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  1. I have had the AVS-36 for a long time. I think my setups have been too high of rpms, too high power, or both. I haven't messed with the setup for a while and was using my DT-29 infantry guy as my go-to assault guy. I finally did a serious revisit to the AVS-36 and did a major slow down. My new setup is at 543 rpm and somewhere in the 42 - 44 damage range (hard to tell from the chart). Setup: 7N1 Sniper round PU (Infantry) Scope Field Trigger Job No Spring URAH-2 Heavy Barrel This is a lot more stable and easier to handle than what I was using before. My extended bursts are more accurate. My former setups were better for extremely close range, but deteriorated as distances and burst durations increased. The scope is a lot more useful with this setup also. I still have to mess with the Type D Heavy Ball round... Thoughts/comments?
  2. Snots

    SU SMG

    I have the PPSh-41 + 2 pouches with my Anti-Tank guy (along with Panzerwurfmine Lang AT grenades, AT tank badges, and a wrench). I have the PPS-43 for my Paratrooper + 1 pouch (paras don't live that long anyway....).
  3. Ahhh, that is the issue. I usually do "Quick Battle - Any soldier". Thanks for the help!
  4. The game keeps putting me in the Luneville map as an SU Tanker, even though I have the map unchecked in the filter. I have three SU tankers, and they all have this filter off. It seems to happen in my first battle just after I load H&G. This has happened at least four times. I believe this happened at least once as an SU Recon also. (My SU pilot does not have this filter off.) Also, it completely loads the game before it will let me leave, even though I confirm that I want to leave. (I am not sure if this is another bug.) Thanks!
  5. Snots

    WTF Specialist SPAM 2.0!

    I don't know how many times I've selected "Any Soldier" for matchmaking and it puts me into a battle as a pilot and there are already 4 or more pilots in the game. Same thing for Tanker and Recon...
  6. Snots

    Sanity Check on AT Grenade - Best Badge

    Thanks! I was wondering why I wasn't doing as well playing AT as others attacking me when I am a tanker.
  7. I submitted a ticket Saturday-ish. Reto sent me a new code on Thursday. When I tried after work I got a message that the code has been previously used. I am giving up on this one. Edit: [15Oct Reto made it right - Thanks!]
  8. What is the correct badge to use for the Anti-tank grenade to increase damage on armor? The "Iron Fist" badge, which increases damage for hand held weapons against armor? Or the "Grenadier" badge, which increases damage for explosives? I am currently using the SU RPG-43 if that matters. Thanks!
  9. I appreciate the help, but when done, I got the message "Redeem Code Not Found". ☹️
  10. D'Oh! H&G disconnected when I completed what sounds like the last page of questions. When I got back on H&G and tried to get back in the survey, I get a message saying that I already completed the survey.
  11. I completed the survey, but did not get my rewards.
  12. Snots

    Spawning as a different unit question

    Thanks! That is something that I did not know and used it in a game yesterday.
  13. I want to verify that when I spawn as a different unit it, it comes out of my original unit. For example: if I join a game as a SU tanker, and during the game re-spawn as an SU infantry, does the SU resources get reduced by one tanker? Thanks (and yes, a dumb question)
  14. Snots


    Good deal on gold. Normally I would throw a 20 spot for some. But I ain't buying any with this game in its current state. I was stuck with a 87 days of veteran membership and enough gold to buy another 90 days when they rolled out the last update. Fix this game please....