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  1. micahpootus

    Suggestions From Me and Others.

    Since I have been gone for awhile, I do not know all of what I want to be changed since I havent caught up with everything that has happened with the new updates. So I am asking you guys to help me catch up on what needs to be changed/fixed. Thank You.
  2. (This is the revised version of my older suggesitons post) ★= Other members suggestions (Thank you for giving me them!) Infantry Weapons and Infantry Related Etc. 1. Alot of important sounds need improvements. Many sounds in this game sound too recycled and similar.Ive been comparing car engine noise to tank engine noise and I hear many similar sounds. Another sound that needs reworking the foot step sounds for example: 2.Weapon Balance Etc: All Infantry Weapons need to have the same Maximum and Minimum ROF/RPM of their real life counter parts. (and so on with other stats) 3.Useable bipods for bipoded weapons. *Bipods should also have the ability to be attached and detached in the customization menu. Removing the bipod would give the user more mobility at the cost of the ability to set up your weapon. Having the bipod will do the opposite vice-versa. 4. Scope Sway: “Bolt-action sniper rifles should not have a scope sway worse than a semi-auto rifle.” -player 5.Melee: Maybe add a mechanic so you can bash someone with your rifle. 6.Helmet Camos/Covers/Ect: ★ 7.Employ the use of AT guns. Germany gets the Pak 40 The Soviet Union gets the ZiS-3 The United States get the M-5. Now there are two ways they can be implemented: Choice number one would replace the crates on the back of Trucks and APCs so they can be towed and moved to strategic locations. Choice number two would mean that the AT guns would be placed in locations around the map relative to the AA guns. ★ 8. Uniforms relative to rank. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Vehicles And Etc. ★ 1. “Maybe replace the ME-109e4 with a late war ME-109g?” -player 2.Bush camouflages for tanks and other vehicles. 3.Maybe give the T34/76 the hexed turret and give the Panther G its side skirts 4.Bombers: GER: The "Stuka" Dive Bomber https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Junkers_Ju_87 RUS: The Ilyushin Il-2 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ilyushin_Il-2 USA: The "Marauder" https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Martin_B-26_Marauder 5. Vehicle Camos!: Panther: T34-85: M4E8: IS-2: T-26 Pershing: 6. (Maybe) Instead of the Pzkfw III Ausf J, the T-34/76, and the M4a1 Sherman use the Pzkfw III L or M, the T-34E STZ, and the M4a3 Sherman. <------PzKpfw III Ausf.L <-----PzKpfw III Ausf.M <------- T-34E STZ★ <------M4a3 Sherman ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Seperate Topics and Related: LMGS: Light Machine Guns are large automatic weapons that are usually used to defend positions and lay down suppressive fire.Now I know that does not sound like lmgs in H&G.Usually you see machine gunners running around with their 14 kg machine gun laying waste to everything they see.Now im not saying lmgs are 'op' im just saying that lmgs are kind of acting the opposite of how they should be.So this is what I think should be done to Light Machine Guns. Lmgs like the MG-34,MG-42,DP-28,and the M1919 should sway ALOT while standing upwards,sway 40% less when in a crouching position,and no sway while prone (bipods would go hand in hand this way).Kinda like a MG-42 nerf but without making the lmgs make 30 meter wide circles when you aim down the sights.Now for the B.A.R M1918,the FG-42, and the Johnson Lmg 1941.The B.A.R M1918 should be considered more of an automatic rifle than an lmg but still should have a usable bipod, same with the Johnson lmg and the FG-42.Thats all from me. Also! if you want me to talk about any other weapons just comment below! Sturmgewehr-44: Ok so someone asked me to post my thoughts on "what the StG-44 should be". The Sturmgewher-44 is a mid range oriented weapon while still capable of having a decent performance at close range this with the fact that it is classified as an 'Assualt Rifle' Now to talk about what is 'wrong' with this high tier weapon.Mods.The StG-44 only has six mods that include Bullet,Sight,Scope,Lightend Spring,Trigger,and Barrel. There are not that many possible builds with this weapon for that reason.I would say that the StG-44 needs 4-3 more mods one including the Heavy Spring the others I cannot decide. This is an 'Assault Rifle' so it should have Submachinegun and Rifle capabilities (The mods should focus on making this weapon more ranged or for more close quarter oriented). I do think the scopes crosshairs should be changed to the real ZF-4 sight. Another thing is its visual recoil but that is a topic that covers all infantry weapons. And It should cost 1 less equipment point. The accuracy needs to be tightend just a bit for the 80m-100m shots.