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  1. hi all work to but when I lunch the game afther 4 mints the game sey so yor account privlleges do not include access to the game
  2. I love the update on the map village, c site. new window and ladder, ty. cheers.
  3. I love this game. But honestly, it irks me expecting to play a balanced game in matchmaking and I join mid-game with command posts already captured by both teams. In my eyes I'm missing out on capture points at game start, and my position is to a disadvantage. Unfortunately this happens too often and is quite frustrating, almost every game. I'm not talking about the Major War with Generals. I'm talking about the Hero's tab(skirmish). I don't mind the freeze time(wait-time) when matchmaking finds me a server/game, even the second que when you can see players joining teams and there is a timer counting down. I would much rather have this and wait longer then join mid game. IMO if i wanted to join mid-game i would join The General War