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  1. Actually if you try to fight a panther front on in a hellcat, the hellcat will lose. The U.S tanks are only good when you position yourself well. Otherwise they are pretty trash. I loving hate how you are trying to BIAS that game even more to your own satisfaction. Currently if you are U.S tanker and GE tanks are in position well, you die and get a 3 minute spawn timer. GE tanks keep rolling through because they have tougher armour and bigger cannons. So at the end of the day if you are getting out gunned by a weaker tank it's because your shirt.
  2. Pleznt

    Air to Ground

    I actually paid for my pilots and spent over $100 on the game. Typical pleb comment.
  3. Didn't they get a 5 million euro investment... I love how people go oh they are only small. Well if they spent the money they made on the game on the game. Clearly poor development, shirty business module. You would think they are low tier marketers instead of game developers.
  4. Pleznt

    Air to Ground

    So it's kinda boring strafing tanks. They take love all damage and when you pass them they just get someone repairing. Bombs do minimal damage and then I get head shot by a tank out of my plane. The tanks are better than the AA guns at taking down planes. The game is loving broken.
  5. Pleznt


    What about the people who can't play on the weekend. Why not just have the entire event run all week?
  6. Pleznt

    P-40 is Bad!

    I bought the p-40 and it's pretty shirt. You can't really go ground targets without getting owned by any other plane of the same tier. You need a p51 pilot for protection. For the extra cannons and extra bombs it really isn't as good as a p-38.
  7. Pleznt

    Reto plz never nerf MG13

    That the game is unbalanced when it comes to small arms, it's clear the weapons need some tweaking. This is a bit off topic but my main problem with the game is spawning so close to active objectives. Say we get back capped, a lot of the time running back to the objective you get stuck in an enemy deploy zone, then get gunned down by invisible people. Even attacking objectives you are restricted to your approaches, it's like 20% of the map is unplayable, and approaches that are great for players with BA and SA rifles are ruined, so it's better just going automatic, the % of fire fights are usually close to medium range. Most low level players are starting with SA and BA rifles, so when you have a game that's meta is rush with a jeep spray and prey, what good is it when over %50 of your newbie team is sitting back taking pot shots at the enemy with their 3 hit rifles. Edit; I actually get a bit bored of being one of the only players on my team attacking objectives with my BAR or Thomson. Everyone else sitting back because they too scared of the STG 44, mp40s and MG13s. Then the moment they extend they get bum rushed and we get back capped.
  8. Pleznt

    Reto plz never nerf MG13

    The weapons have no balance, nor does each gun have some edge to it. It's an absolute shirt show where everyone is pretty much forced to use the same shirty gun every match to compete with the enemy team. Because the meta is rush objectives with your jeep, why would anyone apart from new players be rolling a bolt action, when your up against STG 44 with zero horizontal recoil, and just a tiny bit of vertical recoil. The spawn zones are all loved up and are always within a medium range, you don't have players trecking it from over 500m towards objectives which gives the rifles advantage over the submachine guns and auto rifles, so it's basically obsolete in terms of gameplay. Why doesn't anyone see this...
  9. Pleznt


    My only issue with weapons is the muzzle flash on the STG 44 and the lack of horizontal recoil.
  10. Pleznt


    LOL, move on man. Get over it like D4 bridge.
  11. Grass, dirt even water doesn't have a speed limit when it comes to momentum, as long as you have that traction. It's like every surface has a speed limit and the vehicles have a auto limiter function.
  12. I think you have misunderstood what I have said, and completely derailed my topic.
  13. Pleznt


    How does the pattern of the STG 44 actually match the pattern when you shoot in game? When you full auto the gun, it literally just bounces up and down. It doesn't really seem to have any horizontal recoil. The STG 44 has next to no muzzle flash, It doesn't obscure your line of sight unlike most weapons. The MG13 is almost the same... I literally watching players on US running from GE players with STG 44, hiding on objectives or sitting in bushes waiting to catch them out ungaurded. It's sad when there is 3 people on the team trying to attack and fight the enemy face to face, when the rest of your team is literally bitching out because they can't compete with the weapons they have. Was there changes made to the planes, then removed?
  14. STG44 and MG13 weapons seems to have minimal muzzle flash and horizontal recoil
  15. Pleznt

    CHANGELOG 1.16 - Aim, Fly and Fire

    I picked up a STG44, it doesn't seem to recoil horizontal at all. Also the muzzle flash doesn't obscure the iron sight like most other guns. The mg13 is almost the same.