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    Stug III vs Panther vs VI Tiger

    Stug performs roughly the same than Panther in anti-tank role, but less than a Tiger. You won't have a long respawn timer with it either. I suggest you take the Stug first, then Tiger, then Panther. Panther is very expensive to spawn and it has a long timer, so you can't do any mistake with it.
  2. L.Mandorf

    Stug III vs Panther vs VI Tiger

    Panther is the best medium tank in the game. Tiger is better but they are less available than medium tanks. Stug is a solid tank destroyer, you don't have a MG with it but it is cheaper to spawn. And anyway you want to have one tank of each type, preferably one of the best of its category.
  3. L.Mandorf

    Best Way To Earn Credits as Tanker?

    US Starter tank is the best tank you can have until it is patched. Take AP and flank panthers. Keep moving non stop shooting. They can't keep up.
  4. L.Mandorf

    Infantry First or Iron fist

    Infantry first, planes are not considered to be tanks. Still needs to be tested though.
  5. I have a better solution. I would make capture time decrease over time. Make it long a when the point is unlocked. Then decrease it to make it like now after a few minutes, allowing defenders to come back. - It prevents instant line blitzkrieg. - It makes points still capturable even when the whole enemy team is defending. For the last point capture I think it is perfect now : if you are back to your last point you should just lose. It is not fun "fighting" (= farmed) for 20min on A1.
  6. L.Mandorf

    M2A2 is OP

    The issue is : - If the lowest tank can take out a tiger 2 from the sides/rear... then why bother with half of the other tanks in game ? ? - What about the lowest tiers tank in other nations ? - Then let's talk about realism for a second : 50 cal should not pen side/rear armor of heavy tanks, not even mediums. 20 and 37mm guns could not even do it 50mm would had some trouble penetrating heavy side armor too... I am fine with 20 to 37mm in H&G but, not MG fire. Let's be serious for a second.
  7. Suspend AR was the wisest solution.
  8. L.Mandorf

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    Very good update so far. Apart from the sound a bit broken. - I have no problem with spawning times. I usually respawn instantly unless I pick another class like tanker and die a few times with it. Guys also take a cheap loadout with a barebone smg and that should do the trick if you can't spawn with your normal loadout but still need to defend very fast. - Really glad that Squad 2.0 is gone. - The new vehicle gameplay are really good. I would lower AT weapon price just so the infantry does not get bankrupt by facing tanks. And AT rifles for every faction would be cool. A buyable one use panzerfaust you spawn with could be also done. I would also lower the timer for t2 light tanks, it make no sense that a panzer 2 takes as much time as a hetzer to spawn. - Vehicle handling is very nice. Loved to have to follow the road with my motorcycle and go to insane speed. No longer having vehicles rushing through the battlefield makes for a much more realistic and interesting gameplay. Keep it that way !
  9. Fix : make them open topped !! That's why german and russian TDS are casemates, because the cannon is too big to enclose the crew. Americans preferred an open topped TD. That's a huge advantage against other tanks due to the turret and mobility, but could really be devastating if an infantry soldier could come up close. So... make M10 and hellcat open-topped and it should be fine.