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  1. drhoops

    Just a few questions.

  2. drhoops

    Just a few questions.

    well, if that's over the dead body of you or one of your teammates . . . that's the good old fashion teabag
  3. drhoops

    SU Paratrooper

    You just have to suck it if you play Soviet para. They could have adopted the Federov Avtomat as a Soviet para weapon, but they won't. While the FG-42 is a nice weapon, the Johnson is not so really only the Germans have a special weapon for paras.
  4. drhoops

    Just a few questions.

    1. I assume you mean why you didn't see the crew on an open top turrent? Same reason you don't see them on the M-10, M-36, SU-76 and future open top tanks/TD's: so they aren't too easy to kill by just jumping on the back and blasting the "crew". 2. Good question. Reto allows it but they shouldn't. 3. Not sure what you mean there. Lots of players squat to shoot for better accuracy. You squat to steal a vehicle or unlock one. You squat to despawn. 4. Because in this game, the tanker who is operating the tank IS the whole crew. There is no other room in the tank except to fire the hull machine gun if there is one.
  5. drhoops

    The most historically inaccurate thing in the game

    and fighting in Switzerland and fighting in Sweden and fighting in Turkey and M2A3 fighting in a battle against Tigers and the AVS common use in battle and the Johnson being a para weapon and on and on It's a game.
  6. drhoops

    Do you want Fast reload nerf? (From 40% to 30%)

    Spot on. And: New maps. LOLz
  7. drhoops

    MG42 Rebalance. What's your opinion?

    It's not that it was impossible to fire from the shoulder, or from the hip. The point is if done so, the accuracy would be absolute shite. You'd be spraying bullets all over the place. That's not how it works in HnG. Shoulder and hip fire are unrealistically accurate. By the way, how long do you think that paratrooper would be able to maintain that? How long before the hand could no longer hold the barrel there? Not long. BTW @Mastah, I totally agree about sprint. There should be a massive penalty to sprinting with an LMG.
  8. drhoops

    Buggy Terrain

    Actually, that's a feature of the game . . . /s
  9. drhoops

    A brain for IA pilot para planes

    Nah, the biggest problem is when they bank and descend right into the ground. Or when they fly to some contested point when the main objective is falling.
  10. Does it make sense? No, but they basically took the tank vs. tank map and made it a recon vs recon and plane vs plane map. It was easy. It is annoying when the bots hit your recon plane with a zooka, but it is what it is, keep your altitude and that won't happen.
  11. drhoops

    MG42 Rebalance. What's your opinion?

    Well, maybe not be unable to shoulder fire at all, but it should be inaccurate as hell. Take a look at photos of WW2 soldiers. They aren't built like Rambo (Sly Stallone). There's little chance they are going to hold up a 25 to 32 pound machine gun and be able to hold it accurately given the weight and the recoil when fired from the shoulder.
  12. drhoops

    Flamethrowers (09 SEP 2020)

    You would think the BA rifle is some kind of badass weapon given it's halfway up the ribbon.
  13. drhoops

    Recoil for American Weapons

    LOL I've always wondered how Reto would model the Japanese tanks and somehow make them competitive with US and Soviet tanks.
  14. drhoops

    Premades - Victory is yours

    Yeah, you're probably right. But still, gotta figure out some way to help noobs. I put up with the grind and learning curve, but many ADHD Gen Z won't have the patience.
  15. drhoops

    New Players !!

    Infantry, don't stay in buildings, go run out in the open. Signed, Tanker Seriously though, don't just camp. Defending is fine, if that is tactically indicated, but sitting still will get you killed. There are a few locations on the maps where going prone may get you a few kills before you get nadded, but in general, for most capture points, you want to keep moving. A moving target is harder to hit than a stationary one and after playing a while, you know where people tend to camp, so when you enter a room that you think could contain enemy, you go into the room shooting at the spots before you even turn the corner. The camper has no chance unless he gets a lucky headshot. Unless you are on a point defending, then you should be moving to the next point to capture it.