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  1. PDRBR2016

    Prototype is down?

    I tested today, and need fix at handling/spawn Handling sucks at dirt, and when you turn to left or right you drift, with tanks is fine, but spawn, if you get spawncamped all the time, you need to wait a century to spawn, same for tankers with APCR/HE.
  2. PDRBR2016

    Join us for the ‘Deploy! Drive! Destroy!’ Preview

    Also, spawn system need some rework. If you spawn and die to spawncamping, you'll need to wait a century to respawn a tank, and if you are being HE spammed at spawn, you will need to wait another century to spawn with infantry.
  3. PDRBR2016

    AA Rework

    We know planes are really durable, with flak jacket it's more. We need an AA that do a like 100% more damage than it do right now, but constant need to cooldown... Something like "if you keep shooting so much, it'll overheat, if you keep shooting while it is overheated, it'll broke down"
  4. PDRBR2016

    Join us for the ‘Deploy! Drive! Destroy!’ Preview

    The vehicles are just drifting around! And flying either! The handling need a way better work, but the damage models are awesome!!!
  5. I noticed the car is really slow at dirt, and also, when you turn, the car do a BOOST!! I'll send a video! Quality will be better later
  6. PDRBR2016

    Prototype is down?

    Really excited to test it :c
  7. PDRBR2016

    Join us for the ‘Deploy! Drive! Destroy!’ Preview

    It's broken for me... Can't even acess prototype site for download...
  8. PDRBR2016

    Prototype is down?

    Can't install... And when i install with old setup, it just says "CHECK INTERNET SETTINGS" or don't even install the game ;c
  9. I don't have this... With 60 - 90ms is fine, but 150ms+ people start to make ninja moves! https://youtu.be/2AtjvU3I1Hg
  10. PDRBR2016

    How to have a better aim?

    Actually, not if you don't click fast lol. This guy was using macro, 3 shots per click :v
  11. PDRBR2016

    Recon Fix

    I agree. This is why i suggested some Nerf at rifles and a usefull thing for recons....
  12. PDRBR2016

    Springfield scope

    You're right. 4x scope for german, and 2.2x for american is not fair...
  13. If you can add, fix the B4 spawn of City map. Because when you are defending and you get B4, you spawn like 5 freaking km away from the objetive >:C
  14. For AA and planes only. Providing a bit more damage and less penetration, but ability to track your shots, when you're using the MG of your plane, you can't actually see where the shots are going, same with AA. This would be really helpfull, for both infantry and air force.
  15. Maybe someone died irl by malnutrition LOL