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  1. Blakiukas

    Captured vehicles (18 DEC 2019)

    @Cpt_Frakk nwm, after last patch i'm completely uninstall this game.
  2. Blakiukas

    Plz increase AVS 's bullets

    Simply yes. GE solder logic. Discusion ower.
  3. Blakiukas

    Plz increase AVS 's bullets

    I disagree with the 30 bullets in this weapon. Read more carefully.
  4. Blakiukas

    Plz increase AVS 's bullets

    @raphoux Maybe it's a miscommunication, English is my 3rd language, sorry, but with that saying I wanted to say that you can't expect an objective opinion from a player who plays only one nation.
  5. Blakiukas

    Plz increase AVS 's bullets

    @raphoux While playing for GE, I never complained about M2 or avs because I am well aware of their drawbacks. Avs often lost because of the long reload. To tell me I'm biased is wrong I never sought the advantage of one country.
  6. Blakiukas

    Plz increase AVS 's bullets

    @raphoux Is it so hard to understand that I do not belong to the GE, SU or US nation? I have no prejudice, equality and equal opportunities are important to me, because any advantage at least one of the nations leads to player strife.
  7. Blakiukas

    Plz increase AVS 's bullets

    Again, it looks very funny when GE soldiers discuss about weapon balance
  8. Blakiukas

    Plz increase AVS 's bullets

    No, im just not agre with 30 bullets, but avs need change reload time.
  9. Blakiukas

    Plz increase AVS 's bullets

    Certainly better to use. For a very wide range of uses, stg is enough for one soldier, while avs need two - a stormman and a defender. The reason is the same - a narrow range of applications. If you take the defense option with slow firing - you won't be able to storm. If a quick hit - less peaceful. Stg maximum speed and optics - can you use everywhere.
  10. Blakiukas

    Plz increase AVS 's bullets

    AVS accuracy? Hmm .. my results are better with STG, which less just in theory. Where better AVS - close combat with 1, max 2 enemies. Where better STG - all modes, medium, long distance, close battle with 3-5 enemies. AVS is a very limited weapon, and difficult to play with him, because it requires more abilities than STG. STG is very easy to control with any mod, and even reload time is better. In fact, why is STG better? p.s. AVS my most liked weapon. Im dont talk about DT-29.
  11. Blakiukas

    Plz increase AVS 's bullets

    @SirMrGuyHuman Because it's not a weapon, but a balance problem. Old.
  12. Blakiukas

    Plz increase AVS 's bullets

    STG reload time 3,2s, AVS - 3,5s. AVS need max 2s reload time or STG 4,5s
  13. Not all countries have one person - one number, and there is a work, a friend and the like. I think you need minimum character levels, transport, weapons to participate in the war. I would block access for those who don't, even different characters same player.
  14. Blakiukas

    Buff the US

    @mambooman I don't think one weapon will change something. Let's take respawn machines for example, let's compare. GE's advantage is obvious. Equally with recons transport. The problem consists of many small details.
  15. The difference will be when I kill more than three enemies just because of more ammo. This is not to be overlooked. What arguments need to equalize sniper transport? The difference is so great that it's just absurd. Reto makes such a distinction, and later it must be argued that it does not. I don't understand that.