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    Bulgarian Legion

    Hi, guys, we are a Bulgarian clan looking for serious Bulgarian players, willing to have fun and play for the Wehrmacht! If you want to join PM me! Cheers!
  2. bojoloko

    Look of the soliders

    I went to Germany in November... I am Germanophile, studied German, had German teacher, love the German history , but german people nowadays are complexed. Let me put it that way. This Germany I've seen is a country of socialists and cowards. I am from a former country that was under the Warsaw pact, so believe me guys - EU and Germany is commie. But about the war crimes - everyone did it, not only the SS. Did they fight on the front? - Yes= Did they have their distinctive uniforms? - Yes. So add them. If someone is offended by the SS - I don't care, I am offended by the soviets and their faction, cause they occupied our country and raped our girls, but nobody judges the winners...
  3. bojoloko

    Look of the soliders

    What the hell is wrong with SS? They were brave and great men and soldiers. Killed some jews - it is a different branch of the SS. The guys fighting are Waffen SS.
  4. Dear Reto and fellow gamers, Heroes and Generals is an amazing game for a F2P. But in the upcoming months there would be a massive ww2 fps flood on the market. Comparing Heroes and Generals to the new FPS or even to older ones, like RO2 or RS, well HnG is meh, not so special with it's open fields, surrounded by bushes, forests campers, couple of maps, that you don't get great melee or cqc combats. Really I haven't done a great cqc game on HnG for months. But still it is a F2P game and it is great and if you want to keep it great just let the community add stuff - maps, skins and so on. To sum it up there are better ww2 dedicated shooter games, with a lot more cqc expierence and realism, but the only thing that makes me play HnG, and my friends as well, is the War mode. And that is the thing I love and hate about the game: Now about the WAR mode. There is only one game to offer war mode on a RTS basis and it is WW2 Online, which is a game from 2001. This is how their map looks like - https://webmap.wwiionline.com/ And we all now how HnG map looks like. So, if I can add, some proposals about the war mode: 1. The map looks awful. Really, the design of it, this grey main map colour it is A_W_F_U_L. It would be better if it looked like a real topographic map of Europe, with the normal colours a map would have - green for the fields, different shades of brown for mountains and so on. Just look at the map of Europe. 2. Dots and lines... I hate it... Really... In my guts. We all have played Panzer General series. You know the moving system of the game, the grid created map, with those tilts. This way the generals could get more strategic freedom. Of course many generals are idiots. So the real problem with dots and lines is that first looks awful and second well last night we defended a mountain town, that was attacked from 4 lines - A,B,C,D. We won by capturing the lines till the very end. And after the battle these lines were still in the hands of the enemy, no matter we captured them... That is, how to put it, stupid. For example, you can make towns on that grid system, so like a large capital can be consisted of several maps. Like look at the battle of Mosul right now - it is an example how hard is a battle for a large town it is going for hundred days and still only the half of it was liberated. Next thing is skirmish battles on lines -soviets get 9000 manpower, germans get 400, of course the soviets would win 9 out of 10 times. So if the map was like grid system like in early you can flank, manouver, attack the enemy on the move and that would be a skirmish battle. And I am not sure how well am I putting out my ideas. 3. Autoresolve - one word, 8 letters - b**ls**t. 4. Queue - THIS IS THE MOST DAMNED THING IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD! My team, 8 people, divided in two squads, queues fir a battle on a map, we enter some town, join battle, and wait. We wait for like 4-5 minutes, everyone is eager to start and then out of nowhere, we get kicked out and by the time I click cancel and join battle again, the whole map is suddenly fuckin full!!! The auto MM has filled the map with players, and we queued for nothing, our whole team. Reto, please fix this, fix it, cause it is ruining teamplay. We want to join a battle with our friend from the 78th div. - we get kicked out after 5 minutes. Crap! So, WW2 ONLINE is a 2001 game, still played, not because of the graphics or the cqc realism, but because of the strategy mode and gameplay. If HnG wants to be a great game, played even in the next years - fix the war mode. The RTS sucks and that is the only thing where you are superior to newer WW2 FPS games. But for a F2P it is a decent, excellent game. With all my respect- bojoloko.
  5. bojoloko

    next factions?

