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  1. Don't worry, theres a difference between ranting and expressing your opinoins, Thanks for your time!
  2. WTF is this
  3. Hear me out, i think we all know that the playerbase isn't exactly doing so well, each week player count drops. This is probably due (mostly) to the current state of the game, with lag spikes, unfreindly environment for new players. But i also think its partly due to the repetitive nature of the game, which causes some of the veteran players to eventually get board with the game. So i'm wondering, do you think it's a good idea for RETO to interduce a new gamemode. Why or why not?
  4. As a russian pilot, i despise that too.
  5. I actually really like the new sounds and find they help the WW2 feel of the game. Next you should fix the mp40 sounds.
  6. I rarely ever see anyone with a ptrd
  7. I don't think i've seen Germany win a war for like a year now...
  8. Yeah i think so.
  9. Holy crap how often you on here?
  10. I'm pretty sure their engine just can't handle all the stuff they're doing to the game right now
  11. I've played this game for about 3 years and based on how fast the player base is shrinking and how little RETO is doing to fix it I think this game will survive another four years at most if nothing changes
  12. How can i lower the sound effects volume? I can't do it in game and it doesn't give the option in home screen settings