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    New updates and rebalance of game, Feedback!

    bad game stop!
  2. Reto, you never manage to do a balanced update. Always worsen the American faction to give only the Germans advantage, why can't you make us all happy? Wouldn't it have been better to introduce armed sidecars for the other factions as well? or do you think that only the Germans should have fun? the mg42 is ruining the game, everyone uses that weapon and nobody focuses on the others anymore, ruining the m1m2 nobody can stand up to the Germans and those who use it. You've made the game monotonous, and now the only way to have fun is to all use the same weapon and ruin the game. Then I also want to talk about the "realistic" tank system you think it is ... The tanks with 64 APCR and 64 HE ammo, with one shot to the ammunition should explode into a thousand pieces but it is not so, it takes 5 shots of rocket launcher as in "reality it only needed 1 or 2". If you really want to make the game realistic these things must be fixed because literally in recent times this game is much more ugly than before when it was all arcade and fun! A lot of good teams and players have left H&G due to this new system, and by "many" I mean that now you can't find a sniper or tanker match and it takes several minutes to do so ... I sincerely hope you manage to balance the game system because right now the game is in ruins!
  3. Hi everyone, I'm losing the urge to play a game where people (infantryman, German and Russian paratroopers) use the cursed 4x and 3.5x optics. In war in 1939/1945 only snipers had optics and in this game there are so many snipers, but much more if the infantryman and the paratroopers use optics and honestly it is not a great way to play if the Germans and the Russians are 24 hours on 24 to be lying down with that optic and losing patience to those who do not have the same equipment (ex: 2.2x of americans) so if Russians and Germans have to be more and more favored by Americans in arsenal cases, I ask to take away the optics on the hawks and the paratroopers to focus on the true goal of the game, that is, the catching of the zones and the close-range clash. Thanks, Gppgamer96 !!