    When is UK coming?
  6. I am using K98k, cause it is a beautiful weapon, modded till OHK, no scopes, only ironsights. I am not the guy that sits and camps 100 meters away, a run behind my platoon, cover them, get to capture points, looking for snipers - there is nothing more rewarding at the end of the day knowing you killed a sniper 400 m away with an unscoped rifle. Why am I writing this? For fucks sake we had to def O1 mountain town. I saw a guy, tried to aim and guess what - sway. It was swaying like I was a 80 year old parkinson desease diagnosed man, not a 20 year old soldier. I missed the shot, cause of the sway and got rekt by some sniper camping somewhere. And still there are guys running with LMGs all over the map, that don't get that much of a sway. Even the BAR is more accurate then a carbine?!!? If this is so, add a scope to the BAR. Reto, don't feel offended, but did your grandfathers run with LMGs on the 9th of April 1940, cause if they did I can get the idea of running with a LMG in the game and not adding bipods. I do use the HSG, I admit it, cause I can't stand a chance against LMGs, scoped infantry everywhere, in war there are like 5 recons all around you and 5 tanks (2 planes as well) - and I am there sitting with my K98k with its ironsights, P08 and Wurfmines - sorry tanker guys, but when the enemy team has 300 tank resource and we have 0 that's the way it is done. About the scopes - I don't let people in my team using scoped rifles, unless we are 8-10 people, then one of them has a scoped K98, cause this is killing the game. Everything has been said about it. About AT rambos, about bipods and stuff. And because of scopes I haven't had a fun game, since I unlocked the mp 40 an that was months ago. Try to run - get scoped, try to hide get rekt by spray of LMG guy running in a house, try to hide behind a tree - get blown up by tank, try to get to a tank - get scoped and so on, and so on,
  7. bojoloko

    Call to all German clans

    This! Last night our clan defended twice Otwock near Warsaw against the SU, but we had to wait like a lot of time till the battle started, we were the first in the que and still got horrible ping. And when you wake up in the morning you see that the whole of Eastern Europe had fallen. US are just rushing GE, last war we managed to retake Budapest, Belgrad, Marseille, Bordeau, we were holding the russians in Romania and still the americans were advancing in Italy...
  8. Okay, first of all it is a great game, me and my friends love it and hate it at the same time. But as a matter of fact I think the game would die at some point because of minor issues, that are not concerned. First and most important - let the community create content, like War Thunder. Reto can only benefit from that, cause people would get excited to play their custom created content like maps, skins and camos. For example, someone can make a Finish uniform - why not, make it downloadable on your website and off you go. Or maps. Second - sounds. Sounds are awful. Tank sounds are the same the G43 and K98k sound like pop guns. Please fix them. Fix reload time on BA rifles and starting damage of an unmodified BA rifle. They were used to get people out from cover, so they should have great damage. Third - fix the ironsight of the K98k - it is hard to see, play and shirt. Look at other games, I think there is a topic about that. Infantry scopes - nothing to say more... I do play with an unscoped K98k, I get like 30-70 kills per game, I cover my friends till hey rush, then I rush, and when things get shirty for our team because of numerous campers not capturing I get in an objective with a BA and clear it out. Fifth - add bypods. It is silly for a guy with DP or MG 42 or M1919 to run through the forest, stop, make a carnage and move on. Mgs have a support role, they are not assault guns. Sixth - Make guns from other factions playable. Like if you end a battle with a captured M1903 and you play German, you can use it as a trophy gun. How many guys finish a battle with a captured gun - not much. So this would something of a challenge. I don't wnt to play Soviet or American, but still I could use a trophy Mosin or Springfield. To summ it up - it is a great game, with a lot of potential, but - guys, please, listen to the community, let them create stuff, this would benefit only the game. I saw this Russian HnG stream guys and he did a video on some new F2P russian WW2 FPS and he said it would kill HnG. For Christs sake, these guys had hats, helmets, you could even shoot the guys hat away. Reto you say - we are a small team, okay, that happens, but the community could compensate and that could be a great PR for the game. Grinding is shirt, lesser the costs, I showed the game to a couple of friends and it was just too much of a grind. Don't kill your kid, Reto. And do something about the servers, cause it is unplayable when the first guy that joined is from God knows where. Best regards, Bo!
  9. bojoloko

    About war recources

    Hi, guys, last night me and a buddy of mine won a Forward Airfield battle on War, where the americans had like 1000 planes available. And this brought up the question what happens with planes, tanks, infantry, when you lose the battle? Are these recources depleted for the faction or they are withdrawn?
  10. bojoloko

    Anti Tank Guns!

