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  1. Algenhirn

    Heavy planes vs heavy planes

    I have to disagree partly on that. For Pilots, it's definitively the core of the game. I don't even want to fly in the war unless they are my plane resources cause they are soo god damn expensive and if I have a bad day and f*** up a couple of times I wasted thousands of war funds for that general. And I just have an extremely suicidal playstyle. If I go out of a match with zero deaths then it was an extremely good one. Also finding a match as a pilot in war is basically impossible!
  2. I want them gone or at least gone till they are fixed! First of all, don't give them MPs ever. They are so god damn accurate with them. With the semi-autos they are at a quarter of the strength they have with the MPs! Also if there were only like 2 of them on every line that would be better. Since they are in the game I only had a handful of matches that didn't lose the second line. That is quite frustrating. I would also like if the bots were a bit dumber. I don't want them to know my exact position just because I shot once and not even in their direction! And wouldn't it be possible to give bushes some kind of hitbox? Like you can still go through them and hide in them but the bots can't see you through it. I went so often past a spawn and then hid in the bushes just to get some b*** of recon with my knife and I always get spotted and shot by these damn bots!
  3. Algenhirn

    Heavy planes vs heavy planes

    If you have a good wingman and the enemy team is just some average pilots then your right but if they are better than you average pilot and even if they are outnumbered by 1 person they will kick your butt! My post was not about war. I just want heavy vs heavy matches in staged back. War is something completly diffrent
  4. Algenhirn

    Quick Battle - only considers WAR battles?

    Yeah found the same problem. I tried to find a match as a pilot but it just shows 0 matches available but after searching for only staged battles it said over 200 beginning. Really annoying!
  5. Let's face it, heavy planes are basically useless currently. They have no chance against the medium fighters and if they are in the air they get focused cause they are a big target. How about we get back the heavy planes vs heavy planes at least on the pilot vs pilot map. In normal Assault matches, it could be like 12 mediums and 48 heavy planes so the mediums are still there to counter the heavys if they get too strong but they can't be overused.
  6. Algenhirn

    COMMUNITY EVENTS WORKSHOP PT.2 : Open discussion

    Medic Event: Why not have the Uniform as a purchaseable item afterwards. If you get it in the event, good for you! But new player or Veterans that want to build a Medic afterwards can still buy the skin
  7. Algenhirn

    SdKfz 250/3 ribbon price

    The perfect german soldier!
  8. Algenhirn

    SdKfz 250/3 ribbon price

    Will do now. Probably go and play Focke for credits
  9. Why are the prices for the ribbon still that high?! Please fix that! I need to have it at Gold 4 for a specific project but I really dont want to drive that shirty car anymore.
  10. Why the heck am I faced backwards when Im leaving the Puma. That makes it really hard to defend it against Infantry.
  11. Algenhirn

    MP40 VS MG34

  12. I mean why can't we do that instead of getting kicked out of the match. I had a couple of para matches in which I was basicly carrying the team but because all para resources were used I good kicked out and we lost. So please give us the option to change the class even if the resources are out.
  13. Algenhirn

    Share your biggest credit amount!