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  1. When does the new update happen

    BLAH HA! It was extended, after the COD trailer release and all the youtube videos that followed. LOL Sorry couldn't help it.
  2. Should be next week, he's stated in a few places that he would be on vacation, which would line the stream up for next week.
  3. SMH.... Has no clue. Doesn't read threads. Doesn't watch twitch streams. Yet claims he's invested in the game = ^^^ wasted posted that says nothing.
  4. Maybe not what Reto intended but its completely plausible to shoot up in the air and have an aircraft fly into the bullet. One and million shot if you think about it, timing, speed of bullet, speed of aircraft, hitting the cockpit window with out some type of deflection. Could happen, think you should buy a lotto ticket.
  5. Like most, I missed the live stream... I actually enjoyed watching it a few days later, I can tell from the TAW side of things and the guys you see in the war on your "private" account, we were all bummed with missed it. I only wish I could of seen the twitch chat and what people were posting at the time. Players questions that were acknowledge from chat I was able to go back into video agree or disagree. Think somebody pointed out gun sound, sounding similar. I run Strix Pro head set, as well as a Klipsch 5.1 surround sound system for when I'm not on TS or on discord, gun sounds are a huge improvement, as second sourced through a stream. The quality of the overall gun sound wasn't quiet there when I first watch the stream with my headset. However changing the sound sources to the Klipsch, it was spot on. I think due to the way most of us who have our headsets set up for any particular game, plus TS/Discord, you would have to adjust your computer equalizers to achieve the tissue quality Circinus was referring to. Watch your stream, your over lay of yourself, was super low. In the stream, it was cut off by the stream window. If you raise your imagine up just above the in game chat, or to the corner, when you lean forward in your seat, you want be cutting half you head off. Side Note: Can you nudge one of the sound studio guys to apply some of that sound quality to tanks and aircraft? I want to hear the whistle from aircraft as its diving with out looking up at the sky to see if they are making a bombing or strafing run. Tanks: Diesel Engine for the love of god, sound like a diesel Engine. Majority of the tanks at the same level all sound the sound, yet different engines, different makers. Tank treads scraping on on streets and bridges, squeaking of bearings as its moving. Rammer moving back, chamber breach open, sound of round hitting the tube, breach closing, rammer moving forward, loader yelling "loaded". The only two tanks that have iconic gun sounds for H&G is the Leo and Panther. Everybody on the battlefield knows when those tanks are firing, just by the way they sound. However there's no balls to to any of the tank cannons. They need a huge beef up, shock wave given off to anybody near them, that disappears over distance yet still rumbles over the hills and through streets and buildings. It should be to the point if your infantry guy or recon guy in front of tank, he fires the cannon, you know you shouldn't be standing there. GOAL; Total Sound Immersion, I'm a combat vet, make me believe I'm there. I want the hairs on the back of my neck to stand up, because what I'm hearing sounds legit.
  6. Nerfing German Weapons.

    Rolf games that use a bybod in... Is it more of an optical illusion than anything? I can't remember the last game that I played with bipods in, but I was thinking its more of less some parameters set up in game if X=Y your allowed to deploy bypod... if x=z deployment blocked. If X=Y, Y = Accuracy/stable Buff. Which or more or less what I was trying to get at with my post. Is balance between the belt and drum fed heavies. Anybody that plays the game that says 1919 and whatever MG is basically the same, either completely dumb, or a full on snowflake. 1919 kneeling or standing using burst fire is pretty much lazer compared to the MG burst circle pattern used in every positions. As an allied player, when trying to run and gun and picking up other factions weapons for the ammo, grabbing AlphaBro's MG who is pretty proficient with the gun with his mods and badge set up is a vast differences than any other gun its class. Giving optical illusion that there is a bipod in place, with accuracy buffs according to the positions a player is firing from, would seem to balance out this area. The same could be said with FG and the Johnson. The simple fix for the Soviet side for the same class could be answered by when purchasing a new character, at random the game assigns either the Johnson or the FG to a character to be unlock through progression as a capture weapon. Again creating balance, between the faction infantry.
