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  1. Nick_Ames

    Sniper Rifles

    Another great point as always Bill Thank you for being a shining light and competent leader for this community as always!
  2. Nick_Ames

    Clan/Guild System Suggestions and Ideas

    I believe, if implemented correctly, it would help the community come together and the older vets would help the newer players become better and act as a tutorial system that Reto does not have, The perks would encourage people to grind or play for something greater and encourage people to get involved with the group and add a much-needed feeling of commitment to the game and group they play with.
  3. -Clan Tags -Clan Emblems -Squad Linking or Platoons -Clan Vs Clan Random Que against other clans (vacant slots filled with randoms) Challenge other clans Direct queue against clans on the war map (marker where clans are qued) Clan battles cross-continental ping will be decided by what server is favorable for both clans/teams -Ability to lock Specialist Assualt Teams Adjustable Options Only useable by Clan members Only useable by clan members and allies Useable to everyone -Basic things in your clan and Upgrading the Clan Base Slots 25 players but you can upgrade it to house more players Clan Treasury (only leaders and officers can manage but everyone can donate) Warfunds (distributable to everyone within 2 weeks of joining) Credits (distributable to everyone within a week of joining) Gold (clan upgrades only) Upgradeable Perks/Assault Teams within the clan Perks Extra Credits/ Warfunds Extra XP and Badge XP Factories within Clan to produce clan assault teams -Ability to see clan members Assault Teams Ability to set AT to be used by the clan Ability to use the vision and see what your clan members can see Ability to deploy from clan treasury with proper permission -Clan treasury can be funded by all clan AT's and by winning war matches and donations All Warfunds collected by clan members will go to there own account and half of the profit they had will go to the treasury -Clan exclusive camo
  4. this is a "feature" and has been a thing for a while now
  5. Are you gonna fix the US faction or you gonna lose your US player base entirely? And I know yall could care less about your Vet player base but they make this game interesting if it was just a bunch of randoms who mostly only play staged why play this game over a call of duty or battlefield or HHL. Just some thoughts because no one deploys anymore and your game is affected greatly by just having the US there as really at this point just green empty nodes.
  6. Nick_Ames


    O boy, I do love my new jeep! To bad I cant drive it cuz I spawned on a ruffled chip bag and hit a kidney stone that blended into the blindingly white ground that is hard enough to see with my permanent eye damage from the straw i have to look through.
  7. Nick_Ames

    New Event Idea

    I am having extreme withdrawals because the lack of war events. So I have devised a new event. Make America Great Again 1.18 1. 50% off gold sale exclusive for only Useless States players 2. 50% off captured weapons to arm the Useless States players with decent weapons, also exclusively for Useless States 3. Move the capitals back to where they should be in London and Edin 4. Put up walls to keep out all players under 100 hours and force them to go play a different faction 5. Put bots on all US teams to replace the randoms
  8. Nick_Ames

    There must be a good reason to play US at WAR ?

    I have the grave displeasure of informing you that there is no good reason to play the useless states at the moment. I would highly suggest going to play german or even soviet as the good weapons do not cost you your life savings on those factions and you can mod them! The randoms on US cant even go warfund positive with your infantry ATs as there skill is so below avg they cannot get 1 kill per life and dont get enough captures to go neutral with the amount of spawns they use in a single match with your ATs. The sad reality is if reto gave me the option to have an entire team of bots for a sum of gold I would pay them, I would gladly pay that over having the displeasure of playing with useless states randoms.
  9. Nick_Ames

    Female Characters in H&G

    I am mildly upset😤 and extremely offended🏳️‍🌈 by the lack of the female gender👩🏾‍👩🏼 being represented in your game🎮. Ill have you know I played Call of Duty WW2🎮and that pretty much makes me a full fledged historian🤓. In my research🧐 on the streets🛣 of Stalingrad🏭🔥, interestingly🧐 the entire battle💥 was fought⚔️ by women👩🏾‍‍👩🏼. So I think🤔 this is justification 👩‍⚖️ enough that we should have female👩🏾‍‍👩🏼 soldiers added to the game🎮. I think🤔 it would make the whole game🎮 much more immersive to play and considerate toward the females👩🏾‍‍👩🏼 who participated🥇 in the war 💥also!
  10. I'm pretty sure I speak for every player in this wonderful✨✨ game when I say this😄😄. Thank you🙏🙏 for the round-robin🐦🐦 deploy system! I can finally deploy my 3 guard units🎖️🎖️ and light tank division. And everyone else can get there assault teams🎖️🎖️ out and win the war💥💥! Now everyone can contribute to the war effort both fps💥💥 and rts🖥️🖥️ wise. This is a great addition➕➕ to the game🎮🎮 and a much needed one. Now, let's go win the war💥💥!
  11. Nick_Ames

    Best Mods for JMG...

    front sight, trigger or light spring i choose spring, and stainless barrel all lmgs are the same build btw just accuracy and rpms
  12. Nick_Ames


    K&G is a US clan that was founded by Sgt_Fallout, Nick_Ames, Nova789, and BilliamGamesMate The main clan language and English Clan Rules: 1.Must only use captured weapons,explosives, and vehicles 2.Toxic 👿=No No 🚫 3.Must not be a Janstonite We also use discord! While on discord it is serious play time😤no trolling, mic spamming, aircans, or ego boosting allowed 🤬! Use the right callouts 💬. For instance,on mountain town, normal people would say "APC C line coal pile". We would say "over there". K&G is a open minded and diverse group🏳️‍🌈 of accepting players👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 and great individuals with unique personality's!
  13. Nick_Ames

    Captured weapons is one thing but...

    yeah can we also make this feature gold only and make it 5x the cost to keep it balanced also you need to steal a vehicle with the skin and unlock a badge at ribbon level 9 for that skin to get the desired skin? i feel like this would be a great addition!
  14. Nick_Ames

    Heroes & Physical Exercise

    I also violently agree with this we need to really enforce health on people as we have too many people who play this game nonstop and need to get out and exercise to make sure the player is healthy and sane! And I really like the idea of making people record themselves and make them shout out valuable information that only the user would know to verify if its them! What a genius idea it might make the company last a bit longer too with all the revenue players it would bring in because it would kill 2 birds with one stone people get to exercise and be healthy and get to play a great ww2 shooter! But I also believe there should be a way for people to pay to get around it to play their favorite game! Edit: Im to dumb to spell correctly