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  1. Obsess3D

    Fun para battles

    Rly ? As i know, i'm only one obsess3d here And as i know i stopped play this game more as 1 month ago. Still waiting until RETO would fix RTS so it become playable again. But my experience saying me that it never will be fixed . 😀
  2. Obsess3D

    Total lost of an attack army

    same was near warsaw, i lost only 450 troops and idc about them, but... this bug looks dangerous, same was bug-using with this middle "thing" when SU block next map from this middle "thing". War never changes lol.
  3. Obsess3D

    Is it now enough?

    i saw what you done xd, first 10 version of this msg was more funny... xd
  4. Obsess3D

    Is it now enough?

    you are right . But if you don't have troops you can't do anything. Love you too btw. Not joking , hope one day we'll be best friends.
  5. Obsess3D

    Is it now enough?

    3 or 4 times less as me, GromesV said already xd
  6. Obsess3D

    Is it now enough?

    i don't know who are you and who is bob, so i don't care. And i think you don't know how many troops i have .
  7. Obsess3D

    Is it now enough?

    you forgot that US generals don't have so big army in another fractions , Same with another fractions whiles. So that's why they willn't change fraction
  8. Obsess3D

    Is it now enough?

    hm... i think GE and SU need to get free deploy to give them chance to play again then most of little generals will go to GE and SU to farm warfunds (if they would have free deploy there). The whiles will stay in US and there would be at least somehow balance, but not like todays... :). Then we could speak about weapon and other things. Now only what must be in mind in reto's heads is how to return and least few days war... and i wrote what they have to do... xd
  9. Obsess3D

    New Weapon for the German Army

    best for germans is weapon with auto aim, then they stop crying and all would be ok, but for first time this weapon would be good...