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  1. can you please stop expiring the veteran membership when you are offline because you cant use your membership 24h. you just lose your money.
  2. tergatz7899

    New update not cool

    Why you make Captured weapons and give them now mods?? Its completly stupid now to play a faction because you can only stay at 1 Faction and play every weapon. why should i now ever play russia again to play mod avs when i can this on germany too.?
  3. tergatz7899

    fps drops with every update

    Why do the fps become less after every shirt update? i used to have 60 fps and now only 20. Stop spamming trees
  4. tergatz7899

    Please Remove Headshots

    Can you please remove headshots!!!! its so annoying to get a headshot from 2km from a shity pistol! OK
  5. tergatz7899


    why da love can a unmodded svt me 2hk with heavyset gold!!! And i need 3 hits to kill someone with heavyset bronze with max damage modded g43 thanks!! i love you
  6. tergatz7899

    Reduce the smoke when you shoot!!!

  7. tergatz7899

    PLs Added a navy

    all the rivers in the game are broken
  8. tergatz7899

    server issue

    what da fuq is going on with the servers? every single game is so laggy and in every match i see network is trying to catch up. LOOOL and when i am more than 5 minutes on the rts map its completly laggy and my game crash. repair this!!1 plz
  9. tergatz7899

    new at spawn system

    Planes and Tanks, sometimes takes it 2h to deploy a normal inf AT
  10. dear reto can you pls fix your shity spawn system. the old one was better than the shirt now. i cant deploy ats allthough enough resources avaible and when i in the list scroll to units its full bugd and set me to the top one. we need a spawn system like the old one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i dislike the new
  11. tergatz7899

    cheater game

    this game is full with cheater die in this game aimboot loser and this new spawn system is shet too
  12. tergatz7899

    Names/order for soldiers

    I have twenty inf Soldiers but only 5 with loudouts so i dont care about the order
  13. tergatz7899

    Eure Motivation H&G zu spielen

    das spiel besitzt keine motivation das siehste doch an den updates
  14. tergatz7899

    Warum ist der Tiger2 so schwach geworden?

    alles auf deutscher seite wird halt schwach gemacht...
  15. tergatz7899

    Names/order for soldiers

    Doesnt it matter in what order they are??