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  1. ZolnierzPL123

    UPDATE 1.17 - Cold Front

    @pepeNS i have shirty PC but everthing work ok with medium/low graphics
  2. ZolnierzPL123

    UPDATE 1.17 - Cold Front

    I'm only waiting for remodels of all tanks ❤️ Aslo you can add breath of soldier to add more climate for winter maps
  3. ZolnierzPL123

    No weapons,car names etc.

    Please help! I re-installed the game and it didn't work
  4. ZolnierzPL123

    Punkt Ataku

    Zawsze możesz sie o cos spytać jeśli chcesz
  5. ZolnierzPL123

    Punkt Ataku

    tak użyj przycisku Q / use Q button to make orers😉
  6. ZolnierzPL123

    How much did you spend in this game?

    i spend only 500 hrs
  7. I'll buy P38 walther replica at this site. It's worth of it?