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  1. how to grind credits

    One of the best ways to grind credits is use a tier 1 light tank. I just got 15000 credits for a cost of 450.
  2. tank repair

    Can anyone explain the logic of unlocking the mechanic badge before you can unlock the wrench when you are a tanker? RetoLogic?
  3. Least used weapon mod?

    nice summary @guncolony.com
  4. LOL Soldier on and all that. But really, the ability of the Wehrmacht to remain functional and effective from 43-45 was nothing short of amazing.
  5. Weapon Setup

    Better at what? The M2 or Thompson is better than a Garand without Scout II barrel and a scope. But put those things on it, and the Garand will shine. Just sayin' . . . give it a try. You can put light spring on it and (as I said in another thread) in CQC you can Pew-Pew before the other guy can Rat-Tat-Tat-Tat. But if you are shooting across a river at attacking infantry, you can do real damage there too, with the same weapon. With the Thompson or M2, forget about it. The only drawback to light spring is that when you are shooting at a distance, the recoil makes you spend a little time reacquiring the target. It's a tradeoff I accept so I can shoot fast in CQC.
  6. Study the war. It took the Soviet Union, the United States and Great Britain 3 years to push the German army back. The Germans were out manned, out gunned, out produced and still managed to keep fighting and prevent a whole-scale collapse of the front. They attacked nations not prepared for war and it took them 3 years to full ebb in territory. They were counterattacked by nations fully prepared for war, outproducing them by vast amounts, bombing all of their production centers and transportation centers, and it still took the Allies and USSR 3 years to defeat them. So, to me, it's more impressive that they didn't just collapse under the weight of the Allies and Soviet pressure than the "blitzkreig" across poorly defended terrain with weak resistance.
  7. Weapon Setup

    I have a character with each. The M2 is good for being on point, especially bigger points (like Police station, or Church) where the spew of bullets with reasonable 50 meter accuracy (enough to hit 5 times) is nice. But beyond that, and you are just giving away your position. Thompson, honestly, is not better than the M2, IMO. The nice thing about the M1G is that once modded up, you can 2SK from 5 feet or 1000 feet with aplomb. And if you can click the mouse fast, you can kill in CQC faster with a M1G than just about any other weapon. So I really like it as an all around good weapon.
  8. Weapon Setup

    Ah, well, grind it. A fully modded and scoped Garand is one of the best, if not THE best weapons in the game.
  9. They could have granted Germany the Danzig Corridor, but it wouldn't have changed anything. Hitler wanted war, and he would have kept pushing until he got one. The Poles could have given Germany the Danzig Corridor and Hitler would have invaded anyway. As to why the Germans were so successful, there are lots of good books on it. But it's not just one thing. As noted above, Germany was more prepared for war than the other countries. German mobile doctrine combined with very aggressive division-level leadership, and a good dose of psychological warfare (the image of the undefeatable Panzer) as well as good communication lead to the victories in Poland and the West. Barbarossa success had a lot to do with the poor training and morale of the officer corps after Stalin's Purges. A better question than why were they so successful in the beginning of the war is: "how did they do so well AFTER 1942". The Wehrmacht was generally in retreat from 1942 onward, but given the tremendous mismatch in forces available on the Eastern Front, the mismatch of forces available in Italy and subsequently France, and the incessant strategic bombing that began in 1943, you would have thought that the Wehrmacht would have collapsed and the war would be over quickly. But it was not. German mobile defense in the East and tactical/strategic withdrawls in Italy were brilliant. IOW, German military success in defense far exceeded their success in attack.
  10. Weapon Setup

    That's a good loadout for points and CQC. H3 is very useful for taking out ISV's that try to set up shop near a control point. Swap out the Thompson for an M1 Garand and you have a nice river defense guy Town and Mountain Town.
  11. Intelligence Bulletin #5

    " We make work fun to make fun work " I believe it.
  12. Least used weapon mod?

    In that case, unless you are shooting at great distances, there is no reason to use a BA rifle. SA rifle gives you 2HK and is more versatile.
  13. What do you guys feel about "dedicated" medics?

    That's the perfect medic. Badge with medic badges, and you can go in a point, sustain the troops, and repair the APC in the garage that keeps getting stickied. I like to hang out near the APC, defend it with the SMG and periodically run over to guys with low health. You don't need 2 medic pouches. Most of the time, you are somewhere near a medic crate to restock your supply.
  14. SU think they know how the game works

    I am a random, and I did not know about it, but I suspected as much given the speed of movement east.
  15. Hear! Hear! You have a Panther, and you want to be able to have more firearms? Just stay inside your tank.