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  1. Will snow, rain new maps be added for future game? Long time no change in this matter. Apart from these, will new camouflage and new equipment be added? The game needs these changes.
  2. Actually, you're right. This time everyone uses the BA rifle.
  3. This game is ww2. It's not medieval. The soldiers are not armored. The game also has a heavy set and we can not kill one shot. Weapon damage is 100-120 but I can kill double shot at 50 meters. It takes so much time, raise but not one shot kill taste. This does not mean the gun. Heavy set for medieval time not for ww2. Removed because it is unnecessary.
  4. Sartess

    No Connection to Server

    ı fixed this problem. ı unistall game and install on the steam and ı playing now.
  5. Sartess

    No Connection to Server

    In the past, it was giving a "check your internet settings" error. Now I get "no connection to server" error. These two problems have emerged since the stand alone client came. I used to play on the browser. Firewall internet etc. I made all kinds of suggestions, but did not. Can I solve the problem if I load it over steam? No connection to server error sometimes changes to check your internet settings. It's been 2 months. What a mistake this is. We are being victimized.
  6. Sartess

    Check your internet settings

    Is not there a solution to my problem?
  7. Sartess

    Check your internet settings

    I tried everything but the result is the same. I was able to play very comfortably through the browser. I downloaded it on Steam and SITE. I tried both. Sometimes I get "no connection server" error. Usually the "check you internet settings" error is coming. I do not use anti virus. I made firewall settings. It is not what I'm supposed to be. I do translating. It happens this way. Do not look up.
  8. Have a nice day. I can not play for about a month. I live in Turkey. I used to be able to play without boredom through the browser. But when I want to connect to the game with the client that comes with the update, I get an error. No connection server yada check your internet settings. Internet speed is 25 mb. I made the security wall settings, I even applied the suggestions in the forum from the permissions section, but it does not enter the game at all. I can not write server offline right now. can you help me? Stand-Alone Client came and I can not play anymore. I had an advanced account. I have not been in the game for about a month. I did tcp/udp ports but didnt work.
  9. Sartess

    Check your internet settings Error

    Unfortunately the problem is still continuing.
  10. Sartess

    Check your internet settings Error

    Yes i form Turkey. Ok i waiting. Thanks your comment
  11. There was ne error with the previous browser plug in.. I used to play trough browser because the steam was giving same error ( No connection to server then after check your internet settings). Now new client came and It started to work like steam and gives the same error. I tried everything I read about it. Closed all firewall. Created new port for HG. Uninstall then re install. but ı dont play the game. always check your internet settings error. ı used browser client not problem but ı install stand alone client and this error