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  1. https://ibb.co/kSbTtrP This is happening a lot of times...
  2. Actually, irl, PPD-40 have a bit less ROF than a freaking PPSH. And in this game it have literally 400rpm!
  3. PDRBR2016

    Hellcat is the God now

    LOL Also, it takes like 15 shots of a *85mm* cannon to get destroyed, and it can take half of IS2 HP.
  4. PDRBR2016

    Why now tanks have so much HP?

    Agreed. Factory map just sucks, both o1 and o2 spawn can be easily camped by tanks spamming HE. If you spawn with a tank, you just hit one of them and get destroyed 10 minutes later (due to high TTK) lol
  5. PDRBR2016

    Why now tanks have so much HP?

    OHK is to much for this game, 20HK is also to much... a 122mm gun should at least 2hk a light tank. 4-7 shots depending what components you hit is perfect, yeah.
  6. PDRBR2016

    Why does Reto hate Soviet Union?

    Totally agreed. PPS sucks right now.It's a nerfed MP40 with more sway. PPSH should be the best smg, but with less sway and more rof. PPD ROF in real life is close to PPSH, here it's literally 400 rpm.
  7. Title. We need like 10 - 20 shots to kill any tank. Even a Hellcat that have like 20mm of armor, putting entire the crew in flames with 1 shot irl, in this game you need 20 shots. Ammorack don't do anything, it's literally bombs exploding inside the tank and nothing happens. Only a freaking flame getting out like a fountain. Now stuarts can kill T34 85, with HE. Now HE penetrate the shirt out of any tank. Okay, one hit to kill a tank is OP, no one will like it, but need 20 shots to kill anything is just absurd. Panzerfausts don't do even a scratch, it's like throwing powder on the tank armor. Same for RPG. The only way to have fun is teaming up with 2 or more tankers and shot like Girls Und Panzer anime . Oh, even GUP have more realistic damage!
  8. Title says all. If I spawn and be alive for like 5 minutes, the bar would go down, and after I die, it won't get up again and i can spawn easily. This should be great for tankers and infantry that uses a lot of upgrades in his weapons.
  9. PDRBR2016

    Low CPU and GPU Usage

    Something is limitating your game. Idk what... Maybe at NVIDIA's "optimization".
  10. PDRBR2016

    Need less TTK to tanks!

    Elaborate what?
  11. PDRBR2016

    The case for tanker protected 3PV.

    Agreed. Something like War Thunder camera. HE spam can be solved just by the AT's... You got HE spammed, tanker is aiming, can't notice you getting behind him and he die by AT. Or even better, ability to see by the cupola. For better view, just pop out of the tank like now, but you have the chance to be camped. Also, need to fix the TTK. I don't want 20hk tanks anymore...
  12. Ryzen 3 1200. I don't know why, i always take like 140 fps at this game, but flying i'm at 100 then it drops to 30 and get back...
  13. PDRBR2016

    Changelog 1.12.1 Deploy! Drive! Destroy!

    But do you guys plan something to solve the TTK?