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    [Inf. Div. 501] searching Members! [Ger/Eng]

    Not sure if I'm too late to join, but hey worth a shot In-Game name: martie1999 Age: 20 Country: Aussie playing GE Reason for Joining: Get more out of the game, start playing consistent battles, adapt to be a better player by learning from teammates Do you have a StG44/MP40/MG42 on an infantry character?: I have all weapons on my main infantry, even unlocked most the US mgs, I currently use the FG42 as my main (it's OP) Do you have Assault Teams?: Yes If so, How many and Type?: 3 in total: 1 Mot. inf., 1 Mot. Guard, 1 Inf. I have 530 hours of in game play time, been playing since 2015, created my own account in 2016. I have one of every German soldier, two of them being back in the day when you could switch branches, so my main character has land vehicles, a plane, and a tank. Cheers martie1999
  2. Well each soldier (just focusing on inf atm) would have their set of loadouts, and when they join a match, all their characters are limited to that set loadout of the match. The downside would be where people have multiple inf where one is AT, Sniper, etc and they can't use them all in the same match But it does solve the problem of everyone using OP weapons and makes it just a tad more realistic
  3. First things first, go watch Lindybeiges videos on Platoons and Companies ("Platoons - a natural unit size for a modern army" specifically, but also "Infantry Companies - another natural size of unit") I want to bring attention to the number of automatic weapons used in war battles, nearly everyone with GE and SU uses them, and every single person in US does too. The problem is not that one side is more advantaged than another (however war battles against US suck), the problem is that it's all just a run and gun now, with little skill and variety amongst the players of any side needed to win a battle. The solution I want to suggest: Infantry class/section/squad loadouts. The way this would work is that you would still keep all your equipment and weapons and you would still be able to use them all in games, however you would have loadouts restricted to certain weapons and equipment. For instance, you could have your standard inf loadout, which you would be able to equip only semi autos, and not able to use tank mines, a machine gunner loadout which lets you have full use of autos, an Anti-tank loadout which has a limited range of primary weapons, but full use of all anti tank & explosives, etc. You would have to be able to equip some equipment in multiple loadouts for this to work, and the loadouts would be decided upon entering a match, where the squad you're in is limited to a certain loadout, and may change every match. What would be the pros/cons of a system like this for solving over usage of automatic weapons? Is there anything that could be added to this? Could it actually work?