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  1. Al3k

    Stan obecny

    ona upadła już dawno i upada dalej ;)
  2. Al3k

    Nerf rocks

    what about stuck APC, motobikes, cars? In my opinion they were nerfed enough by loosin speed by going off-road
  3. Welp, probably shirt randoms/alts playing on ur AT's, happens a lot to me if playing AT's as soviets, on GE more rarely. If you want how much WF sink is Soviet Onion by giving randoms play on your AT's, you should ask @doramass. Anyway this "GAME" has an anti-cheat that Reto thinks enough so there is no cheat if there's anti-cheat :D.
  4. well i would be for removing AT weapons if they remove mg and HE from vehs including jeeps,notos,recon vehs :D
  5. actually making money per hour in battle is decreased for 17 lvl soldier by 1000, Im acutally making lot more credits than i used to. Mainly because i'm not using expansive AT shirt, granades or mods on weapon i dont really not need to. Reccomend you the same
  6. Al3k

    Global map

    They just dont have people that could rework flash to something else. Game mostly died because updates that ripping our computers, we can only wait for better games take its place or "HnG 3.0"* *(let the 3.0 make game back at least to 2016 pls) edit: But if devs would make the playerbase tools to create new maps and shirt for them would make this game at least little better
  7. Al3k

    Low FPS

    Well probably you dont fit the requirements XD
  8. Al3k

    Nerf rocks

    rocks and fog, are shittest thing invented, i agree some rocks for cover from camping inf/recon/tank from road/point, but not that much of them so we get stuck every 10m ;) But as said above old issue. I fear this is change that actually cant be undone like old mountain city that cant be back.
  9. Al3k

    Update 1.18.1 - Combat Rebalance

    told ya :d
  10. Al3k

    Forums are fixed finally

    dont worry it auto-log off you from forum, even if having remember me option checked :D
  11. Al3k

    Money back for captured weapons

    you miss what old mg13? it doesnt get that hammer nerf belive me ;p, (and mg13 isnt that old so you could miss it) STG got lot of nerfs, but from what i played with it now its just kay, its easier to control it on medium ranges, yet still its worse than before nerf, especially having in mind that game is close range mainly
  12. Al3k

    Update 1.18.1 - Combat Rebalance

    its good with scope for 50m+, but agree its not top tier chioce, just like AVS rn, now is MG/SMG/SA meta :d
  13. Al3k

    Update 1.18.1 - Combat Rebalance

    actually most of mg's dont need TGG so it can be HSG + any badge, just get try mg42 full rof to shot, also try DP28 full rof and 1919, all re amazing even without TGG
  14. Al3k

    Money back for captured weapons

    i have like 5 capped weapons bought overally? and lot more scopes. I bet i spended as same credits to scopes as for captured weapons, some even bought with gold and no refound but thats not the item i paid for. Captured weapons are pretty much the same as they were, just got total nerf. Both of those things is ugly buisness but well, i have too much credits, so i dont agree refunds for captured weapons if they will not refund scopes ;)
  15. Al3k

    AT Rambos

    or maybe decrease time for all tanks to spawn instantly, and waste whole AT of tanks in war even faster, so I as AT char can farm tasty WF? ;) Welp if you want to play tank vs tank go this boring stage, then u not need to be worry about AT. This game is mainly about infantry so if u make tanks OP, it will become HE clicker (for vets in tanks) such as luchs, pz IIc, BT-7 and many more. In my opinion game tank vs inf is good right now, i mean if you are good you can farm really effective with stock tanks (pz I, t-38 and m2a2) anyway they re most effective for getting armor assault ribbon. In war matches i were in i were using t-38, 58 kills per tank used is what you can get with using tank as support infantry on capping points, AT rambo couldnt do shirt cuz inf cover + OP mg at tank. Whats more thats what game about in tanker ways, just like recons, kill -> run -> new spot -> repeat. Only thing that could be tweaked is tank v tank battles. Cheers