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  1. Paratrooper Loadout

    Yep, but then as para you should be geared for CQC anyway assuming you drop on the point.
  2. Defend and earn more experience

    Yes, most definitely. Reto should be making rules that encourage players to be on the point, attacking or defending. Increase rewards for doing that and decrease rewards for pretty much everything else. It won't prevent people from doing what they want (bush wookie, rambo, whatever), but there is at least an in game incentive to get to the point. That is assuming Reto also makes dead lines neutral and uncappable.
  3. Paratrooper Loadout

    Well, you have to have the freefall badge. Then, for US the best build is Johnson with extra magazines removed, then equip hoarder gold badge. Equip a medkit. If you don't have veteran membership, then you're stuck with not having a medkit and an automatic weapon.
  4. Defend and earn more experience

    I agree. Reto should not have nerfed exp points for infantry. Playing infantry needs too be encouraged not discouraged. That said, I can see how they would consider cycling characters to buff your points is an exploit. So, easy way to solve the problem? Eliminate the bonus per cycled character, but buff the overall experience awarded, so the total is higher, and you can choose which character gets the lion-share of the points by how long you use that character.
  5. Defend and earn more experience

    I totally agree. 10 points for killing someone running toward the point you capture. 23 points for just hitting someone at long distance and not even killing them. Reto: Buff the defense points, nerf the sniper points (at least for all but recon).
  6. Are you suggesting that the Germans didn't have super alien tech? Don't be absurd. If not for their inability to access reasonable amounts of yttrium, they would have been knocking down allied bomber formations right and left.
  7. don't include me there. I simply feel that HE and Rambos need to be nerfed. And of course perceived problems are personal, I can only perceive for myself. It's an opinion.
  8. Stopgap measure for AT Rambos until Armor 2.0

    It used to. It's been a while since I have had a tank that lasted long enough to use all the shells. When you run out, a timer starts and after a few minutes the ammo stock is refilled.
  9. How to Soviet tank

    Good point. Perhaps it would be better for defenders to be able to spawn at an access point, rather than just the objectives. That means in staged the devs would have to link an access line to the objective for the defenders.
  10. Advantages of BAR over Johnson

    Sound. If you shoot it single shot, it sounds like a Kar98, so you can fake people out. And if you let it rip on full auto, it's the coolest sounding gun in the game, just turn the volume down on your computer.
  11. The Great war

    Make a new post. Someone will have an idea.
  12. Stopgap measure for AT Rambos until Armor 2.0

    Is the conefire specific to HE rounds, or is the tank gun itself getting a conefire? Will the shell racks automatically refill as they do now?
  13. Not really. Rambo's ARE a problem, and so are HE spamming tanks. Both are a cancer in this game.
  14. Stopgap measure for AT Rambos until Armor 2.0

    Cool. What's the stopgap measure to stop HE spamming by tankers?
  15. Where is my KV-2?

    FYI: I believe the PzKpfw II ausf C and the PzKpfw Luchs, in the game, both use the same autocannon: 20mm KwK 38 L/55. IRL, however, the PzKpfw IIC used the 20mm Kwk 30 while the Luchs the 38 model. The difference was not in penetration, but in rate of fire. Not sure if that difference is modeled in the game. I doubt it as I think they modeled them with the same main gun.