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    Icon Fade Preference Resets

    We already know about it, by now follow the steps There r 2 ways to fix it till next update Method 1: With the game open (Lobby), press ALT + TAB and look for "H&G sycn" window... Then select File and Edit localsettings.ini Probably, ur about to see this code (If not, break a line and paste it) gui.hudIconFadeMode=1 1 is the default, use the codes below to adjust with ur preference 0 = Off 1 = Fade in precision mode 2 = Fade when centered 3 = Centered in precision mode Method 2: The base is the same, write the value manually but now into the game... With ur console open, type: gui.hudIconFadeMode= Then insert the desired number and press ENTER

    Vai ter equilibrio em algum momento?

    Eae Bili, te vejo jogar direto. E acredito que você já tenha me visto em gameplay. Respondendo uma de suas dúvidas, a Johson é equivalente a Fallshirmjägergewehr 42, que é considerado uma combinação de rifle com SMG para os paratroopers. Ambas ocupam apenas 6 slots! E o que tenho a dizer a respeito da sua consideração inferior a respeito das armas alemãs é: Você não sabe utilizar do poder delas, apenas isso! Sempre digo e continuarei a defender essa tese: A melhor defesa, é o ataque! Procure pela cabeça, nunca vi soldado morto revidar...

    Update '1.10 - Colmar Hamlet' Preview on Twitch!

    Well... idk if u speak german. But Fallschirmjägergeweher means "Paratrooper's Gun". Cuz it was created for them... Fallschirm: Parachute Jäger: Fighter/Hunter Gewehr: Gun

    Dupping your tank ammo

    I've found an interesting bug in the game, that allows u to have 2 ammo "pouches" (LOL) in your tank... How it works? Lets go to the tutorial First remove all ammo of ur tank Then buy the desired ammo and keep it unchecked Go to the ribbon overview window, look for ur tank ribbon and open the progression window If u've forgot about uncheck the ammo, u'll see the "Already Owned" message If not... Well... After that, u can open the mod window and check the dup ammo. Ofc we're only able to equip 2 kinds of ammo and it is always AP and HE. But if u have bought the tank now and have only 30/50 shots... U know, no resupplies needed

    Soviets are OP


    Update '1.10 - Colmar Hamlet' Preview on Twitch!

    Yep. I believe that i am part of the many who only see a waste of version used for updates that i consider just a "polished hotfix"... It often seems that RETO doesnt even play their game and much less understands that the community made the game be what is today.

    Update '1.10 - Colmar Hamlet' Preview on Twitch!

    I'll try to explain the why of Hamlet, since the part of Colmar is clearly coming from the French city of Colmar, recognized as the host of the last great battle of Colmar (Feb, 9 of 1945). Hamlet is a work of the brilliant Shakespeare written in 1600, and that had been translated and staged in several countries with their respective languages. In the mid XIX century, Hamlet was so popular in Germany that the poet Ferdinand Freiligrath declared "Germany is Hamlet." Keep in mind that Hamlet is a dramatic art, which caught the attention of Hitler. Even quoted in his bibliography... I believe this is the most plausible explanation But back to the update. RETO, bring something the community wants, not those updates that will be forgotten already on the second day. Seriously, who plays encounter?

    Is this legit ???

    If u have the game console enable, just open it and type this code far_override=100 Here i set in 100, but the number is of ur choice! 100 = 100 meters in radius of texture being rendered. Anything beyond that wont be in ur screen I recommend this to those who dont have a good PC. But not to those who plays as fighter or tanker


    First, turn on the console option by adding "enable_console=true" in ur client.ini file, located in the HnG install directory Like this: application { enable_console=true } Then u can get into a battle, open ur console window (Get the key in the keyboard menu) and tipe the codes below render.enable_fxaa true render.enable_god_rays true render.enable_hdr true render.enable_mlaa true render.enable_reflections true render.enable_ssao true render.enable_subsurface true render.enable_taa true render.enable_tesselation true render.enable_voxel_cone_tracing true render.anisotropic_filtering /* Default set in 2 | Max. 16 */ render.use_hbao true render.globalloddistmultiplier /* Default set in 1.5 | Max. 10 */ render.brightness /* In the console u can change the bright for values bigger than the game allows */ When entering only the code and pressing enter, the console will inform you of the configured value. To change the setting, simply enter the code followed by space and the value you want. Some codes works with numbers and others with boolean value (true = 1 and false = 0) Ex. render.anisotropic_filtering 16 /*Only work with values*/ render.enable_fxaa true /*Can be used true|false or 1|0*/ Here is something good to change in ur game This is about the pixels that will render on your monitor... 0.1 equals 10% of the rendering in scale. 2.0 is 200% (1920x1080 + resolution_scale 2.0 = 3840x2160) | Default is 1 | Max. till ur computer explodes. LOL render.resolution_scale And some funny stuff render.enable_snow true /*This make christmas great again haha*/ streamer.videomaxmemory 1 /*Wanna play some PS1 game? Type this code and see the magic*/
  10. RCAPOL

    1.10 Public Test! Changelog

    Q: Reto, can u fix at least the annoying bugs in the game? A: Yea, np m8! Here, take this random nerf in something that doesnt even need a nerf and some camos... Q: Reto, can u fix the banana tires that make us flip over and over? A; Yea m8, i know what u rlly need! More helmets camo, right?! Q: CAN U FOCKING FIX THE OVERPOWERED HEAVY PLANES?????? A; All right, here... Some nerf on xp and WOOOOOW LOOK THIS CAMO!!!! Fock these camos... We cant either choose one b4 the battle starts, so who cares about these camos when the ground is totally flat and we can see u from the space?
  11. I believe that he took it from SteamDB
  12. RCAPOL

