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  1. leonfav

    New technologies and gaming communities

    I use a lot discord for CoH2 and stuff like that, but there i never found a decent suggestion about the game, just usual trashtalk. Closing the forum will only worsen H&G.
  2. leonfav

    Goodbye forum warriors

    RIP Forum, it was nice until it lasted
  3. While i was playing in a war match i saw a really absurd thing. We had a squadron of recon planes and someone were using them but then suddently someone started to use a fighter plane while we hadn't. He continued to use it for a long time even if he died. Then the recon planes stock ended and 2 mins later an AT of fighers arrived. This continued until the match finished. Here the only two screens that i got from the match: My question is: is this supposed to be any sort of magic/cheat or is this a late-AT-deployment-screen-bug? Knowing H&G i would normally say that it is a bug but in that battle i saw a pilot paradropping from a focke wulff while oneother pilot was still driving it. Maybe i'm just dumb but i still don't figure it out.
  4. leonfav

    Post your new soldier (faces) creations

    The arabic face for GE makes 0 sense. Totally unhistorical
  5. With the new update the M1 is now avaible for all the infantries of the game. Its base cost is 49k, its captured cost is 229k. It's pretty low since the normal Mgs cost 50k (credits). So i bought it captured since, as a captured weapon, it has one of the lowest prices in the game (superior only to the base semi-auto rifles), and, since i use it, i really like it. It takes only 6 eq. points with full ammo (285), it has almost no recoil, it has an avaible x2 scope for precision fire and also, with it's only upgraded ammo, it becomes one 3-shot-kill gun with almost no recoil penalty. Cause of that i usually win the close range fights even against lmgs, ars and lmgs. So, reassuming the fact that it only costs 49k credits, isn't it a bit overpower due to its low price?
  6. leonfav

    Isn't the M1 Carabine overpowered for its price?

    Guys, the point that i wanted to show isn't that it's OP as a gun, but the fact that it's too powerful for it's low cost. My question was about to maybe raise a bit the price, not about nerf ing it ๐Ÿ˜›
  7. 1 - The buyable things for US and GE As an GE inf you have the FG 42 but you haven't its mods As an GE inf you have the M1A1 mods but you haven't the M1A1 And so Viceversa 2 - The Random Prices M1 Garand - Base Price = 24k credits / Captured Price = 118k / Base vs Captured price rateo = 4,96 M1 Carabine - Base Price = 49k credits / Captured Price = 229k / Base vs Captured price rateo = 4,46 M2 Carabine - Base Price = 183k credits / Captured Price = 1042k / Base vs Captured price rateo = 5,69 PPsh41 - Base Price = 158k credits / Captured Price = 883k / Base vs Captured price rateo = 5,58 M1911 - Base Price = 79k credits / Captured Price = 412k / Base vs Captured price rateo = 5,20 PTRS - Base Price = 650k credits / Captured Price = 4408k / Base vs Captured price rateo = 6,78 Model 1934 - Base Price = 25k credits / Captured Price = 535k / Base vs Captured price rateo = 21.40 While with the normal weapons the rateo flies between the 4 and the 7 price multipliers, the freakin' captured pocket pistols costs 21 times their original price, and even more respect the Medium Pistols. Meh
  8. leonfav

    RETO you won - I join the dark side

    Always look on dark side of life -cit
  9. leonfav

    migliorare il gioco

    He's asking to have a better killcam and a better spot mechanic, because he thinks that the spot triangle is the place were someone is shooting from ๐Ÿ˜› Toso, il triangolo o il quadrato rossi rappresentano lo spot, ovvero il luogo in cui una persona si trova. Comunque la tua รจ una letterina a babbo natale, non un post utile.
  10. leonfav

    Winter Camos are bugged

    In the kill cam and the spawn cam the camos are bugged. Your character's and the killer camos are invisible
  11. leonfav

    Hades Hyped Me

    So, Hades posted this on discord: I'm quite Hyped. -Binoculars for tankers -Snow camo -GE Bundle Granade Nervously waiting the new update.
  12. leonfav

    I'm worried

    I'm worried about that. Pls don't give us anymore a bad-done winter map update
  13. leonfav

    Why no more Update Videos

    The Update videos were nice. Why aren't 'em produced anymore?
  14. leonfav

    Starter pack/weapon code for free.

    Is this legal? Just asking
  15. leonfav

    where reto.redbjarne gone

    I've noticed that Redbjarne left reto moto. Is that true? If it's true, why did he left?
  16. leonfav

    Update 1.18 - UI and Anti-Air Overhaul

    However, new question about the truck skins: Are these limited time skins or just unique for the trucks without any time restriction?
  17. leonfav

    Update 1.18 - UI and Anti-Air Overhaul

    How much costs the lucky truck skin? I hope less than 687.000 credits ๐Ÿ˜›
  18. leonfav

    Community event?

    Reto, what have you done with the community event? Did you just trow it in the trash bin?
  19. 600k for the three P08 400k for the two bats 800k for two plane skins 250k for two PzB Except for the planes, one single soldier owns the Bats, the PzBs and the P08s. My new idea is buy, for the same soldier, 5 new STGs, buy for every of them a new skin and call them S - T - G - 4 - 4
  20. leonfav

    How bad is my k/d

    Well, i suck a lot Seems that having no skill and 20 fps with the lowest graphics don't pay a lot
  21. leonfav

    AT Rambos Poll

    I'm interested
  22. leonfav

    Captured M1911 ... EH?

    I know, it's one absolute garbage without mods and i'm broke now, but pls, say me that i'm not the only barista that did that. Also add any captured mod for, at least, the pistols? They're litterally useless without them, not like one STG, one MG13 or a DT 29 that are still good without any mod ๐Ÿ˜•
  23. leonfav

    Captured M1911 ... EH?

    Nah, he selled his wife for them because he lives in Somalia and plays in Brazilian Servers. SoRrY fOr ThE bEd EnGlAnD