(5% Tighter Spread) The recoil needs the be lowerd a bit too.(5% Lower) It should be able to combat Semi-Auto Rifles at ranges of 100m-200m with the scope and on semi-auto select fire mode. Thats all the things about the StG-44 from me ♡ M1 Carbine: The M1 Carbine was a widely used carbine chambered in .30 Carbine.There are many players asking for this weapon to be 'buffed' so I thought I should give my opinion on how this weapon should be buffed. The M1 Carbine should work like this:It should have 3/4 of the M1 Garands base damage.It should have a high rate of fire.The base fire rate would be as fast as a fully upgraded M1Garand with a max RPM Build.It should cost 1 less equipment point the M1 Garand (With 1 pouch of ammo).It should have a 15 round clip.It should also have 20% less recoil than the M1 Garand.The M1A1 Carbine is a light weight paratrooper version of the standard M1 Carbine.The M1A1 should cost two less equipment points than the M1 Garand (with 1 pouch of ammo).The M1A1 Carbine should also have higher recoil hence the lightened weight.Thats All From Me. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Enviorment, Gameplay, and Related: ★ Different Weather Types: If the game where to have more varations of weather patterns/types for example: Blizzards, Rain, and Thunderstorms, It would add a more random effect to the game's combat. For instance if a soldier is fighting on a cloudy day then suddenly it starts raining heavily (making visibility low) he would change tactics. (Of course this is a given but still it would be pretty cool to see how players react/change play style.) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Faction Related(comment your suggestions for this): German: United States: 1. Make the M1 Carbine available for infantry. Soviet Union: 1. Replace the T-28 with the upgraded variant The T-28e https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T-28. 2.BT-7 Should be faster than the M18 Hellcat. 3.BT-7 and T-26 need their machineguns in the back of their turrets. 4. Add the Fedorov Avtomat as a tier 2 paratrooper LMG/AR https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fedorov_Avtomat 5. Add the DT/DP-29 as a tier 2 lmg. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some Things To Add(Im not saying all of these should be added) Jagdpanther: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jagdpanther Flakpanzer "Wirbelwind": https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wirbelwind Jagdpanzer IV: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jagdpanzer_IV SU-100: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SU-100 SdKfz 251 (Replaces SdKfz 250): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sd.Kfz._251 SdKfz 234: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SdKfz_234 M36 “Jackson” Tank-Destroyer: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M36_tank_destroyer T-34 Model 1940: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T-34#Overview T-60: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T-60_tank M3A1 Stuart: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/M3_Stuart (Maybe) T-35: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T-35 T-50: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/T-50_tank MG26(t): https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ZB_vz._26 Different Motorcycle For SU: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dnepr_M-72 PLEASE COMMENT YOUR SUGGESTIONS BELOW! PS: Please tell me how I can improve on this post!
  3. Back in action what do you guys have for me?
  4. Anyone have any suggestions relating to upcoming content?
  5. To the people who picked "some" and "no" can you please tell me what I can fix to make it better?
  6. micahpootus

    Replaces the BF-109 with....

    Maybe the Fw-190 A or the BF-109 G. I stated something like this in my suggestions.
  7. Added: Weather under the new General/Gameplay/Enviorment section.
  8. micahpootus

    Heavy set... BUT FOR TANKS!

    He is right some people do not have a "super pc".
  9. micahpootus

    Heavy set... BUT FOR TANKS!

    Same here I run 120 fps
  10. micahpootus

    Heavy set... BUT FOR TANKS!

    Hows about some vehicle customization?
  11. micahpootus

    I know Bosch is german but..

    This is the first thing I stated in
  12. micahpootus

    M22 Locust

    I have both of these on my post:
  13. Added some of the stuff.
  14. micahpootus

    Question for people who say STG sucks

    Usually when I have the scope equipped in CQB I do a "quick-scope" type thing and I partially scope in while firing and it works out for some reason.