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  1. OpticalRing

    The End is Here

    Nah, everything is... F this its all on fire, its all over, RUN FOR THE HILLS!
  2. OpticalRing

    Oakleaf Panzerschreck with Green Pea or Oakleaf camo?

    Buy the most expensive combinations with gold. Make Reto proud.
  3. OpticalRing

    RedBjarne & devstream memes

    >implying the dev/dev streams arent a meme already
  4. OpticalRing

    I found a way to make the game fun for myself again

    The only way to have fun in this game anymore is doing things that wernt intended to be done in the game. Like PTRS/222 sniping planes, practicing on your scrape game on the russian/german recon plane, sh*tposting in german army chat until some sperg cries out "mOOuDdZss!!" then make fun of that guy, queuing for a tank v tank match and harassing the enemies with anti tank weapons, tractor ramming, getting top score in a match just to trash talk people "noob go to B3! XD benis!", commiting high impact sexual bat brutality, joining the vietcong, commiting war crimes like shooting down paratroopers, creating meme builds...etc etc just to name a few. With that being said, kinda tells u that the game itself is pretty boring and the only worth while things to come out of it is, by design, from the community. God forbid someone doesnt report you because you are trying to enjoy a game on your own terms, especially in stage..... Spotted the toxic vet, didn't they purge you? Hey I thought removing the toxic vets by discouraging and upping bannable offenses to give other factions a chance in war was going to improve the quality of war? So far its still the same. Regardless, don't you dare suggest such things! Clan stacking....*spits on the ground* nooooooooo you can't do that! You can't cordinate in war to win them! Thats just unheard of and soooo unfair! Ima make a post about it and hopefully reto can do something about it. Are you telling me to queue with...f-f-f...friends? Not only queue with friends but....b-b-...but play the objective by coordinating and using every possible means to win the game?! Sounds like toxic gameplay ngl. I'm so proud of you, I wish I had a son/daughter/non-binary like you.
  5. OpticalRing

    Why is this happening?

    Solution to your problems. If you play germans and think the m1m2 or AVS is OP, simply do what reto intended for players to do in this cash cow and buy gold and get them as captured weapons. Do it for the other factions as well, as in if you play russians get STG/M1M2 or as Americans, get the AVS/STG. That way you become immune to reto's bias for [INSERT FACTION NAME]!!
  6. OpticalRing

    Its TIME! Save your game

    Lets face it, tweaking weapons has always been a thing with the game and in the end not everyone is happy. Players who main factions will always cry about their weapons being weak while the other factions are OP because of a bad experience with a game or some random BS. Not deny that some weapons could be tweaked a little but that isnt ultimately whats gonna keep the game from dying. There are underlying issues is with the game's progression and player elitism which ultimately ties with bringing in new players which, if translated into reto logic, means more INCOME if they decide to stick around with the game. No one wants to spend 50 hours of their life trying to get enough credits to buy a decent load out and even more to unlock certain badges. Not everyone can buy gold either because they are casual players or broke, and even more probable is they are young and or don't have jobs. If i remember correctly at the beginning of the year, wasn't there an outcry about how "new players" got scared away from toxic vets or some BS and THATS why the player base was dying? Welp, they're gone or in hibernation and yet the game is dying, makes you think that maybe a lot of it was to pass blame? Hmmm.... *Puts tin foil hat on* But I digress. One thing that can save this game is bringing in new players. Specifically, new players and give them incentive to stay and even more for vets. One idea that was purposed and completely swept under the rug a long time ago was reverting the old salaries for the higher level soldiers to 18,000+ ph which makes the game less grindy for credits. Challenge system which gives, daily, weekly and month challenges. Each ranging from easy challenges(daily) which can be like , get 10 captures or 35 SMG kills, weekly which is like kill 30 tanks or hold an objective thats been contested for more than 5 minutes 20 times or simply 1000 kills(weekly) and monthly could be win a minimum of 50 war battles (monthly) Itll give players directive aside from their usual objectives which has been the SAME SINCE THE BEGINNING. If reto can't understand this comment let me put it into simpler terms...it means THAT YOUR GAME IS STALE. Regarding rewards, daily can be credits, weekly can be gold and monthly can be both or unique skins or something pretty rewarding. I would also recommend reto makes these challenges objective based which MAKES players play for the objective. Another idea is to do more gold sales, no not for in game items(which i still recommend they do), but more gold sales as in 50% gold purchases. Maybe 25% on the weekends? ATs issue and WF dry ups, especially for new players. My suggestion is allow players to get 5 free AT respawns for level 0 and 1 ATs for infantry and lvl 0 for the other classes, however special classes can only spawn one of EACH for free to prevent abuse of spamming ATs, especially alting. without a queue. Reto saw major success in a returning playerbase when they did a month of free ATs so why not learn from that and implement. This will please old time whales and allow for new players to participate in war without huge risks. Fix the terrian, not much to be said here....i've flipped 4 ton vehicles over a pot hole ....and remove all those tiny car stopping rocks.. I find more rocks on a bridge than a stone quarry.... I mentioned earlier about player elitism....not much can be done about that and the only people that can fix it is the same people who cause the problem. No I am not talking about the "git gud lmao noobs l2p aylmao reeeee" people but the people who can't accept that they have flaws and can't cope with their own failures in the game. This ultimately breeds people of a different variety, the "I'm a god at the game but when I fail its the games fault so the game has to change for me." AKA self biased...you know who you people are. They are in every faction and these are the same people who will scare away new players who wish to get involved in the community because they can't conform. I will not name and shame for there are countless and you know who you are. A lot can be done for the game but a lot of it is NOT in reto's best interests which is why I believe is the reason the game is dying. Reto has stopped developing an interest for making the game enjoyable (timewise) and has resorted to making it into a grind fest to milk gullible players dry. Its this greed that kills games.
  7. OpticalRing

