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  1. TawariszMikhail

    Bronie na innych nacjach

    Granaty, noże, miny są wszystkich nacji dostępne dla każdego żołnierza każdej nacji. Jedynie bron z pierwszej zakładki NIE JEST dostępna przykład PPSH nie jest dostępna Amerykanom i Niemcom MG 42 nie jest dostępny dla Sowietów i Amerykanów itp Masz na screenach z mojej gry, przy broni która należy strikte to jakieś nacji są insygnowane tymi nacjami. Przykład RGD ma Radziecką Gwiazdę z Sierpem i młotem M1a1 Gwiazde amerykanów Czy Tellermine symbol Niemców.
  2. XD But game is from Denmark yes? I dont live in Germany (THANKS GOD) So i dont care XD For German shouldbe cenzored but for another people should be uncensored... Ok but is not a theme. It is just a game, Now russian have a US truck, germany have many od STG etc so RETO can make a GAZ with a Mashine Gun, i sure for 100 procent on the war soldier make modyfication like this on the field.
  3. You mean a T20 Komsomolec? yea they can remove this shirt for MG on GAZ.
  4. All the time we using a own car, all the time when i using a inflantry a playing with friend (we start game in 2015 or 2016) we have a kubelwagen and SDKFZ on German (or This US on Soviet Union, we dont play as US) and alll the time i am a shoter on my friend car or he is a shooter on my car. So dont tell me like that. Maybe is, i dont know but it just a game. Game dont have swastik so mg on gaz can be.
  5. For example i like using a MG in car, All the time when a playing with friend as german fraction we using most of time kubelwagen or sdkfz we pursuit a enemy car and destroy it but in my favorite Soviet Union we cant do that because all of pursit in GAZ is lose (because just gaz dont have MG)
  6. DP on this motocycle is permanently mounted and i mean same in car. permanently mounted on cars body you know.
  7. But I mean it to be permanently mounted, but in position like in first post. Like in here
  8. i updated a first post because i make missclick in unfinished post. Maybe maybe not, I remember watching a movie some time (I do not remember the title) Where the Soviet had a DP rifle on the windshield, exactly as shown in the model.
  9. I made a model to show how a Mashine rifle might look like on Soviet Gaz because only the Soviet Union does not have MG in the car. For me, I am a really great idea, because Now, when someone who runs a gas and trying to escape from Kubelwagen or Jeep, can die because the US, a German soldier can shoot from a car, but in a different situation when kubellwagen/jeep try to escape from soldier in gaz, they have easy to do it because soviet soldier must be get out from his car and use a gun weapon to stop enemy car. it two variants First with roof (or without) and windscreen but Right window is empty Second one is whithout all of windscreen