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  1. Yep, sucks when that happens in the cap zones.
  2. Agree, rocks screwed the gameplay up, Unless your a tanker or recon and camp the only few routes on some of the maps. Do they sit in a meeting and discuss these downgrades or it's one person sitting at home with no direction doing what they want. It's already hard enough to attack the lopsided matches matchmaker put us in. Game is too predictable unless you can get with a clan and push hard.
  3. geezer5150

    The servers have crashed

    Just as the war was about to end.
  4. geezer5150

    Rushing ruining the game?

    Try not to fight in the open against midrange weapons. Grab a carbine or ppsh and get inside and fight close quarters to have better chance. Use a vehicle too.
  5. lol, hard to attack with so many of them. The try hard group deal is pretty much done these days, unless you're in a clan or small group.. Correct me if I'm wrong, 24 recons brings 2 players, 48 brings 4. Then 1/2 your squad also switches to recon and 6 of the 9 players on your line are recons against clans, so much fun. The squad lock we used to have worked, even though many complained. When I want to chase the blinking numbers and move my AT's forward on the map, the best way is to queue on matches with NO recons. But it is fun to to wreck them with the no Kill cam every so often. I do it on Sundays.
  6. With the amount of shenanigan's going on with alt accounts, this feature would be exploited to the max. APC's are the difference makers in most matches.
  7. geezer5150

    New update not cool

    I fall into the above statement. Long time supporter of the game. Old, grumpy, and have a general on each faction with full compliment of soldiers, weapons and AT teams. 2300 hours logged into the game, Grinded through some shirty updates and changes also. Most days, I General and fill the voids in attack lines and jump in battles when it's needed. I still say no bots, limit special classes and cancel staged. Everyone play the war side and try to play the objective. Get back to 75% Inf in matches and more fog to take away the defenders advantage of 50 tanks and recons at every bridge crossing. Without APC's it's a slaughter most times. Maybe take away the long vision of tanks and the 8X scope or make my RPG go the equal distance. TANK-you very much Reto, why are there even factions now?
  8. See the same 5-6 guys popping battles on GE daily. So blatant they have the same names. Does RETO give a crap to report? Guys in chat say waste of time. Tried to friend them, but they don't like me back.
  9. Agree.... Lame game feature. The more you mod(pay) to upgrade, the worse the weapon operates and costs more to use. I pickup carbines all the time and use them for free. Without tight grip, I can spray all over the map with my weapons. It always seems the other guns I pick up have shoot like a laser, even when modded.
  10. geezer5150

    Why i will not play US faction anymore

    I bet there's a lot. SU has some good inf. players right now. I play RTS SU mostly. Players know what to better on this faction and when to save the APC's. I appreciate that!
  11. geezer5150

    Why i will not play US faction anymore

    Play all three factions. The dynamics of the game seem to change quarterly. Last summer it was all about the carbines, US rolled for months. GE can win every war, if they play INF only. SU is the most challenging, if you're a random. SU has the best General coordination on the RTS side by far. Like you, my experience on the US side was not so positive. Vet players save the resources,. Find a clan pushing and roll with them.
  12. geezer5150

    Snow blindness

    I think Jan 12th, it ends. The rivers should freeze soon, so we can walk across to E4and B4. Best fights are inside buildings.
  13. Sorry but that's good to hear. I play INF all the time but never baby sit tanks much, unless it close to the front and useful. If tanks sit in back of map, they're mostly on their own, we'd loose points protecting the tank. GE just lost Leningrad, On the last point to defend it, I spawned an APC and three others spawned a tank. We lost immediately following. More INF are needed in cap zones in this game always.
  14. geezer5150

    GE vs GE gamemode

    Leningrad fell in 4 minutes, brutal. I think SU won about 28 of the 30 battles. Tactic:18 determined INF with good resources, no recons, tanks or planes. dominated the map. They use the para's to advance correctly.
  15. geezer5150

    GE vs GE gamemode

    Come on up to Leningrad right now. The SU clans are blowing through everything GE has. They have won 17 battles in a row and smoked most of mine and a few others AT's. They are unstoppable when they get on a roll like this. They go around Para blocks and can pop any battle they want before the timer is up. So much fun to defend against lol,