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  1. drhoops

    reto plz read this

    I love the gun sounds. Too bad it will never happen.
  2. drhoops

    EU server is just pure trash

    Yep. I've given up on the game. I finally reached my breaking point with how Reto has managed the game. It will only get worse unless Reto sells it to someone willing to invest in it. Given the antiquated and limited engine, doubt that happens.
  3. drhoops

    Rushing ruining the game?

    git gud stop them
  4. drhoops

    General MG question

    They are now good for CQC and when on bipods. Previously I used the 1919 quite a bit. Loved it. Now I just use SMG/AR or SA rifle.
  5. drhoops

    Epic match which we'll never watch (

    Yep, that's me bro. Some are pixel hunters. Some are RNG headshot masters. But I serve another purpose: Live or die, it doesn't matter, just do it ON THE POINT.
  6. drhoops

    Captured Mods

    I've been playing Enlisted. Did they drop an update and allow captured mods? If so, it's just a money grab. It's about all they can do to stay afloat. It does absolutely nothing to enhance the game, the immersion or anything. It's just a sign of the "end game".
  7. drhoops

    Epic match which we'll never watch (

    Yeah, they are all so good, that no one dies, and therefore no kills. Yep, total sleeper. Put me on that list, and you'll see some kills . . .
  8. drhoops

    Mod for captured weapons, when?

    I recently started playing Enlisted. It's 1-2 hk depending on where you hit. Most of the toons have BA rifles. I have a new appreciation for BA rifles since playing that game. Very satisfying to shoot once and the toon drops.
  9. drhoops

    The reward for action

    Nope. Hard limits on ant specialist, except para.
  10. drhoops

    Nerf Sturmgewehr

  11. drhoops

    Nerf Sturmgewehr

    Hells yeah. Drinking beer while playing HnG is mandatory, I thought.
  12. drhoops

    Nerf Sturmgewehr

    Really the biggest issue with all automatic weapons in this game save perhaps the STG and MP-40 is the visual recoil + sight + smoke make use in full auto difficult as you simply cannot aim center target and continue to see the target while you are firing. Personally I think that alone is the greatest attribute of the STG (and MP-40). Doesn't matter about cone of fire, damage, rate of fire or magazine size if you lose your target after the first bullet is fired.
  13. drhoops

    Which is the worst point in map.

    Depends on which direction you are trying to go. E4 is the worst attack point, but one of the best defense points. B4 is one of the worst defense points unless you own C line.
  14. drhoops

    Where is Hades?

    That's not players. Those are toons. There are 100,000 toons scoring higher than your best toon. So, there are a LOT of player toons, but not necessarily a lot of players. No communication with the forum. No new maps in years. No coders to make big changes. I stand by my assertion that the game is dead (or at least in hospice).
  15. drhoops

    Where is Hades?

    So, it's been since January 11 that Reto's community manager has made any comments on Reto's game forum. Today is February 15 . . . Maybe he has been ill. Maybe he has focused on discord. Maybe he has taken on other responsibilities. Maybe . . . maybe . . . maybe . . . Maybe the game is just dead.