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  1. Orangejello

    New TD camos

    I use it on my t-38 and it works ok to surprise, but have to keep scooting around to survive. From distance i doubt it will help conceal in the shade.
  2. Orangejello

    Servers down... AGAIN!!!

    So far today, in the RTS, I have ATs that will not move even though it says they are moving, and in FPS it says my squad is out of resources even though we are not so I have to spectate until the guy I am watching is killed, and then I get to go in and rinse repeat twice. just going to log off and hope it is better tomorrow
  3. Orangejello

    Which Upcoming Faction Will You Main?

    add a sub-faction, add a capital to start for whole mother faction. Add Hungary then add Budapest and only Hungarian ATs can spawn there at beginning.
  4. Try to imagine how gameplay would change if heavy set (and flak jacket too) were removed. Everyone would be looking for a ride until resources were depleted (conserve much?); snipers at first would have a field day until people hunted them down (and set a perimeter?);few other effects I can think of.
  5. Headshots and Rambos are my biggest gripes. I hear Armor 2.0 should 'help' with Rambo damage, so my question regarding headshots is as follows: Will you show a basic outline of where the headshot zone on a body is and is not? Top of the head to...neck? shoulders? belly button? Does it extend into space outside of the head and body?
  6. Orangejello

    Headshot only club

    My head is always bouncing To the left and to the right It's my belief that my big head Is shot at every sight (apologies to the Young brothers and Mr. Scott)
  7. Orangejello

    Pointer quickfire

    if for basic capping para, then go heavy set and free fall. Full RoF and stay alive
  8. Orangejello

    huge credits loss

    This afternoon, logged in as my lvl 5 russian sniper, had 1 capture, fired 3 missed shots, shot 2 fausts from a crate at lvl 1 german tank (smoking but not destroyed), and then got killed. had to log out right after that. that was at 4:35 central. Just got back and logged in at 10:45 central and saw that all that cost me 9500 credits. Not cool. No, I don't have the log.
  9. Orangejello

    TOP 3 most effective weapons.

    1. Sticky 2. Tin can 3. Lawn dart What other weapon can blow up a tank/vehicle so easily? What do i win?
  10. Orangejello

    Soviets become bulletproof !!!!

    To answer your question. I have noticed that on all factions; some more than others. There is probably some 3rd party software involved. It is frustrating, so just aim for the head as that still works.
  11. Orangejello

    AVS vs PPS vs PPSH vs DP-28

    sniper ammo, scope, urah barrel
  12. Orangejello

    Can't equip weapon

    triple ditto
  13. Orangejello

    Remove Free Fall Badge

    Free fall is fine as it is. Takes up a badge slot. Keeps you from being target practice. If you mistime you bounce. If you mistime your jump (that means exit the plane too early or late for those of you who think a free lunch is really free) you have to deploy the chute to correct direction anyway. (Gameplay hint: the para planes take pretty consistent routes, and the target drop zones are not hard to figure out; if you are in or around one defending and the plane is headed your way...what's the worst that could happen, eh?) If you are intent on removing it, then paras should be able to shoot while dropping.
  14. Orangejello

    A buff to the SU-76 and the Hetzer

    I like the hetzer (other than going uphill). The 360 protected mg is very nice. The rest is up to the tanker.
  15. Orangejello

    FG42 modding?

    cqc = rof + damage. expensive but awesome. Think tight grip badge... or... stock ammo, scope, light spring and chrome barrel. Try it