  7. Yea, I like 1919 with stickies, I have thompson and 1903 dual load out and m1 grand scoped with the zooka. Main load out for assualt and move 1919, swap to thompson and 1903 when defending a main point. Not huge fan on Johnson, I have load out with it but rarely use it. More of troll load out when I see certain players in a match more than anything, just because they of the stigma that follows the gun. Just doesn't do anything for me. Main load out for GE MP40 and Kar. Soviets PPS and the wonder rifle. Have the Alt At class as well for each faction but it again situational. Try leave the AT crap to the rambos and focus on points. STG just kinda of lacking on the close quarter, great mid range if modded properly, add the scope and single fire. Boy can reach out and touch somebody. I think I picked up Pogey or maybe yours one match. I was likely holy cow this things amazing, got in close quarter, not so much. MP40, Kar, with hoarder with either heavy set or fast reload gold all day long. If only I could get cross hairs for reticle. Soviet in the same set up is by far been my favorite and best performing over all. Not sure why, maybe its the low key gun fire sounds.
  8. Nerfing German Weapons.

    I don't remember what thread it was but when of Devs said they were having issues with mechanics of the bipod base on current platform and they put the idea on the back burner. So why not nerf the accuracy of heavy LMGs across the board end the standing heavy drum/belt fed run and gun. Hip fire Rambo's and Arnold's didn't come out till the 80s! Give players and over barricade support accuracy buff. Standing and firing should be a disaster, some accuracy while kneeling using burst, fire from a supported over the barricade, open her up little your pretty dailed. Firing from prone position is preferred, hammer down your spot on. Accuracy at distances should be according to what position your in.
  9. Spot on. I threw my troops into three different towns on the front line, full assortment of jeeps, bikes and infantry around 750 a piece. My numbers where then later added to equal 2k in one town 3k in another and eventually 4k in another town. All 3 battles popped on 216 ping for me, all 3 battles won, warfunds completely non existent compare to cost of resupply.
  10. Yea above my skill level buddy. More of stick figure kinda of guy. Think I can borrow Rolf, have him take a look. If he likes, make some diagrams? lol It would be that bad! I think in my mind, I pictured purchasing a new infantry character, at the point I am given a choice of deciding on a sub classes. Box window that shows the weapons for that class and small descriptions of each class. For brand new, just starting out players, they get the choice of the 3 main class. Unlock the other three class, which are more in depth as you play game and rank your account tier level? May even want to require players to play in some many war matches so they may grasp a difference between stage and war before unlocking specialize classes. I saw some stat in another topic, that average H&G see around 4000 players in stage during each regional prime time, and less the 10% of that actually play in the war, which is the meat and potatoes of the game. The overall results would being players having multiple of the same class, with different type of load outs for possible situations and changing class to meet the squad needs.You and I and everybody we play with on the regular all have our "go to" single character load out. We play for points and advancements on the war maps and always screwing around in stage, until some turd runs up t-bags us and then swap to that main load out and go ham. On the flip side we all have handful side characters that we play once in a blue moon, in very certain situations. The rest of characters are just there for ATS. After about my 12th character grind on the infantry side through the factions... getting the character built up to a certain level, I'm over the grind and frankly burned out at the moment. Hence the above ^^^ and my random visit to axis server.
