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  1. How mod good M1941-Johnson?

    Yep, that's CQC beast mode.
  2. Is transferring accounts to other people allowed?

    Clearly the ToS indicate that: " Your account is personal and may not be . . . transferred to others." If those regulations/laws state that accounts are the property of the account owner and transferr cannot be prohibited, then Reto's ToS are in violation of those regulations/laws.
  3. Heck no. I used to love to get upstairs in the barn at the depot with a faust and blast jeeps coming across the bridge. That map was really good. It wouldn't need that many tweeks to make it work.
  4. Like @QuarX said, if the match is losing and people leave what solution would you have? Make them stay? People matching to that disaster don't want to stay. The solution is finish the match and go again. 1) People can choose whatever specialist they want to play 2) Games have a good distribution of infantry and specialists 3) Queue time is short for matches. You can have any two of the three, but not all three as HnG currently exists (given it's player population).
  5. This game is just broken

    Yes, there are many intensely negative people on the forum. I think Reto pretty much knew this was going to happen when they put much of the content development on hold for the backend work. But the vets are mostly tired of the way the game changes seemingly with no one listening to their opinion. For example, Squad 2.0 didn't work, and rather than roll back or tweek the system, Reto comes up with this spawn token system. I have not heard one positive thing about it. I played it and I can immediately see the problems it's going to create. But will the cacophony of voices against the spawn token system make a difference? I doubt it. It will be implemented and then vets will be even more irritated. Reto has a potential gem in HnG. The arcadey FPS coupled with a RTS that is affected by FPS results is unique and awesome. But, it seems like all the ideas for improvement from the community are given a nod and a wink and then they do what they want. It IS their game, but vets with thousands of hours of gameplay have a pretty good notion of what the game needs.
  6. New Universal-1 tractor for the new map

    Hmmm. Not sure your conclusion was correct. Yes, players want new assets. IOW, we don't want the same buildings placed in different orientation and call it a new map. That is not to say that we don't want any more western european maps. French bocage map, Italian map, urban city map, beach assault map . . . lots of possibilities.
  7. RTS Quickfix 2018

    If they were going to allow HnG to wither on the vine, then they wouldn't be spending time and money modernizing and improving the back end processes.
  8. X1 carnage . . . ah the memories.
  9. RTS Quickfix 2018

    They probably had pie-in-the-sky ideas of how populated the game would become when they created all those cities. But they don't have to delete them (and keep hopes of a big HnG community alive). Just grey them out and disallow movement to them. As Reto finishes the back end work, puts out new maps and launches an ad campaign, the game will be populated again and the greyed out cities can be reactivated . . . or at least that's the hope.
  10. War is now broken.

    @pepeNS I find it difficult to have a spirited discussion with you when you sport that delicious looking avatar. It's making me hungry.
  11. While I really enjoy (sarcasm) clicking on active battles a few hundred times on the RTS map looking for a battle I want to play, It would be nice if there were a battle search filter system. Filters; -attack or defense -ping level -time left to AR -by faction Any others that would be helpful?
  12. Vehicle Despawning is Ridiculous

    I literally did laugh out loud. I got a few strange looks from my co-workers.
  13. This game is just broken

    That was quite a rant. But, you are correct. Lots of problems need to be fixed. But of all the problems you mentioned, one is clearly the most important, and it's one I don't feel like Reto has on their radar: noobs. This game will die without new players. And you're right, the noobs tend to get destroyed by vets with Heavy Set Gold and high end weapons. The problem is that there is an inherent conflict between a game that "level's up" and a game that is a level playing field. In order for noobs to get some traction in the game, you can't have them, with an unmodded starter rifle, going up against HSG-wearing, STG-toting vets . But at the same time, many players (me included) like the "level up" concept. It's a driving force to keep playing and to create new characters. There are a couple things that can be done. One is easier, and that's to eliminate heavy set badge. Heavy Set significantly amplifies the gulf between a new player and a veteran. Eliminating that will allow the noob to kill in 2 shots after the first ammo upgrade (which is easy to get). The second way to help solve this problem is better matching of players. The current system gets noobs in with veterans after a couple hours of playing. If you matched players by hours played you'd have a better match system. The problem is numbers. The number of players is too low to allow a system like this. Maybe in the future it could be done.
  14. German power

    Well there's barrel length and there's caliber. I've heard that caliber is more important than length . . .