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    Do game mode bonuses stack?

    I if I choose Quick Battle, any soldier, any faction and it puts me into a war match, do the bonuses stack into +75 % xp, +35 % exp etc? Or does only the original quick battle bonus count?
  2. Thengys

    Heroes & Generals has now Launched!

    Congratulations on game release! On more cynical note: It's good the launch trailer starts with soldiers running, cause that what you will be doing as a new player for quite a while with the current spawns...
  3. I'm not quite sure if you're referring to certain maps but to me it rather feels like it has become a massive sniper fest? Camp in a bush, target mile long spawn to cap area and just keep picking the berries.
  4. Thengys

    Revise the Garman Spawn-System

    I will have to add after some more gameplay in the patch: The new spawns actually don't totally ruin the gameplay in some maps IF there's very few to no tanks at all and very few to no recon/scopes/snipers. Shame the system just benefits that kind of play so much that getting those matches is really hard...
  5. Thengys

    disconnecting all the time

    I too am getting random disconnects, though rarely. They didn't occur before the patch.
  6. Thengys

    Revise the Garman Spawn-System

    I'm just posting here to add my voice to the new spawn system critics. 1) Spawning too far from anything is crap, especially without any bikes. The cars run out in 10 minutes when it's the only smart way to move. I've come to the habit of putting on autorun and watching streams while desperately trying to get to the action. 2) Forementioned long runs favor snipers so much I've been in fights so full of snipers there's like 1 dude trying to capture points (and some tanks). Poor me trying to unlock smg assault running across fields (cause cars have ran out) and roads with a dozen snipers hiding somewhere. 3) I've not played that long, few weeks before patch so just about hit player lvl 12 then) but the amount of 1 star reviews I'm giving battles has increased massively. It's the most common review I'm doing. The new spawn system has created so much anti fun it's disgusting. Here's just one example of a bad game these days: In forward airfield map we were defending and eventually got pushed back to only having O1 defence point. Now one could surmise the game ought be over in few minutes now? Nope. The opposing team was so full of scopes and long range at this point that there was only few of them ever rushing O1, we were spawning inside the walls at O1 but getting sniped from the town dzs, churc dz (with scopes and tanks) and bridge when we tried to reach the O1 hangar. The only way to actually reach the hangar was to use a car for the 30m trip. This standstill lasted basically until we ran out of infantry since the other side was content on just sniping us for 20 minutes and had very little in the way of rushing the point. I was seriously hoping that a surrender button was available so I would've been able to end that steaming pile of fail and move to a new fight. There was simply no way at all to make a comeback form that position and it still lasted for too long. Another more generic occurrence the spawn points have enabled is for a defending faction with few well coordinated squads to blitz through an assault line so fast there's barely any resistance and once the fight is on only one front the defenders need basically all go afk for 10 minutes for the attackers to be able to do anythign anymore. Spawn points are so far from the cap zones that a fast moving attacker can grab way too many points before any type of good defence can be assembled. I will add though that on my secondary account where I'm playing below player level 8 the games are all together different. With minimal scopes and no tanks around the games are actually interesting! Even if the constant running and running is still the lamest thing ever the fights are so much slower that it's still pleasant and you can actually reach capture zones and fight in them. (So much so that I'm actually hoping for a game mode where the amount of scopes and tanks would be seriously limited) In summary the new look of the maps and added fords are all well and nice, it's just a shame the incredibly bad spawn system drains all the fun out of the game.