  11. General Stream Feedback: Overlay of yourself needs to be moved up above the chat box or place in the upper left corner watching the stream. When you lean forward you cut off your head off at the bottom of the screen. Mic during real time map play, some serious feed back. I think Bfine pointed that out. Sounds like your GF was trying to drown a zombie in the back ground. I feel stupid saying this but you made the comment about setting up twitch, if you need help with your overlay we got some people in TAW's Community that all they do is work on overlay for streams. I may be able to arrange for somebody to help you out, with out you wasting to much of your time. Welcome to PM me to get something set up, as well as we have several people who have full stream setups for H&G. Other than quality at source is great, full screen its gets a little blurry but I think that with everybody stream of H&G. Swamorck and Wax have the same problems. Overall top notch idea, probably spend a several hours a week on the forums looking through threads for those Reto Update Gems buried 7 or 8 pages deep in people threads. I think this is great idea to main stream community post and acknowledgement of forum threads, while day viewing whats in the works. Is Reto.Vashu also helping out with reply to community post?
  12. yeah sorry for the wall. Tried shorten it as much as possible with out yanking out to much detail.
  13. Everyday I log into the game and scroll through my characters list and ask myself when will have time to grind all these characters badges up before hitting General. I scroll through my characters and just shake my head at the shear amount of un-played characters I have that are untouched and used for the only purpose of the RTS map and ATs. Let alone I can not imagine how many characters a whale like @doramass has that he never touched. I have maxed out characters on the Allied side, one tanker I hardly ever play anymore, two pilots one AP and one HE, two fully load war characters, and 4 other loads outs that are for defecates and giggles. The rest of my characters are either Majors or LTC's with ATs, I bought as LT, and never have touch the battlefield, due to pain of trying to grind up yet another character to usable status against other war veterans. Any General, Whale, or Veteran war player, will probably say you really only need two infantry guys, one for assault and defense and one that you can assault and kill Tanks/APC with. Sure I've become somewhat of a checky scrum lord and created a full on medic class, with hamerless pistol, a defense class with anti personnel mines and 1903, an AT Rambo class with pistol, zooka (maxed out rounds) with hoarder gold and camouflage badge for those one line war assaults with 12 tankers on the map, with no other concern than holding the first point and farming infantry. (No I'm not AT Rambo, and don't use the class for anything else but those kinda of matches. Its not fun come out of lost minus 60k, wondering if cost some general the same amount in warfunds.) All in all those checky load outs are for are completely situational, and 100% dependent on the flow of the battle taking place. Below is a suggestion of cleaning up all this infantry junk and have individual infantry classes, creating a little content that may or may not already be in the works. While at the same time adding a whole lot of depth to the infantry character. Where do i start... So a player selects the infantry class he/she wish to play, gets a starting weapon within the class and builds the character from there. Bare with me on the wall of text, as detail is the key to cutting the grind of new character by more than half and making a more even playing field across the board for all players. If a player wants to play another Infantry Class type, they buy another character and choose that class to build up. Players queue for said match the same way they do now, in the squad menu they select the type of infantry classes they wish to fill same as tanker or pilot would. As squads populate, each squad/team are limited to the amount of each infantry sub class. If there is certain role in particular match that is not being filled by a squad, the option for a player to switch into AUX class seat comes available at spawn. IE Tanker, pilot, paratrooper, recon. If the match is not full at the time of the swap, Matchmaker then reopens the vacate slot and continues to fill it with a player. MM should not be limited to having to fill each match with every single infantry type role. It should be entirely plausible to have single match of nothing but 3 Main Class type with having below specialty class. Player also should be allowed to swap infantry class based on slots available during the match, or if squad mates wishing to changing roles during match, should be able to swap between Infantry characters as needed. Infantry class break down and expanded game play and roles: 3 Main Infantry Classes; Rifle Men - Standard issue Infantry Rifle load out, scope or no scope 1.5x across the board standard T-post or arrow reticle, Grenades, pistol, knife, single med bandage, later tier progression access Automatic Rifles. Secondary access to mines and anti personnel mines. -Resupply for secondary Engineer only. *Add feature smoke grenades because nobody likes running into SMG and Heavy fire with semi automatic rifle. Carry up to 4 smoke grenades with badge. SMG Assault -SMGs, Grenades, Pistols, Knife, single med bandage, later tier progression access to anti personnel mines and possibly dual carry un-scope tier 1 rifle for a little range. *Single use Smoke Grenades, must be resupplied at ammo crate or by Engineered. *Later Tier Progression could introduce RPG anti personnel launcher x2, ammo refill by death or Engineer. Heavy Assault- Assault Rifle Grenades, Pistols, Knife, single med bandage, depending on faction & gun scope 1.5x across the board. *Later tier progression could introduce single use of an RPG anti personnel launcher. Resupply by death or Engineer Only. Depending on the heavy assault weapon accuracy should only be implied by the use of over barricade shooting or in the prone positions. Get rid of the "running and gunning" with the 1919, MG type weapons. Soviets should be allowed a special circumstance since they only have a single heavy. STG 44, STG 42 and Johnson are specialty weapons to those factions as is the PTRD is to the Soviets Engineer class. Return nerfed weapons back to there original accuracy when laying prone or shooting over a barricade (MG should equal to 1919, standing or hip fire is completely out of control and not excepted to hit much outside of 10 to 15 meters, kneeling is better hitting close target with 20 to 25 meters with burst fire with some accuracy. Soviet should have a little more accuracy standing than the other two factions but not much, with out badge help do to single weapon choice. When laying prone or over barricade all heavy machine gun should be about equal depending on the mods are be fairly accurate). *Emblem should be added to show a player he/she is using a barricade and getting proper accuracy bonus. Specialty Advanced Class Forward Scout/Radio Man (limited one per squad) - Infantry man within each faction that has a scouting type rifle, with a standard 3.5 scope across all factions that help designates and identify targets for tankers and pilots. Anti Recon, Scout comes equipped with binoculars as this will give the scout the best field of vision to identify targets for his team up to 250 meter for ground units and 400 meters for pilots. Scout starts out with Standard Issues Infantry Rifle, that can be scope to 3.5x zoom across all faction and unlock any choice of any reticle through progression. Side choices of Grenades, Pistols, Knife, single med bandage, later tier progress would unlock Scout Bolt Action Rifle, 3.5x zoom scope, choice of any reticle through progression and alternate choice of 2 AT sticky, 2 anti personnel mines or * 2 smoke grenades as max carry. As the scout is meant to be past the front lines. -Resupply as specialty ATs items by Engineer class only. Fair amount of xp is giving for spotting different units as they are destroyed by the team. Engineer/AT - Outfitted with Standard Issue Rifle (Allied class Carbine), Later Tier Progression first or mid tier SMG all faction, plus for Allied M1G, PTRD for Soviets- Access to pistols. Equipped with wrench, extra ammo for other player class as well as specialty ammo for advanced class at no extra cost to the player as that is their main role, receives xp for resupplying team mates and fixing manned vehicles. They excel at fixing vehicles over any other class in the game. Access to full AT assortment, should be able to carry mines, with combo of stickies or zooka rounds depending on badges selected. (May need to limit the Engineer to one per squad for game play balance.) *Future update may allow this role to deviate and allow a squad a third Engineer slot to allow players to build or fortified positions for infantry and even boost armor on tanks and other selected vehicles. IE: Building a make shift sandbag bunker with a mounted heavy, or adding mounted heavy to a trenches or window. Early progression of building bunkers could be limited to just build sandbag bunkers giving recon and heavy MGs and over barricade position to fire from. Forfeiting vehicles by placing sand bags on them or a tree log on the side of tank they may deflect a single shot if hit in that area or extend life from a strafing run from a plane. (Sorry tankers if there are heavy planes in the air, and they are spot on with a bomb, buh-bye.) Maybe a even be able to add a plow on the front of tank that would allow a tank to denote mines or allow tanks to move through the wooded area more smoothly or plow throw enemy fortified positions . Players with a standard issue rifle (with or without a scope) or starting SMG that may go up to second