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  1. PDRBR2016

    Can't use MG on jeeps

    DELETE THIS POST IF THE ISSUE HAS BEEN REPORTED I use the toggle aim. When trying to use the ironsights of the lmgs on the jeeps, It simply doesn't toggle, so no way to use them.
  2. PDRBR2016

    Nerf AT weapons

    I have to agree.
  3. PDRBR2016

    Nerf AT weapons

    Unless you are these pesky tiger camping spawn with HE, you'll be fine. Never be stopped for a long time, and try to be with your team.I think AT right now is on point for both infantry and tankers.
  4. PDRBR2016

    Plane tips?

    I won't... If I play war with my crap pilot skills I would be called noob until my death LOL I do this when I'm triggered :C But credits go to hell after this. Erm, If the "weapon" respawn bar is full I will jump and wait, maybe capturing some points or whatever...
  5. PDRBR2016

    -Removido- dando TK sempre

    Sem problemas. O ticket foi fechado sem resposta. Acho melhor deixar isso pra lá, caso aconteça novamente farei outra denúncia.
  6. PDRBR2016

    Plane tips?

    https://imgur.com/s46ZfxQ All the battles. There are more 4 outside the pic. At least I'm learning how to avoid them LOL
  7. PDRBR2016

    Plane tips?

    Even with friends, I get rekt every single time, and they too
  8. PDRBR2016

    Plane tips?

    I got the P35, I play with classic controls. Every single plane can out turn me and be on my tail in 3 seconds, my MG don't kill anybody, because It's factory and everybody uses flak jacket, so... I can't out turn anybody, when I'm in someones tail he just make some strange move and be in my tail. And every single battle I'm alone versus 6 planes. How the f*** can I learn to play?
  9. Sem motivo algum, isso aconteceu: https://youtu.be/S4NQ4ysAX58 https://youtu.be/KftgC-kSCOA https://youtu.be/kh0PcRFkC54 O cara sem motivo nenhum me dá TK. Não fiz absolutamente nada contra ele. Me matou outras vezes enquanto não estava gravando. Mandei um ticket pra Reto, mas não responderam até agora, faz 1 dia apenas. Mas mesmo assim, quando entro em batalha com ele, ele me dá TK.
  10. Is it better than panther? I just see at E8 a remodeled Pz. IV...
  11. So annoying to hit CTRL all the time... Need that!
  12. PDRBR2016

    SU Tanks?

    SU has the best tanks? Okay sir. T34's and T70's don't have enough speed. IS2 don't have enough armor and damage, KV85 can be penetrated by a Stuart. Yes.
  13. PDRBR2016

    Network Trying to Catch Up

    I'm playing, literaly no reason appear that. I go to my browser, search something, internet is fine. Why this happens? My ping is fine, no packet loss for now, but I still being disconnected. I rejoin the game, and It won't join my battle again.
  14. PDRBR2016

    SU Tanks?

    All agreed. A 45mm can't outgun a 37mm cannon.
  15. PDRBR2016

    Shame on you...

    Yes. Just ram the back of any tiger or panther and It'll be imobilized. He can't move, he can't fire at you. This is the only way to play It, I totally agree as a SU tanker. If you don't do that, enemies will kill you in like 10 seconds while you need 1 minute to kill them, kek.