    The problem of the German army chat

    The German Army Chat is like the only worth while thing with the game to be honest.
  8. OpticalRing

    Another brilliant "Reto.Moto style" update.

    Reto will not tweak the game for the benefit of players because in reality, if terms of helping or aiding the player base, especially catering to new players it will have to be in the financial part of the game. For example, credit earnings and the "progression"(grind) system they have made which ultimately drives new players away is a big issue for newer players. Despite all this they will not make changes for them because it benefits the player and NOT the company of that game. A company will always look at what makes them more money and will often make it so people are enticed to buy their products and in this case they make the game grindy so people impatient people buy gold so they unlock everything faster. Their tactics for making money is pay to progress faster and is no better than those sleezy mobile games that make you buy in game currencies to get good stuff,
  9. OpticalRing

    Смена ника / Change of nickname

    No. Even if Reto coders decide to implement this feature it will simply break the forums again.
  10. OpticalRing

    Did prices go up without telling us???

    Wouldn't be surprised if they raised them. Makes the game more grindy so people buy gold. All part of their plan to make money off of players. It also wouldn't be the first time they do some shady tweaks to the game that goes against the interest of the gaming community.
  11. OpticalRing


    Pretty much this. While I do agree with a lot of opinions here from a lot of people here despite having..."special" views on the game, one huge thing people tend to forget is that they dont listen to us in a way that actually improves the game. For example, what is one thing people have been wanting for the longest of times aside from a better and more interesting RTS. The answer to that is very simple and it's called PATCHES/TWEAKS. What kind of patches/tweaks? The ones that doesnt make your gun look like a chimney burning through a stack of dry logs. Random dips in the terrain that will flip over you vehicle if u go over 10mph, remove/fix AI. If they are to be fixed, fix their pathing and directive, I'm tired of seeing those 8 bots leave a defended objective only to step outside and loose the point while still going to the next locked objective. Maybe fix those hay stacks that are floating above or clipping under the ground? Perhaps tweaking credit earnings to pay a little more overall so new players dont have to spend 30-50 hours of their life to get themselves a proper soldier kit with a vehicle, a second tier weapon, and a other few goodies. A personal favorite of mine is lowering the cost of repairs. Yea i get that repairs prevent certain metas to be heavily spammed and I do agree, stuff like mines and bazookas need to have high repair costs but when you pay 3k a match for having only sights and ammo...that's a little to high. We want these kinds of fixes. Not those weekly weapon tweaks that shift bacback and forward because let's face it, there is always gonna be people who will call BS demanding buffs and nerfs and while i heavily agree that this should not be overlooked, I as hell think weapon balancing SHOULD NOT BEING THE MAIN PRIORITY because reto spends way to much time on it without real results other than pleasing a few people...you know who they are. They should do what most of the community wants and fix the fundemantal stuff first before messing with stuff that people will always have conflicted opinions and bias towards. Once you finish with that find ways to bring the playerbase back and attracting new players in a PROPER manner and not using any of those shady freemium tactics that those lame mobile games use. Make the game more casual friendly is basically what I'm trying to say. I understand that the company is struggling and reto needs people to spend gold to make a profit so they make the game more grindy to make people impatient so they buy gold but seeing the low playerbase that is only going to do more harm than good. But hey what do I know. I'm just another player who's comment will go down like the rest. Because you know...instead of proper replies from community managers and devs on why it can and can't be..we get shoved down instead because apparently... WE ARENT WORH THEIR TIME
  12. OP, you specifically call them Russian and Chinese hackers and say reto can't do anything to them but there is a solution to it. Remove the Russians and Chinese from the game and PRESTO, no more Russian and Chinese hackers.
  13. OpticalRing

    how to close this

    Imagine getting a better PC for HnG. I'm pretty sure if he did that then he wouldn't want to play the game anymore.
  14. OpticalRing

    where reto.redbjarne gone

    And here I thought that the game was about to take a different direction.