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  1. drhoops

    AVS36 (Fix asap,please)

    Statistics are data. The important thing is not whether they are "facts" or not. What is important is how that data is formed and how it is interpreted. The real question is whether the "performance" as laid out by Hades is a real reflection of performance for each player. Since I don't know how Hades developed the statistical analysis of performance, I can't say how appropriate that measure is. But, that said, there is nothing at all wrong with using game data to do a statistical analysis of gun performance, just so long as you understand what you are measuring, and understand the biases involved in the measurements and interpretation. In fact, @Reto.Hades is absolutely right. Subjective analysis of gun performance is not a good way to balance guns. Why? Because there are too many opinions many driven by bias for or against a particular faction. Using objective data to balance is the most "fair". The goal, IMHO, is to use objective data to balance so that the objective data matches pretty closely with the subjective performance of the weapon by players (especially veterans).
  2. drhoops

    Grease gun is shirt now.

    The problem is the idea of assault or defense is arbitrary. There is too much overlap. When a player attacks a point you will use both modes in the same action. You rush the point and perhaps do a lot of hipfire, then again, many good players ADS pretty much all the time. But regardless, if you take the point, you then are now on defense mode until the enemy who were still able to spawn at the near spawn (or an APC/Truck) have been taken care of. The point is, you don't want something that is JUST good at ADS or JUST good at hipfire, because you will likely have to do both. Besides, the tier based system is better for Reto as it motivates players to get the Tier 3 weapon and possibly spend money to get it.
  3. drhoops


    Not everyone has it. Newer players that are in war won't have it. So they have the handicap of being new and the handicap of not having HSG. That's part of the problem with player retention in this game. New players get shredded and bail.
  4. drhoops

    Grease gun is shirt now.

    Why does mag size affect hipfire behavior?
  5. drhoops

    API for 3rd Party Devs.

    Oh please, this. My first leaderboard will be sealclubber followed by Botsmasher.
  6. drhoops


    It's especially bad when using halftrack APC. It's like announcing: "Here we are!".
  7. drhoops

    FG42 Modability for Infantry

  8. drhoops

    What are the most effective GUN camos?

    The other problem with camo and snipers is most of the time, you are made by the sound of the gun, not by sight.
  9. drhoops

    AVS36 (Fix asap,please)

  10. drhoops

    What are the most effective GUN camos?

    Gun camo is useless. No one spots you because of your weapon. But, if you want it because it looks cool, that's different.
  11. drhoops

    Remove bots from Assault!

    Yep, just look where they are shooting and you'll find the enemy bushwookie.
  12. drhoops

    A few suggestions...

    No, but I'm sure I've seen them smiling in the killcam shot. Did he just say: "later hoops"?
  13. This is the only fix to the headshot problem. Because headshots are not the problem. Random headshots associated with automatic weapons are the problem. And THAT is only able to be fixed by eliminating the RNG conefire created by Adams. So, yes, you are correct. Eliminating Adams conefire is the only real answer to the problem. It may require some serious coding work, but given it's the most effed up part of the game (along with spawn timers) it should be fixed.
  14. drhoops

    A few suggestions...

    Well, definitely @Jmj191. He uses macros, or so I've heard. Plus, don't all Canadians cheat anyway?
  15. drhoops

    Remove bots from Assault!

    They are pointless. All they do is deter people from playing assault. make K/D ratios meaningless. They are pointless. All they do is deter people from playing assault. attract sealclubbing, botstomping, maximodded tryhards to staged. anyone else have any corrections?