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  1. Dumdoldoor

    not enough mods

    Exactly. I can buy a johnson and fully mod it out but can't put any mods on the FG42 I already own? What kinda bs is this lol. Have to go to the other faction to mod a weapon I've had for 4 years lol.
  2. Dumdoldoor

    PTRS and other AT weapons vs planes

    They really aren't and seeing that the only place you can use them is staged you generally have your own planes to counter. I do support nerfs on heavy fighters definitely. All planes should be nerfed in the way you should have to land to reload. This would mean players would need to be extremely conservative with ammo and wouldn't be able to HE spam spawns without absolute superiority of air and ground. This suggestion is as old as nerf AT rifles suggestion.
  3. Dumdoldoor

    PTRS and other AT weapons vs planes

    The long reload is in place because you no lifers that main it were going into points and 1 shotting everyone as described. The recoil is still better than an mg42 too lol. If you're only argument is "you're bad, get better" than maybe you should go somewhere else. The fact you need to even defend a blatantly overpowered weapon so extensively just shows your reliance on it to be a "good" player. You haven't debased any point said here at all.
  4. Dumdoldoor

    PTRS and other AT weapons vs planes

    Planes are not and should not be invincible. The balance towards aircraft is simply broken with PTRS and other AT rifles. And again 1 or 2 shots vs sinking the entire aa gun into the plane to get a kill. How do you equate the 2 and thinks it's ok? The PTRS does about the same damage as shooting a plane with a panther using APCR. How are those 2 things comparable? 14.5mm vs 75mm are both 2 shot for medium fighters. Make it make sense. The PTRS is also equipped for objectives. It's 1 shot on anyone no matter what and has reasonable accuracy to be used in the objectives with a rof to match of against other weapons if they miss a shot. It You never see the other AT rifles consistently being brought into objectives because if you miss then you're dead. The PTRS is superior simply because it is a semiauto with 5 shots. You have the potential to one shot everyone in the point (which I've done before as well) and simply should not be allowed to continue that way. With my experience it has better accuracy and sights than both ptrd and pb. Either AT rifles overall need to be nerfed.
  5. Dumdoldoor

    PTRS and other AT weapons vs planes

    Again you get shot down no matter what. I brought my pilot from rank 0 to 14 so it's not that I don't have enough experience or time as a pilot. You can't avoid it forever. It's still the fact it can 1 and 2 shot planes while AA guns need to sink enough shots into them in real life there'd be swiss cheese left of the plane. But the AT rifles just need 1 or 2 holes not even placed that well. I'm sure you're mad at the simple suggestion of a nerf because you're one of the few that main it. All I can do is hope you get into a match where 2-4 players are using ptrs to drive you into the ground so you understand the issue.
  6. Dumdoldoor

    Nerf Sturmgewehr

    The nerf in the last update actually made it worse. Just shoot and the weapon travels up to the head of whoever you're aiming at automatically. It's a common thing with the mg42 as well. Recoil kicks it straight to a headshot.
  7. Dumdoldoor

    PTRS and other AT weapons vs planes

    I don't know about you but if you sit next to an ammo box after picking up someone's PTRS you're set. It doesn't matter how good a pilot someone is. Eventually they'll swoop down or end up doing s move they did not intend while being chased by another plane. It's the same concept sniping planes with tanks. It's not just snapping to targets and getting instant plane kills.1 plane kill. It's sit around half the game shooting at them and bringing them down when you're able to. It's still more mobile, more convenient, and more effective than any AA weapons in the game. you can 1 shot recon planes and generally bring fighters down in 2-3. You should not be able to at all. oh and it 1 shots infantry like a fully upgraded bolt action while having a higher rof. It makes it superior to BA and really any weapon that can't empty 15 rounds a second. Any way you put it at rifles need to be nerfed in someway. These complaints have been here since the ptrd were added to the game and won't go away. Just because no lifers like you like to main them and probably pay reto in endless hours or real currency to do it doesn't mean it's balanced part of the game and fair. It certainly makes this game unfun. If you ask me the weapon should require bipods deployed to hit anything accurately at all so it isn't used against planes and infantry 24/7. Obviously do the same thing with lmgs too so it makes sense across the board and at least has a realism reason behind it.
  8. Dumdoldoor

    PTRS and other AT weapons vs planes

    I guess you're the guy that sits in the corner and uses it against infantry then? That's why the accuracy was nerfed. And even after the accuracy being nerfed me and others consistently drop planes out of the sky and do long range sniping with it because it's better than the bolt actions in terms of rof and damage. No I've been sniped by AT rifles at the sky barriers, trees, and the whole list of things too. I've also donw the same to others. Stop defending the obviously overpowered gamebreaking weapon.
  9. Dumdoldoor

    PTRS and other AT weapons vs planes

    One reason why the AT rifles are used against planes. The real question then is why does a 7.92mm or a 14.5mm do more damage that all of the AA guns? can't they nerf against planes because the maxim and quad guns should be dealiong much more damage. We know balance means nothing to them. Every time they try they break the game further.
  10. Dumdoldoor

    Suggestion for battle queueing.

    I'm probably better than you seeing that I don't recognize your name from war.
  11. Dumdoldoor

    Can we have this back?

    They probably lost that with all the other cool old things like foxholes and the other assets used in the old swaps.
  12. Dumdoldoor

    PTRS and other AT weapons vs planes

    So this problem has never been dealt with but might as well ask another 100 times. I try to play staged with planes as that's the only place anyone can but half the time end up in battles with a single guy with a ptrs killing recon planes with 1-2 shots or other planes with a few more. It's annoying. The reason the ptrs is brought up is it is the most powerful in destroying planes. The PB-39 and PTRD need to be nerfed against planes as well. I also got ahold of the PTRS a while ago and was able to go on a killing spree. 3 planes and 9 other kills on players within that life. It's like having a semi auto 1 shot kill sniper that can also insta kill planes. It shoots fast enough pilots don't even know what happened. Just reduce damage AT weapons do towards planes. You shouldn't be able to Chris Kyle planes with anti tank weapons. If you're not going to nerf them, at least put them on the same ribbon as all other AT weapons so I can use the ptrs on those that choose to main it. Or don't because spending $60 in real currency to get an overpowered weapon for a single character is what this game relies on.
  13. Dumdoldoor

    Suggestion for battle queueing.

    Wow cool constructive criticism. You must be a really good player and intelligent person. Must be part of the cancerous problem I'm assuming.
  14. Dumdoldoor

    Suggestion for battle queueing.

    I'd have to not play most of this game then by that view. Also I can't see where clans are pushing on the map because it's all greyed out till you get to the front line. I think you're missing the point that the enemy clans are who pop the battles they want. If I were to queue for the battles I wanted I would need to wait 6 hours and would probably end up facing a clan anyway because GE isn't generally the faction popping battles. Seeing there is only 1 active clan kinda ruins that. Not even based in U.S. and can not get a game with reasonable ping. I also don't feel like committing my life to a free game to make a my own healthy and active clan to play 6 days a week like most the other no lifers on here do. I think you missed the whole suggestion, This change suggested would ensure that all battles get popped instead of just those created by whales and popped by clans like they currently are.
  15. Dumdoldoor

    Suggestion for battle queueing.

    The question then becomes how do you attract new players to war. If they have to queue and always end up against clan and have no idea how it works they just wont play war or even quit the game all together. This game is already dying a slow death so we don't want to drive every new player away. We need a way for new players or randoms to get involved with war rather than me seeing the same 10 names on both teams every match I play.