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  1. CallumJWebb12

    Grease gun is shirt now.

    grease gun is fine its a tier 1 smg practise and youll be fine i use it as a main weapon all the time its a headshot machine once you learn you gotta hipfire with it and use it in cqc only
  2. Just change it up a bit, put down some snow or change it to white, give the maps something festive this christmas, A christmas tree in the church for example. wreaths on the doors or something, Maybe add in a winter camo for players to get, Honestly just something different for this winter and spice things up instead of plain old green maps.
  3. CallumJWebb12

    Nerf the skill-less crutch that is HE.

    Yeah but you still want to keep them as a viable option to new and vet players. By making them more difficult you're creating the skill gap to be less forgiving to newer players, which reto arent gonna like. Depending on the tank, they go from cheap to expensive. By adding a limit like I proposed, they become more "rare", but mainly less abused.
  4. CallumJWebb12

    Nerf the skill-less crutch that is HE.

    I will argue this and say the tanks HE is fine. the amount of tanks being spawned... is not. There needs to be a limit on how many non-inf can be played during war matches. Add a limit on how many tanks/planes/recon can be spawned in a match. Or a system to say a maximum of 5 tanks can be used at a single time. As opposed to half the team going tanks. consequently spamming HE. Tanks and HE are supposed to be anti-infantry. I will say HE is fine, and I'm pretty sure the explosion goes off cannon size. so obviously beasts of wars with their 90mm+ will be overpowered. but they should be. Just limit specialist roles, primarily in war, staged doesnt matter for the sake of grinding. it would increase the flow of war much better I would feel.
  5. Add a confirmation button when you pick your war faction in case you click the wrong one? 🤷‍♂️
  6. CallumJWebb12

    Tanks Should Cost More Than AT!!!

    ill be honest i cant be bothered to read any more of this as its a discussion that goes on for years and years. tl;dr you invest in tanker by having tankers you keep them mostly away from points, and if on points, easily killed (if light tank spam) by anti tank infantry. the investment for tankers and anti tankers is what i'd say similar in terms of progression. for playing a few games of inf vs inf, you get a bazooka for 40k. that bazooka kills any light tank that some fella has paid for a tanker, grinded for new tanks, paying similar amounts. on top of that if you wanted to increase deploy costs of tanks, it would usually get ruined by the times you do get AT spam. I'd call the tank-AT side of things, especially the costs fairly balanced in terms of grinding. i have noticed this is not a tldr as i put lol
  7. CallumJWebb12

    CHANGELOG 1.18.1 - Combat Rebalance

    true. german AA basically gives you no chance to escape. the other aa guns aren't that bad as it's not as damaging to the plane, yet still effective.
  8. CallumJWebb12


    Yeah agreed, I just want some new weapons if anything lol.
  9. CallumJWebb12


    pretty sure quite a lot of people ask throughout the time, I'm not against flamethrowers and I'd like to see how they play out, so long as they're not stupidly overpowered, and not underpowered. it'd be nice to use on points though
  10. CallumJWebb12

    Adding in City "Hotspots" events.

    Well just something to motivate people and give a new thing to aid newer players and interest veteran players
  11. CallumJWebb12

    Yet another disappointment + suggestions thread

    Not gonna lie, if I see another RTS-FPS game, world war 1, 2 or more modern times, I'm gone. This game is only alive still for its uniqueness.
  12. In certain cities on the map, in areas which are usually highly contested which is usually around the central of the map, add in specific cities in an event-style format , where the first faction that captures it (at the start of the war) or the first faction to take said city, will gain a boost of some sort, of a stock pile production boost, where it increases all production by 50% for an hour or 3 hours, or it provides the faction with a warfunds boost for a specific period of time. It will provide some sort of new feeling, and something for newer generals to aim for to help grow their armies. Another thing it could benefit is a temporary gold and warfund discount to buy new assault teams for.For example it could have a 30 minute discount assault team bonus. Or an unstackable 25% discount in deploy costs next war. I'm not saying it should give you all of these in one go, but could have one of the following to benefit either the assault team generals used or the whole faction.
  13. CallumJWebb12

    New capital city suggestions

    I'd have said keep 2 capitals default. london and edinbourgh for US, Moscow and Lenin for SU, Mars and Rome for GE (not thought about that much) But a 3rd capital for every faction put at random, creating an interesting war every war.
  14. CallumJWebb12

    New capital city suggestions

    Will changing capitals really change the gameplay style anymore? Bigger issue would be the alt poppers imo, but sure change up the map once again to freshen things up. Rather less alt poppers though.