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  1. It was always "ACTUAL" state. So say you want to join the war and join say soviets because you get a 25% bonus, but before you started a match a decent amount of palyers joined the soviets and the bouns dropped to 10% then thats your actual bouns. If you however alredy started a match then your actual bonus is the one you started that particular match with regardless if the bonus in- or decreased during that match. I dont get why playing germans is boring. I surely have fun not playing with headless chickens 30% of the time instead of 10% of the time.
  2. I think I've seen similar suggestions alrerdy but here you go: A quite old a game called MAG which was Playstation exclusive had seomthing similar going on like HnG but without the RTS part. It also had 3 factions and it handeld faction overpopulation with giving the underpopulated factions a small exp and credit bouns, in our case we can add warfunds to the formula or replace credits with warfunds. I think it was depending on the gap between factions ranging from 5% to 25%. Sounds like one of the easier yet still effective solutions to me
  3. F3DERIS3R


    Disagree, imho T34/85 has to be compared to E8, and if GE gets one, the Panther.
  4. F3DERIS3R

    34 or 42....

    In my opinion the MG42 is slightly better because of the rate of fire. It has the highest rate of fire of all the firearms in the game. If you want to be a :twisted: GOD :twisted: at close range get damage and rate of fire mods.
  5. F3DERIS3R

    We Won We Won

    double the fun!
  6. F3DERIS3R


    Did you check the message that pops up if you start the game, no server restart until next morning (they live in GMT+1), let the poor bastard who tried to get the servers running for 10 hours sleep a bit. Try it in a bout 4-6 hours from now again.
  7. I like it. Wont gonna happen.
  8. F3DERIS3R


    In my case thise equation would be correct and I'm certain many will follow.
  9. Only the belt fed ones with tri- or twopod, the drum fed were usually operated by 1 man, but you could switch in the action, the belts were usually only used if the MG went stationary.
  10. And the more commonly used mag for the Tommy held 20 rounds, and the more commonly used mag for the Mp34 held 30 rounds, but hey its a game.... and.. asymmetrical balance... and stuff.
  11. F3DERIS3R

    Soviet Tanks To Be In Game

    What do you mean how it would work? You aim at the target anything in the near vicinity goes boom including pershings and tigers and then you reload fot the rest of the match :mrgreen:
  12. F3DERIS3R

    Soviet Tanks To Be In Game

    I'm aware that it probably wont be ingame with the release of T-Build, but quite likely later on the road. If the IS-2 gets implemented it will probably be the tier 2 heavy. As said maybe the KV-2 wont get implemented from the start but it was one of the most iconic soviet heavys in WW2 and would fit good as tier 1 heavy. Also I dont think that the IS-1 will be the tier1 heavy since the IS-1 was only a prototype and therfore only build in few numbers.
  13. F3DERIS3R

    Soviet Tanks To Be In Game

    What this guy said. We'll probably see the KV-2 as tier 1 heavy though. 152mm of awesomeness put a smile even on the grumpiest grumpy cat.
  14. F3DERIS3R

    Idea for game improvement.

    We are talking about a dev team that took 3 years to implement a "hold" function for crouching and aiming and you suggest voice com? I admire you optimism.
  15. I do hope so that we get the RPD, but the DShK will probably be vehicle mount only, probably as gunner seat for the bigger tanks and the soviet APC.