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  1. Matary2000

    Winter map

    Winter map with snow would be nice
  2. It would be cool if there was a keybind, and when pressed, the soldier would inspect the weapon.
  3. Matary2000

    Short "Trailer" for H&G

    that was fun lel
  4. My H&G is repaired, i found out how to solve it, you will need uinstall H&G, then, clean everything in registry related to H&G, then install H&G, that worked for me
  5. Matary2000

    M4A1 Sherman

    Sherman maybe made out of potatoes, but cmon, it was most used american tank in wwii
  6. It didnt work, but i really appreciate your help. Maybe they will fix it or something
  7. Still didn't work, it appeared in setup
  8. I actually dont have any antiviruses
  9. I tried and nothing, im using windows 7
  10. Sooooo, when i entered the game it said "Heroes and Generals and services did not install properly. Please reinstall." and i reinstalled. But in middle of setup that message popped up again. Help !
  11. Matary2000

    1.04 - Engine Room

    WTF my tank texture is black, the ground is black and the trees are rainbow like road HELP
  12. Matary2000

    M4A1 Sherman

    actually i have m3-lee and im unlocking the Jumbo....i quited M4A1 and decided to make myself anti tank infantry
  13. Matary2000

    M4A1 Sherman

    I really dont deciding to buy sherman jumbo, or m4a1