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  1. vbossbla

    its been a while...

    Feels like they've been doing that for the past 3 years Jackson
  2. vbossbla

    New encounter map feedback

    Im not a fan tbh. I liked it when the capture point were the size of a room because you couldn't just be afk on a cap point and have nobody kill you. Also, its pretty confusing having basically the whole map as a capture point because you have less of an idea of where somebody is.
  3. vbossbla

    This is just plain legit bias

    Man. The guns are getting weaker and weaker. An update will come out where it nerfs a certain gun for no reason and then they will nerf another gun because of the previous gun's nerf--Crap, Midway thru typing this and my mom got in a car accident brb
  4. Meh, the devs prolly don't even listen to anything lol
  5. So in the last prototype I cannot get into a match. I let this game thru my firewall and its all updated what should i do? -thanks, vbossbla
  6. vbossbla

    Mouse movement delay

    Is that the only hope? Because if it is we are in trouble.
  7. vbossbla

    Mouse movement delay

    @magic_mushy Hey, if there was something screwed up with that wouldn't it effect his other games? He said his other games run smooth and crisp.
  8. vbossbla

    Mouse movement delay

    Its my brother in law's issue so I will let him know once he is online. Thanks for responding.
  9. vbossbla

    Mouse movement delay

    @SpaeBuilty Here it is
  10. vbossbla

    Mouse movement delay

    Never mind, I figured it out. Ill make sure to tell him the next time he is online
  11. vbossbla

    Mouse movement delay

    How do you get that?
  12. vbossbla

    Mouse movement delay

    He has also tried uninstalling and re-installing, restarting his computer, and factory resetting his computer. None of that helped. But when he plays quake he has super crisp mouse movement. It is not his wifi's fault either.
  13. vbossbla

    Mouse movement delay

    He has trying turning vsync on and off and he tried out full screen and it didn't change anything. Thanks for the responses though
  14. vbossbla

    Mouse movement delay

    So my brother in law has about 775 hours on hg and he said he literally cant play it because if mouse delay. His mouse is crispy on other games but not on this one. He tried everything. Do you guys have any ideas of how to fix it? Please don't respond with stupid sarcastic comments. - Thanks, Vbossbla
  15. vbossbla

    List of bugs?

    Hey, im just wondering if you guys can write a list of bugs and glitches and stupid stuff in general for future refrence. thanks