tier SMG, or run around with an assortment of choices between pistols. Medic - Performs the role of healing start out 200X faster and more proficiently than other class that carries a bandage. Players start out with a standard issue rifle that maybe scope with a 1.5 and lead into starting SMG that may go up to second tier SMG with limited ammo, or they can choose to be nimble and run around with an assortment of choices between pistols. Medic starting out should be way more proficient than any other class and able to heal himself as well as one other single target at the same time. As they progress through the class area of effect should increase as well as eventually how many players they can heal at one time. Not to exceed more than 4 players at a time. TEAM members can identify they need heals by a push of button calling out for a Medic. Medics can identify these players by a flashing red medic symbol over the requesting players head with in range. Medic should be able to quickly respond by command keys as "proceeding to" or request injured player to come them by signal their location. In return once a requesting injured player is reach by the medic. The player being heal should see a flashing color coded medic symbol at the top of there screen. Red mean don't move healing in process, yellow mean half way to full health, Green mean "proceed on". A fully upgraded Medic should be able to heal 4 players at one time in matter of a few seconds and be a very smooth transitions. (Players who choose to equipment themselves with a single one time use medic bandage, should keep the same current rough mechanics as they start out now with. The only way to replace said bandage is to die, or stop by an actual medic crate. As the Medic somewhat large stash bandages is more viable to the Medic than him resupply players.) *Future updates: Could allow advanced medic access to badges that allow them to carry common used drugs, that boost a player, speed, health, reload, fire rate or accuracy. Boost start out for 10 seconds and more advance Medic Badges would extend the boost up to 30 seconds. Drugs are super limited in WWII theater and medic can only carry one type of boost, and give one or two players with in his squad drugs before having to find a medic crate to resupply his drug stash. Drugs do not stack. Xp per kill by the boost character could be award to medic as modified assist kill. Recon With implementing the above Infantry Class and spotting mechanic with some type of xp awarded for spotting the enemy. It allows you to bring back the need for a few recon in the battle with a purpose. Not only is the recon get to continue to pester enemy advancements or defenses, also gives them the challenge of locating enemy scouts. Recon start out with basic Scout Bolt Action Rifle. Recon are also the only class that get a choice in selecting starter camo pattern of their choice, the other choice can be purchase at later progression as well as more advanced camo unlockes. Recon camo should also bet set up for best choices for maps, allowing the recon to swap camo during respawn according to there advancement best suit for the area of the map they wish to set up in. Ghille Bronze should be an inherit trait of recon and no longer a badge selected by the recon class. All recon start out with standard 4x Zoom standard scope on the rifle and choice of the T post or arrow reticle. The other 4x reticle will be their choice to buy as they progress through tier as well as unlocking all reticle types for the 4x zoom in there progression. Advanced progression would be similar as it now unlocking 8x scope. Recon has the most accuracy in the prone positions as well as shooting from over barricade positions with little sway. Over barricade positions could be achieve by using a wall, boxes, kneeling behind sandbags, or a standing support positions up against a solid tree or building. Kneeling in a push will add little sway but not as much trying to hold the rifle in the standing positions unsupported. Badge should be equipped to help reduce the sway at kneeling to make the recon more accurate but still be difficult to hit targets more than 100 meters out, when standing. When scope breathe sounds should be magnified as trigger pull is everything. Sprinting, walking and jumping should also have great effect on the sway of the barrel as breathing is everything and Recon must control his breathing. Recon also come equipped or able to unlock binoculars fairly easy as spotting the enemy with wider view of the battlefield should come at great ease. Recon also have greater spotting range than Scouts on the ground and able to spot and relay enemy armor up to 600 meters away, and can relay that info to team mates within 150 meters. This range can even be extended by properly placing a scout/radio man in between your recon and amour. Further more the Scout can relay these same enemy positions to friendly aircraft . Fair amount of xp given for spotting, reduce