons. Yet when quality players/clans decide to jump to the GE faction for a war, all of sudden they win a war? But lets take the snowflake approach to this and continue to blame other parts of the game instead of oneself game play. You guys can point this out to them none stop and yet they will continue with this bias, snowflake, approach. As I and my clan have started a faction vacation from the allies and spend a little time in the Soviets and GE. With the same opposing weapon load outs I use in the allied side, I perform the same or better depending on the faction perks for certain weapons. Run a SMG/Sniper Rifle combo, SMG/Zooka/Med Combo, Heavy MG/Sticky/med pack combo and Semi Auto Rifle/Scope/Pistol/Med Pouch and its basically all the same, change in single badge for the GE faction with the heavy, but my stats stay the same. The problem lies with the randoms in the match of rather or not they are playing for stats, or playing to win. When you have 18 guys 4 tankers, 4 recon and then half your infantry decides they are going to use AUX seats to play tanks and recon and there are only 4 guys on point. Your not going to win many assaults or defenses like that. Tactics. As Su player I recently had match against the GE, where the team had 9 tankers in the match. I was forced to go AT Rambo, costing me 60k in credits for the match, with 33 tank kills for the win. Not sound tactics, when your faction looses 97 tanks in a single match. Again it goes to quality players. I see a lot of GE players I respect posting on this thread. What are you doing to teach your faction players how to succeed?
  3. Yea I swore it 180k week before last when I bought my first two soviet ATs. Rank 1 to first CP
  4. How hard would it be to give the players tools to make maps? Using the current lay out of the maps in play as a blank canvas so to speak or create several different landscape canvas. Allowing players to adjust elevation, add in trees, rocks, bushes, attack lines, spawn areas, building, bunkers, walls, boxes, crates, sandbags, roads, runways bridges, rubble, ect. Sort like a Sim City type deal. As you guys (RETO) come up with new buildings, textures, objects, you can add them to developer tool taps. Developer tool tap, would be a series of drop down menus to allow players to find what they are looking for. Ex: Building Tab, Menu 1: Mega Buildings (Warehouse, Factory, Managers, Church, Police Buildings.) Building; Miscellaneous Building (Gas Station, Offices, Guard Houses.) Houses: Multitap (3 story, 2 story, single story, shacks) For certain themes, certain buildings, textures and objects can be greyed out, so a player can not select the object and place it on the map. Hold a contest every 3 months with a theme with a new mapS release about every 6 months. Map submissions are pick by Reto Staff (say their top 5). Allowing you guys time to run your AI soldiers to collect data, and make adjustment for 29 days. Which would give you another 30 days to throw the maps on the test server for player evaluation. Easily run the maps for 7 days, pull them down for a week to make tweaks. Place them back on test server for another week for further evaluations. Pull them back off make the final adjustments on the maps before adding them to Stage rotations for 30 days. This where the Players get to vote for there favorite map. The map or maps that receive the most votes, would be officially added to stage and the war map in an upcoming patch. Which the creator or creators would be featured in the DEV stream, either video or email, talking about how he/she/they come up with the map idea, and how they feel the flow of the battle would go with in the map. The player/players who created said map, would aslo be rewarded 90 days Veteran time, 8000 gold, and maybe some type of Digital "Developer" Camo skin, that can be added to one character of each class in any factions. For tanker and pilots the camo skin would would be applied to tanks or planes on that character. By allowing the community to help you guys out with some of the smaller projects or even some of the larger project as map designed, could possibly free up some hands with in the company to work on other things.
  5. Question about RETO Logic and War Que. I've been playing this game since its official live launch on steam, yet every day I'm left scratching my head trying to figure out the reason why? Myself and two other clan members have sat in queue for two different city match on the war map. Our squad being the only players queue for the battle, waiting around 40 minutes give or take for both battles to pop. Yet we sit and watch both of these matches, go from 10 on 12, 14 on 17, to full yet we still sit in queue. I understand when you have ATs in a battle you get a higher chance to getting into said battle. As all three of us had few ATs in the battle. What I don't understand is how the game factors in, who sits out and who gets to play. Talking to 2 different players in one of the battles in different squads, to find out they random queued for war and was almost instantly put in the battle with no ATs. How does that work? It's not like Soviets have even remotely the same amount of players online as the Allies or Germans.
  6. 30 characters and 4 generals on the Allied side 180k to buy the first command point. As you know we swap to SU faction for a few Wars, and bought tier 1 characters for the grind. Spent the evening of the hotfix grinding out and additional 180k for my AT character and came up 22k short before shut down. Got on the next day, flew a single match, make 26k and ended up additional 38k short for the CP.
  7. FYI: Ribbon increase in last hotfix. Been grinding up credits to buy out portions of the War Ribbon, noticed yesterday as the infantry went on sale. 40k increase to buy out the first command point.
  8. I don't know if it will be 3 months. Just taking the time to build some characters up in other factions. We all agree our weakest faction is soviet. Will all be joining the Germany and Allies as well as a group.
  9. LOL. Good to see you guys in a war matches again. Can't wait till I can get into some of the SMs, and LMs. I feel so campish running with the SVT40. Just takes so long to grind out some of these ribbons and I'm on a lot. Even running boosters it seems to take forever at certain point.
  10. So far we've just been using the random queue. Hitting a little of this and little of that. Most of us only one or two infantry characters at the moment with one high ranking pilot. Had few good fights against Fury on the allied and side and the 14th on the GE side with HDawg leading his crew. Won a few and lost a few. Having fun though.
  11. HA! I did not do... THIS! Simply wanted to grind some SU characters up to give the allies and the GE NA Clans somebody to play against. Fight the AR, take away the salt win or loose. This thread went down hill faster than I can lawn dart on plane into a tree. lol Well said Solo! Individually we may be great players or even descent players. However playing together as a team, wins the battles and makes the game. We're handling it, a few players have been message on the side about there comments. Doramass and myself are on it.
  12. See there we go @Reto.Chuckle first Volu-told intern to help work on the game. Only took 4 minutes to find one. What college student wouldn't take a chance to spend the summer in Copenhagen, working on and with a team, getting hands on experiences? Who knows Reto might find a few full time employees for their next project.
  13. Hmmm your forgot "Why is there super glass, that always hang in the windows after shooting the glass out?" No matter what angle you choose, your bullet always hits the super glass and never goes through. Answer to the why's: "Reto is a small company." AKA Reto Logic Good at single player console games, Multiple Player Live FPS with dynamic world, complete in over there head. Good Effort on the employee behalf in creating such an animal, not so much on the company setting them up for success. They are literally working on the next update as they go, rather than being 4 or 5 updates ahead. Rather than having a team working in different areas to improve and create, its one single person. I'm surprised they didn't advertise or take on summer interns to try and get ahead.
  14. Thanks for the info Doramass, we look forward to playing with you in this war. TAW has it's own TS, however PM when your own and I'll get with you on some coordination on squads and joined you on the SU server. Talking with the guys we may hang out for several wars until the next update and depending what it is. We're all going to be grinding multiple characters up to have different load outs.