    Strongly support this idea, but tanks need to be buffed a little bit. Imagine how much more fun and live the game would be if there is AT-gun on a hill, defending from advancing enemy tanks and infantry, infantry trying to take it, it would benefit greatly teamwork as well. Reto, please do sth about it!
  11. bojoloko

    Get a better anti cheat!

    Speaking of hacks, I do think there is a hack that makes the game lag and even kick one out of the server. For example me and a buddy of mine are teamming up and through the day we have no problem with the game and in the evening it lags a lot. And the internet connection is breaking down. And when playing WoT or Warthunder we are not experiencing the same issued, although I have my H&G graphics set on low, and WoT on medium and it is driving us completely crazy. Especially the russian players and their hacks. Is it possible to be a hack that destroys the server connection?
  12. Hi fellow Heroes and Developers, there are a lot of Bulgarian players out there and just wondering if it is possible to add a Bulgarian soldier. We just have some proposals like: 1. No need to be a subfaction, only a Bulgarian infantryman. Like when you choose to buy the German one, you can choose buying the Bulgarian. 2. 95% of the Bulgarians are playing as Germans so they would like to play the Bulgarian soldier within the German faction. Though historically the Bulgarians fought against the Germans after the Red Army invaded Bulgaria, most of the soldiers were reluctant to do so. A hint, why it would be easy to add a Bulgarian infantryman: 1. The Bulgarian Army used German weapons, that are already in the game. So let me get on with the armament of the Bulgarian Army in the period 1939 - 1944: Pistols: 1. C-96 2. P-08 3. P-38/ Walther PP Rifles: The Bulgarians didn't have any semi-auto rifles, but had good bolt-action rifles: 1. Steyr-Mannlicher 1895 2. Karabiner K98 LMGs: MG 30/34 MG 08 SMGs: ZK - 383 - standard SMG MP - 34 MP - 40 Grenades were Model 24 German Stielhandgranate and other German 'nades. AT weapons: Solothurn S18/100 Panzerschreck Panzerfaust As far as the Infantry vehicles are concerned they were German. Bulgarian uniforms and ranks: http://st.depositphotos.com/1362966/2519/i/950/depositphotos_25199779-stock-photo-wwii-bulgarian-soldier.jpg https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/cc/64/f2/cc64f2a507c75e93e23e1decd64d341a.jpg https://thumb9.shutterstock.com/display_pic_with_logo/159898/150085616/stock-photo-kiev-ukraine-an-unidentified-members-of-red-star-history-club-wear-historical-bulgarian-uniform-150085616.jpg https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/originals/33/5b/15/335b1504a76540a239d1dca70954692d.jpg Helmets: http://brendonshelmets.weebly.com/bulgaria-m36c.html Ranks: http://www.rathbonemuseum.com/BULGARIA/BURankChart.jpg And their german and Bulgarian equivalents: http://www.axishistory.com/axis-nations/bulgaria/army/67-bulgaria-army/bulgaria-army-unsorted/843-ranks-of-the-bulgarian-army And some photos: http://www.axishistory.com/axis-nations/bulgaria/64-bulgaria-general/bulgaria-general-gallery/847-gallery-army-bulgaria Thanks, would like to hear from the devs and the community!
  13. Thanks Flint, I think option 3, as far as Bulgarian WW2 armament is concerned is a little bit inadequate, because most of the armament is German, Italian, Czech. Creating a sub-faction is something that would be great if the devs add like Czechoslovakia, Italy, UK, Finland and etc. I think option 1 and 2 are very nice and I would add that if, for example, one buys the Bulgarian uniform from the German side it would be nice if that results in the adding of Bulgarian soldier with the Bulgarian ranks and weapons, which differ from the German only with presence of the Mannlicher and the ZK - 383 SMG.
  14. bojoloko

    ''Action client has crashed''