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  1. Hohenzoller

    Shooting from vehicles

    No. I already have to disable the usage of the MG on the APC for non-squaddies to prevent stupidity with it. And for that exact reason, I won't ever buy a MG for my GAZ, it's a waste of credits and seats and stealth, if I ever want to flank with it. And with all the snipers running around (either real ones in recon role or wanna be snipers as infantry soldiers who camp), the MG's are totally useless, they get shot out faster than you can see.
  2. Hohenzoller

    Make Anti Tank more expensive

    Honestly, no. I play both roles, Infantry and Tanker and regarding that experience I can say, that most tankers just go on solo adventures, e.g. somewhere in deep woods and to put the cherry on top, of cause, they load in HE shells and shell an area with enemy infantry. And you honestly wonder, that one or two of these infantry guys become so mad at the tankers, that they go out of their way, leaving their comrades defending/attacking, to hunt you down? And succeed because you're solo? If you didn't pay attention in the history class, let me put you on track: Tanks were invented to support infantry and be used in combined arms. Even armies, that have put more emphasis on tanks being used concentrated, like the germans, had them accompanied by Motorized/Mechanized Infantry for exactly that reason, to give protection to the tanks. And from war games you have to expect them to reflect this atleast a bit. There is no need for a nerf against tankers. And no need for nerfs against AT weapons. Both are fine as they are. You tankers want AT infantry to stop pestering you? Then accompany your infantry, move with them, form that combined arms harmony. Protect your unarmored comrades and in turn they will protect you. They have better ears (because they're not turned deaf by tank engine sounds), better CQB anti-infantry weapons, they often hear a Tank Hunter way sooner because motorcycles and other motorvehicles produce a considerable amount of sound when approaching. I learned this several times the hard way by getting rushed by AT infantry as tanker. I used this situation with roles reversed too. And you know what? I saw tanks I couldn't destroy or destroy tanks and you wanna know how that happened? They stuck to their infantry and their infantry protected them. And yeah, I paused a few years before recently returning, so I experienced the old days, when a mine did destroy more than a track, when a tank drove on it, it destroyed the whole tank.
  3. Hohenzoller

    Starting Locations

    The faction, with the most players, winning votes & placing capitals in their favor? Who could've foreseen this?
  4. Hohenzoller

    Why is there no UK side

    Imho there is no British Faction coming not only because already mentioned problems like Reto even has the possibility to add a mapper and pay their fees for licensing their mapping program. That is a key issue, the British did also fight in North Africa, but adding the British now wouldn't add anything new besides restarting the grind for a whole new faction (or if they merge them with the US the British weapons within that "Allies"-Faction). Imho the most longshot (and even that sounds improbable) at a new faction or several factions would be, if somehow in secret they would've worked all these years to add e.g. the Italians and British as skins and on new weapons and new maps for North Africa, Spain, the Middle East and such and maybe even areas further east in the USSR (e.g. we lack Stalingrad) and that would explain, that we got barely anything new in the updates in the last years. That all of it is coming in one big "2.0"-update of some sorts.
  5. Hohenzoller

    Why is there no UK side

    You do expect Reto to add something big to the game, yet alone a new faction? What do you smoke?
  6. Hohenzoller

    Kriegsmittel (Warfunds) effektiv verdienen im RTS?

    Ohne Spielen im FPS geht es nicht, WF nimmst du ein durch das Cappen von Punkten. Und im RTS-Teil, gerade wenn du wenige eigene AT's hast, setze sie nicht alleine ein, unterstütze mit ihnen größere Pushes, sodass sie nicht so sehr leergesaugt werden durch ein Gefecht (oder gar zerschlagen). PS: Achja, soweit ich gelesen habe, verdienen höherlevelige AT's auch mehr Warfunds (durch Soldaten, die im FPS cappen) als niedriglevelige.
  7. Hohenzoller

    Reinforcement Costs

    It may be an old thread but still relevant to me, since I asked me a similar question: So it has no negative repurcusions for me, if I deplete my AT's totally in battle? Because then it would be faster to kill them off in battle and then redeploy them, am I right? Atleast I then see no sense in letting them wait behind the frontlines to refill morale.
  8. Hohenzoller

