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  1. Unknown025

    A serious question for Reto

    It's fine, they fixed the American faction by giving them the option to buy STGs and MG-42s. That's basically all that's used in war battles now, at least by Americans.
  2. Besides weapons being unbalanced with the recent LMG update, I'd like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that Squad "3.0" still has a lot of problems (in my opinion, more than Squad 1.0 did). Most pressing is the token system, which prohibits you from spawning depending on your selection. It's easily noticeable when you spawn a high tier tank and get killed immediately by antitank grenades, and then you're prohibited from spawning a tank for the next several minutes, unless you have other low tier vehicles equipped. Now, some will point out that you could just make another character with lower tier equipment, but that takes a lot of time and energy, and vehicles like heavy tank destroyers can't be respawned since there are no lower tier heavy tank destroyers. Additionally, the fact that you're penalized for spawning motorcycles is also extremely dumb. If in a war battle you only have motorcycles, and you died a couple times, you can't respawn with a motorcycle anymore. Also, last note about the system, the spawn interface is also worse, where your vehicle selection sometimes is cancelled if you spawned on a friendly jeep and then try to respawn, or other related scenarios. It's a small thing, but in the heat of a battle, is enough to make a difference in your mood. The old system of clicking on what type of vehicle you want to deploy was uncomplicated and easier to use and understand.
  3. Unknown025

    Wow, Gone for one year and this game is even worse than I remember.

    Joining Germany would only make the problem worse. What's the point of having battles if everyone joins Germany?
  4. Unknown025

    MG13, is it OP?

    This image accurately portrays how I feel about Germany as a faction at this point.
  5. Unknown025

    MG13, is it OP?

    Got killed by it multiple times throughout the last few war battles. Definitely not overpowered for a tier one LMG (read the sarcasm there). Contrasted by the Americans' present lack of a good mid range weapon that's good at medium to close range, this is a considerable problem. The Johnson LMG is no longer a capable weapon for low-mid range, and the M1919 is only really useful for close range or mid range when bipoded. Meanwhile the MG-13 appears to be the new Johnson, which isn't very much appreciated, even from someone who plays all the factions to some extent.
  6. Unknown025

    Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy

    Spawning at E4 on the Town map may spawn you inside of a building. Also, snowballing (deploying, being killed too quickly, then being unable to redeploy) is still a big issue. There should be an option available to always deploy, whether it be with low tier equipment or with some other drawback. Currently we can't switch weapons in-game, would be nice if this was possible to allow people to spawn with lower-tier equipment in case of an emergency. Swapping to another soldier with lower tier equipment costs 10 deploy tokens, which therefore is not always viable.
  7. Unknown025

    Make the M29 Weasel great again

    In before this thread gets locked for necroposting. The handling is much improved on the prototype server. Not really 79K material still, but definitely not a complete waste of credits anymore.
  8. Unknown025

    Vehicle Gameplay Update - Deploy

    Doesn't seem like the prototype servers are working, and they haven't been working for all of today. Any update on this, @Reto.Hades?
  9. 1. Moderators collecting top 5 best and worst things about H&G and then those lists fell into a black hole and were never heard of again. 2. Squad 2.0 3. Adams conefire and RNG headshots in general
  10. Unknown025

    Day night cycle

    Anyone remember when there were night and foggy battles in staged? Then everyone complained and they were reduced, so now night battles and foggy battles pretty much do not exist in staged. Not sure, but I feel like the "darkness" of the night also somehow got affected, but that could've been separate.
  11. Unknown025

    Matches completely unbalanced

    That screenshot looks like it's of a staged battle. What probably happened is since you're playing Soviets, the match started with too few players, and so the team lost one of its lines, and then struggled to make any progress on the other line, so the match turned into a painful spawncamping fest. This is a sad side-effect of playing for the Soviet faction, since it is often underpopulated in staged battles. Frankly, this becomes not a problem of resources but a problem of the Soviet Union's playerbase and potentially their weapons or vehicles.
  12. Character ranks have seemed to lose their purpose, at least so it feels to me. Frankly, once Reto nerfed the required amount of XP required to progress back in 2016 (which I'm not complaining about), ranks now only have three main purposes - one, unlocking squad features at rank 6 - two, unlocking the RTS side of the game - three, salary. Since the squad system will be replaced soon, that will leave only two main functions for the rank system. Also, there's no point in purchasing a rank 15 soldier over a rank 12 soldier, using RTS is much easier. That means that the only real motivation for leveling a character up is earning more credits...but the salary increases are so small that there's not a huge difference in income (assuming both are stock and a similar amount of kills is achieved) if I use my rank 14 character with an M1/M2 Carbine or a rank 6 character with an M1919, since the amount a character earns is determined by your score in a battle. Back in the beta days, there was another factor: leveling a character up for another class. In order to become a tanker, people would grind up to level 5, paratrooper rank 6, and so on. I believe there should be more features to the rank system than a slow progression to the RTS side. One way to do so is to bring back class switching. Another way to do so, is to increase the salary increase between ranks. This would reduce the grind for credits and allow us to pay for our high repair costs more easily. Alternatively, maybe it would be better to reduce the game's complicated ranking system and instead determine matchmaking by rank level instead of matchmaking "levels".
  13. Frankly I have to agree. The new menu is buggy and keeps getting more confusing as time goes on. Used to be simple: two tabs - Heroes and Generals. Now there are four - the starting screen that lists news and war updates, the heroes tab, the generals tab, and the store tab. The drag and drop controls, while somewhat of an improvement over the old checkboxes, are more buggy. The strange error sound effect for trying to disband a squad, redeeming a voucher, or trying to equip a motorcycle that I purchased as a recon but then transferred back to infantry and cannot equip because it isn't unlocked...probably is not working either. Overall, the old UI seemed more fitting for a world war II game than the current one is. The new UI also removed the following: Queue timer Easy display of a character's rank Badge progression
  14. Unknown025

    Give every squad leader AUX seats.

    Would be nice to see this new deploy system with the armor 2.0 prototype server (whenever that will happen, after the Soviet map prototype server), in order to avoid another squad 2.0 incident.