amount of assisted spotting xp is giving to the scout properly positioned. Recon maybe best used in battle spotting and not shooting giving up his position. Recon has choice of assortment of side arms ranging in various pistols, as well as a smoke grenade or two to make hasty retreat when found. Advanced tier Recon players can unlock extra slots to carry more gear, have access to very limited supplied of handheld AT which only an Engineer can resupply or death. Recon should also continue to having access to some of infantry SMG class with limited ammo, to defend himself or help make that final push on the point he's been spotting. This gives the game six infantry classes to choose from and makes recon a viable resource again. Squads should be by available slots and resources based in the game, no more than 2 of same class. If solo player chooses to random queue, the player selects the roles he/she wish to perform in the map menu the same fashion a tanker or pilot would choose there type of tanks or planes. Players then will be placed in squads based on availability of the role with in squads in each match. War matches should probably be limited or boosted according to resources in the match. If team X has a 100 tanks in the battle, and team Y has zero, the balance in class type should take place at Engineer level for team X. Have one or two guys who can quickly fix a tank, couple by that loan tanker who really only knows how to drive and shoot, while his wrenching turning skills lack greatly to an Engineer. While Team Y gets a few more Engineers slots in order to combat the amour. Engineers for team Y numbers should be effected should by the amount of tankers and as well as the amount of tanks spawned in the match. Team X has 100 tanks in resources, but only two tankers in the match, team Y is limited to amount of players who can use the AT Engineer class. Team X has 100 tanks in resources, has 8 players running around in tanks, team Y has more AT Engineer slots available to use. (How you guys figure out the numbers and formula is based on data you guys already have on matches) Stages matches however should be fairly common number figure out based on staged resources. Implementing the above, should limit the salt among players of getting constantly wreck by teams of top tier preferred faction weapons. Fast track "stage' and casual players to playing with weapons they would feel more comfortable with as well as focus on a single role. Balancing today's current game mechanics, with little or no over haul needed in some areas. Expanding "role playing/tactics/squad play" of the game as well as the immersion in which the individual player feels in a particular role in the game. Give a dramatic change in content and depth, with a new jump start for new players entering the war mode putting them on more even level with veteran players, instead of spending months and months grinding on single character in order to get a top tier weapons of single faction. For the Veteran Players it will introduce a completely new feel to the game as well as new tactics to figure out best suited squad play. Clans queue for a particular match will now have to determine which roles will needed in order to win the match. Thus almost completely changing the fashion in which any particular match is being played. Adjustment on the fly of swapping infantry roles by squad members will add depth to clan battles callers. @Reto.Vashu and @Reto.Circinus has already stated in another forum thread that is current overhaul of the RTS Map system, Armour, Squad and Weapons, adding this along with upcoming changes, may be the complete overhaul needed to see the game into the next few years. Along with desperately needing a change in scenery in stage and war mode. Side Note: I would like to see the data on how many battles have been player on any particular map since said map has been introduced to the game. Let alone myself, and win percentage on each. Willing to bet those numbers are phenomenal. Sorry for spelling and grammar errors, million other things going on.
  14. Keep Calm, count to 10, ffs

    Try not to take so personal buddy, we all have the same issues. Try resetting the queue every 2 minutes if a battles doesn't pop. I'm pretty sure the MM does a progressive search. Searching servers closes to you and then branching out. I'm a NA west coast player, if I play anytime between 4am and 9am I see a lot of OC players. 9am till 230 pm EU, 3 to 10 pm NA, after midnight is what I call Asian Ping. Not really sure where its at, all i know its 500+ ping. I spawn in, start driving or running and magically teleport to a random area on the map.
  15. Keep Calm, count to 10, ffs

    Something messed up on your end if your seeing people hop around at 120 to 150. I'm on the west coast, and play we a lot of EU players during the day. 200 to 250, I don't see rubber banning until 300+ and that playing off of verizon mobile hotspot in the Mojave Desert.