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  1. This is something we desperately need, surely it wouldn't be hard to do!
  2. shoultsy

    Gift systeam

    Might be a good idea, but you probably won't see it for a while as Reto has probably got more important priorities
  3. shoultsy

    Support Gunner Suggestion

    I think if the support gunner gets a kill the driver should get a kill assist
  4. shoultsy

    Foliage in eyes

    Reto is biased towards the tree faction
  5. I was playing H&G a while ago and I realised that the game lacks sound. I think that you should add more sounds(for example general talking/taunting or better hurt sounds) a brilliant example of a similar game with good sounds is RO2. Maybe have a look at that and "borrow" some ideas about how it uses sound because at the moment the lack of human sounds (except whistling) makes the game feel more shallow and having more sounds would greatly improve this.