    ☭Order of the Red Banner☭

    In-Game name: Hohenzoller (my calling name is Azrael, but was already taken when I created the account back then) Age: 28 Country: Germany Reason for Joining: When I wanna play war I'd like to play in an organized group and help even the odds against the Germans and Americans. Do you have a PPSh/PPS/AVS/Dp28 on an infantry character?: I got a DP-28. Theoretically I could buy the other 3 weapons, however, I'm too stingy for that for I prefer to stick to my SVT-40 and loot the weapons of fallen soldiers, saves credits. And Credits I make I tend to reinvest into Veteran Membership and buying stuff for other, more specialized soldiers. Do you have Assault Teams?: Yes If so, How many and Type?: 1x Motorized Recon, 3xMotorized Guard
  9. Hohenzoller

    Devs broken matchmaking again

    Eh what is supposed to be broken there?
  10. Hohenzoller

    ☭Order of the Red Banner☭

    Do you guys have a Community Discord, for people who just occasionally want to coordinate their own AT's with your pushes or stuff like that? Because I doubt that I have the time for clan membership but I'd be happy to support coordinated pushes with the few AT's I got.
  11. Hohenzoller

    Revise the Garman Spawn-System

    If you want everyone to have fun, you got to make this a PVE-Game = not possible. Everytime you die, doesn't matter how, when or where, you're not having fun, you're only a bit down at best or, if you're angry alrdy, you're raging. That happens with every death. So you would've to remove the Killing from this game, so everyone has fun = not possible. You can't make it fun for everyone at the same time. They key is too make it for everyone some times funny to make up for frustrating moments. And Spawncamping is a valid tactic, everyone used it at some point or other. You can state, that you're the holy guy, who never did it, you can cry about it, yet I (and others) won't believe you. EVERYONE did it at some point, because it was effective and that makes fun for those, who're camping, I can't deny that. But instead, if you spectate that from the victims side, to look at it as an obstacle, look at it as an challenge. How much pleasure it was for me to kill enemy spawncampers, that was fun too. This is a war game. You're going to die in it at some point in many different ways in many different places. Deal with it. If you can't, don't play war games instead of ruining it for people, who can deal with it. Either play PvE-Games or better, vs an AI, afterall, an AI has no feelings and thus can't be butthurt, if you defeat it.
  12. Hohenzoller


    wtf? How should Reto do that according to your imagination? And why? Why should you punish one of the most basic human behavioural things: Socializing? Should they get banned for playing together as friends or what? If there is a clan, give your best, but don't cry nonsense like here, you can't possibly want to punish people for playing with friends and mates! Then you'd have to ban the majority of the players, I guess everyone has a friend or two, with whom he plays.
  13. Hohenzoller

    Revise the Garman Spawn-System

    Oh I gave it a chance for 2 days. 2 days filled with anger are too much for it is just a game, not my life. I want to play games to have fun, not to rage. And again for you, Spawnkilling is a valid tactic for preventing/hindering enemy reinforcements. It isn't an exploit! You're not using a bug or something else, which is not foreseen, you're just there and do, what you're supposed to do, kill enemies! If you don't like to kill enemies or get killed don't play a First-Person-Shooter! Everyone knew this, everyone did it at some point or another, there is no chivalry in this game or in war. And you can't erase that tactic from the game, instead to camp the spawnzones the guys now camp the approach from the spawnzone to the CP! You shouldn't erase a tactic, and by doing so other tactics, from this game, it became dumbed down by this update. And the crybabies, who're only crying instead of fighting, won. Instead to just get creative and counter the Spawnkillers by simply killing them, they go on the forums: "MIMIMI reto, I GOT SPAWNKILLED, DO SOMETHING AGAINST IT, MIMIMI" And the way, they did something against them, erased flanking tactics too, great job! And by the way, it wasn't that huge a problem, as some are phantasizing. In approximately 100 battles I saw it once, that someone mines the enemy spawn with AT-Mines. In all of the matches I experienced a spawncamper sooner or later, but then you flanked that guy easily, because he looked at the spawn the whole time and killed him! Instead of raging because of spawncampers and go onto the forums to cry about them, you should've dealt with them like a proper man does. Until they fix the spawnsystem, I play other games, easy as that, if they never fix the spawnsystem, I'm just one of many guys, who quit the game over this.
  14. Hohenzoller

    Revise the Garman Spawn-System

    The Forum is buggy, I can't post my reply, says always, my post can't be created at this time. What a forum is this, that is not working in the simplest, basic way?