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  1. Any WW2 game like HnG?

    HnG really fit my playstyle. I want a game like it, not to much COD, not to much Squad lol Red Orchestra 2 is really good, you remember i have it in steam Sadly, no one plays it more...
  2. Gun balance?

    More fire rate, less damage. Agreed.
  3. Any WW2 game like HnG?

    I wan't another game like HnG, playing this every day is a bit boring. Any?
  4. Why PTRD have a horrible precision?

    Then why it cost 284k? You need to pay 284k for a thing that dont have precision. Maybe they can reduce a bit the damage for infantry, like the "OHK" BA Rifles (only kill person without heavy set) and a bullet upgrade like the Leonov Monstr can hit kill a guy with Heavy Set silver. But the damage still the same for vehicles. Idk, but reto dont give attention to us. It's 284k but with a battle with 1h i dont lose even 3k of repair.
  5. Gun balance?

    PPD40 have much more ROF then the game... I said with scope :3 I have the M1M2, the smoke blocks the aimsight, but with scope, i dont see a lot of recoil, and can kill easily in medium ranges
  6. Gun balance?

    Let's see The only really balanced weapons is the SA rifles, and BA rifles. They are really balanced. But lets see SMG - MP34 = Great at close/medium range, with the fast reload badge you can own everyone. - PPD40 = even with full rof modifications, it still fire slow, and a crappy damage, 6 bullets to kill anyone with heavy set. - M3 Grease gun = Same as MP34, but with -1 damage. - MP40 = Best smg in the game, don't spread so much to sides, easy recoil control, great damage for a smg. - Thompson = Sounds like some coins falling in ceramic when you shoot, it's like MP40. - PPSH41 = So much spread to sides, you cant use full hof because it is incontrolable. - PPS43 = mp40 with -2 damage. LMG -MG34 = Great for close and medium range, full hof and still without so much recoil. - MG42 = GREAT for CLOSE range, medium and long you cant even hit because the sway is so much. - DP28 = (finally a great SU weapon, pls dont nerf) Same as MG34, with -3 bullets :v - BAR = Great for medium distances, not for close because the low rof, great damage. - M1919 = Can 2hk. Crap aimsight, but still great. - Johnson = Aimsight sucks, but have a great damage and rof. I don't know even this is in HnG. AR - STG44 = Have easy recoil to control, 30 bullets without so much ROF but do great damage. - AVS 36 = Hard to control recoil, but 3hk, and 15 bullets Fast reload is indispensable. - M1M2 Carbine = Chainsaw. Almost no recoil, close range is epic, and to medium range with scope is great too. I dont know why this is in a ww2 game, because it don't even be used in ww2 lol Others: FG42 = Really good, great damage and almost no recoil. M1 Carbine = Need more damage, same as AVS but semiauto, and -ROF for it. PTRD41 = 284k dont worth on it. In 50 meters, a guy in center of your aimsight, you shoot but miss. A jeep (stoped) on 100m, you shoot and don't even say "impact angle too high" or anything. Well, PTRD really need some buff at precision, M1M2 need nerf at ROF and add some damage, PPD and PPSH need to reduce sway (PPD +damage) and add a 30 round mag (PPD38), MG34 need a bit more recoil, PPS need more damage/precision to worth the price, AVS 36 need to remove some recoil and nerf some damage, still 3hk, 4hk only to heavy set silver/gold.
  7. Why PTRD have a horrible precision?

    You cant hit a player that is 50m of you, a car in center of your ironsight in 200m dont even appear "impact angle too high" or anything. Fix this. Don't worth 280k for these specs. Lets see: https://ibb.co/kPjhZn (i dont know how to upload image here) but see this, who i killed? https://ibb.co/iCUALS I just aimed to the left guy, but killed the right guy. Precision?
  8. You cant hit a player that is 50m of you, a car in center of your ironsight in 200m dont even appear "impact angle too high" or anything. Fix this. Don't worth 280k for these specs. Korovin have more precision then a 2m rifle...
  9. Is Heroes and Generals dying?

    Sometimes i think this too. Enlisted will get out soon.
  10. You hit will a mosin, hit kill, another guy shoot and kill him. No assistence. 2 Panzerfaust shots, one guy go with H3 and explode. No assistence. NEED FIX! A lot of times i lose a H3 or anything, and dont have assistence. The assist need to count only when you do 50+ damage, and it need to be at least 5min after you hit the guy. No way losing these expensive anti tanks and don't receive anything from using it. https://youtu.be/KcMfXz5rbtw

    I want to change the saturation of the game, because i think it seems better. I asked Reshade is allowed, the answer was no, but the DIGITAL VIBRANCE can get me banned too?
  12. Pergunte aos Veteranos

    Qual a opinião de vocês sobre a PTRD? Vale a pena, pra destruir tanks leves e carros inimigos? Sei que não é uma arma precisa em pé e agachado, mas deitado a mira nem meche. Oque vocês me dizem, compro ela?
  13. More saturation to game

    What about Nvidia?
  14. More saturation to game

    Why you cant see? It loads slowly lol K wait http://prntscr.com/iqcrer http://prntscr.com/iqcrja http://prntscr.com/iqcrnm JPG VERSION LOL @Vudu_guy
  15. More saturation to game

    The third one is all saturated.