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  1. drhoops


    There is the answer.
  2. drhoops

    Bazookas and Panzerschreck

    I just looked at that graph the other day and the bazooka penetration graph looked exactly like the shreck one. I think it's an error. They are basically the same. You can rightly argue that the shreck should have better penetration, but I think they are the same for game balance. @Reto.muerteh @Reto.Millan
  3. drhoops

    R.I.P H&G

    I agree tier one tanks need a nerf, especially the M2A2. But I should not have to shoot 10 bazooka rockets into any tank to kill it. So, yes, infantry AT needs to be more effective.
  4. drhoops

    R.I.P H&G

    Reto knows there are problems with the update and say they are fixing them now. This could be a really good update if they fix some things. Armor needs a nerf, or AT needs a buff.
  5. drhoops

    fetching player profile

    Game tends to get hung up on this step.
  6. Is it possible for tryhard douchbags to ease up a bit so people can actually explore the map a bit? Hey TD's . . . it's a prototype server. There's nothing to grind nor win . . .
  7. drhoops

    why do you keep deploying?

    I deploy when the winning faction is clear so I can farm victory ribbon. Until AR is removed and replaced or eliminated altogether, I won't deploy and send them to die an AR morale death and get nothing.
  8. drhoops

    Update 1.12 - General feedback

    I went trolling with an M2A2 today. Stood toe to toe with a PzIII and destroyed it and just drove away. Working As Intended™
  9. drhoops

    'Do AT badges make any difference?

    It absolutely does help. With Iron Fist gold and Hoarder Gold, you only have to refill your rocket load once (rather than twice without it) to kill a tank. Oh, and that's with the double bazooka loadout . . .
  10. drhoops

    Its so fun to fight a tiger 2 with this shirt update.

    Have you tried using the M2A2? About 3 belts ought to do it.
  11. drhoops

    Casual memes in regards to Armor 2.0

    fackin hilarious
  12. drhoops

    Still Dying 90% to Rambo ATs

    I agree, the Rambo problem was bad and needed to be dealt with. I think most people agree with that. And I think most people think Reto went too far in making tanks resistant to infantry anti-tank weapons. Even when playing tanker, there is little to gain by getting the first shot, something that IRL has been repeatedly reported by real WW2 tankers as one of the most important factors in winning a tank vs. tank battle.
  13. drhoops

    Still Dying 90% to Rambo ATs

    The game is barely playable now. If there are enemy tanks, it's no longer capping points, it's figuring out how not to get killed by the tank. Forget destroying it, not possible.
  14. drhoops

    Players leaving the game

    Simply put, the Vehicle Update broke the game. @HitnRun2016 nailed it. Because tanks are invulnerable to infantry short of a 20 rocket bazooka spam, it's WoT. And what's with the M2A2? It's the best tank in the game now. Hell, a german TD can't stop it