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  1. ProDigyIgi


    Reto ffs, please give us long awaited infantry camouflage discount 😂 last one was around 1 year ago lol.
  2. Hello ! I was thinking about new face models alongside with masks in early development. In addition there are so many other customization options that are left aside sadly. It could be really cool if character rank would be somehow displayed on character himself, stripes or ranks below arm or some custom uniform, caps, some cool details such as ammo on shoulders, hand watch, binoculars or piece of cloth on neck, possibilities are limitless. Reto should take inspiration from battlefield heroes IMO it could be one of the best features to be added (however ofcourse everything would be locked behind ribbon rank and price). Going this path how about some vehicle addons - sandbags, tracks covering tank hull, bushes and leaves, iconic soviet wire spaced armor, insignias or just fuel tanks, or wooden bar such as in WOT. I understand engine is outdated, i just have my future fantasies if engine would be updated whenever resources allow it. There is just something in HG that keeps attention for people which is incredible. Last but not least expanding RTS map and adding new theaters, weather conditions,factions is my wet dream. For current nations I have proposal for fresh weapons (trying to be objective as GE main) : american T3 smg : Reising M50 German T3 smg : Borrowed Italian Beretta or FNAB-43 (pps-43 competition =D) Soviet T2 lmg : DS-39, SG-43 or just big chunk of new content that lacks in nearest future I hope.
  3. ProDigyIgi

    Rommel - Generals be ready!

    I have the same problem and my pings are
  4. ProDigyIgi

    Rommel - Generals be ready!

    Oh and you reward the players that play their character a lot with not letting us play that character when we reach general level!?!?! I'm not the type person who likes many characters, just one thank you.
  5. ProDigyIgi

    Rommel - Generals be ready!

    Oh and I love the shooting blanks bug. I put 8 rounds from a 1911 into the back of a German at 6 feet none registering and he turns around and kills me. This happens repeatedly. My ping was 16, fps 76. One thing this game has done is give me a new appreciation for ARMA II. I'm off to find a WWII server.
  6. ProDigyIgi

    Rommel - Generals be ready!

    Well this Rommel patch pretty much screwed the game for me. It is no longer fun with all the new bugs. The matchmaker starting games with 80 seconds left and 3 people per team WTF over? Are you ever going to fix the prone getting stuck bug? Or the bicycle bug? The main screen looks like someone vomited on the game. I don't need or want EVERYTHING on one screen. Why do all the ribbons continually move around. I had High hopes for this game, kind of like ARMA II Lite. The weapon mods are plain idiotic. Obviously not designed by someone who knows how to mod a weapon. I almost spent money on this...No longer....
  7. ProDigyIgi

    Stuck on "Synchronizing War Data"

    Same problem, sometimes I can get through and play a match, but once the match ends, my character is stuck in that match and I eventually lose connection to the server.
  8. ProDigyIgi

    Server connection problem

    I'm having a similar issue; when I start the game up, it fetches my profile and then gets hung up on the "synchronizing war data". Sometimes I get through to the character screen, but sometimes I lose connection to the server. When I do get through and attempt to join a match, it gets hung up on the Joining match screen. If I get through and actually join a match, I usually have no lag, but when the match ends and I quit battle after the report, my character never leaves the battlefield. Eventually I will receive the "no connection to server" screen. It will try and re-log me in, once again getting held up on the "syncing war data".