    Update 1.09.1 – Player Level Adjustments

    "If there is a problem with anything in the game, it need to be nerfed, cuz a nerf is what we need..." - Nerf Moto Waiting for the update where throw rocks in each other is more rewardable than shooting itself
  13. How's the war going, soldiers? Just passing by here to give some workable suggestions, which I believe many of u have noticed during ur gameplay and may be in agreement with this stuff. Reto seems to be aware of some of the points I'm going to show, but it also seems to be lost, not knowing what to do. Therefore, I'll present improvements without taking the swing of fire and bearing in mind, add more reason to play with certain class. Attention, this post will contain a lot of information in text, images and videos. Feel free to give your opinion, respecting everyone's opinion! The points that I will address in this post are: • Infantry - Vehicles (Motorcycles and Support Vehicles) - Support Guns • Tanks - An Armor 2.0 suggestion & new possibilities - The end of AT Rambos • Airplanes - Dogfight INFANTRY Starting with them, those who are present in all the front-line battles, the infantry. It's funny to say that, but the infantry are the weakest and strongest class at the same time. Easy targets, but deadly against any soldier, right...? Unfortunately not against all the soldiers, especially against those who fly! (I'll talk about below in airplanes) Well, I wont talk about primary weapons, only vehicles and support weapons, starting with the German motorcycle, the R75 with the mounted mg. While Russia and the USA share the same bike, the Germans have their exclusive R75, which even with a powerful MG42, still has many disadvantages... Primarily at the time of running from crossfire through alleys or terrains with high deformation. If we arent with our faces on the wall, we are doing a barrel roll cuz the side car hits a lil rock :c My suggestion would be to remove the side car of the R75 and leave as an upgrade / attachment, not just to Germany, but to all the nations. This would introduce: • 2 new ribbons (R75 Specialist and 42WLA Specialist) • The right of choice of the soldier: Be free as a member of the hell angels, reaching the speed of light (Until hit a tree and die) or have an MG and more space in the vehicle, but less mobility So then next vehicle TANKS After thinking and studying a bit about the battles of the steel giants in World War II. I believe I have found a solution for this class that suffers enormous disadvantage even with its immense power of destruction... Who plays with tanks, knows that depending on the tier, the game mode changes: - Light Tanks wins the one that moves faster through the map and hides better - Medium Tanks Wins First Flanking - Heavy Tanks, the one who hits the spots wins But even so, all tiers suffer with a sad situation... The one who shoots first wins (90% of cases). Of course, we know there are weaks spots (Spc in tier 3), and that does not prevent much of this sad situation from happening, so I suggest giving players the option to choose their attack and defense mode considering their position. For this we will use IS2 as an example: GREEN: High Damage | YELLOW: Moderate Damage | RED: Low/No Damage After seeing this image and knowing about IS2's weaknesses, how would you position yourself in battle to hide as many weaknesses as possible? I would use a tree, a stone, a house and even a vehicle... But unfortunately most of the items quoted are taller than the cannon tower, not to mention that the tank destroyers do not have a tower and so hiding their weaknesses is impossible! During the war, each nation used a different type of protection in their tanks, to protect themselves to the maximum Americans used to use sandbags, Germans liked heavy steel (As always!) And Russian... Well, they've used their own soldiers (Yah, rlly haha) So my suggestion is to add steel plates and sandbags (the bodies we leave only in the human war history haha) on the specialization ribbons of each tank. Having in mind the protection levels (light, medium and heavy). But RC, now the tanks will be invincible? Hm... They will be tougher, yes, but also heavier! Equipping a protection will cost you mobility, and a steel plate is expensive, so losing the tank with this protection can hurt in ur soul... Adding this type of protection will end up with several issues: • AT Rambos (Not completaly, I'll explain below) • This game that if u saw and fired first, u won! • Without even adding new tanks, have we given more game options for the player to choose (be fast and weak or strong and heavy like a rock?) Well, about the AT Rambos... Those who just like to chase tanks as if there were no more goals in the battle, it will all be more complex. As we have new protections, we'll have a specific explosive for specific protection. The H3 Hafthohlladung was actually only made to destroy the tracks of the tank and not it completely as it happens in the game. It contains an interesting system, like a drill bitting the steel as it explodes. Increasing the price of explosives "repair" wasnt enough to stop them, we must impose rules to conquer the enemy tank... A tank that has a level 1 steel shield equipped, would be easily penetrated by something that gives direct and continuous damage, as the H3 does... It sticks to steel and even God does not take it out. But I doubt you'll see it sticking in a sandbag! We know that steel is much tougher than the sand, unless you live on planet Earth, under the physics that exist here! A direct shot of a 37mm steel core can rather be stopped by a simple sandbag because of the friction that is created, the crystals group until it forms a dense wall of atoms... But sandbags still being sandbags, and they explode, fall, and rip off. Therefore it is a useful defense against infantry for making the same ones suffer more to take off that coarse bark, but, less effective against other tanks. Using steel protection will give you advantage over enemy tanks, but will leave you moderately vulnerable against infantry... Of course for those that doesnt has an at weapon equipped, we can also add variables of the panzerfaust On the protection levels, I suggest 3, as I said: Light, medium and heavy Being they (By now) sand and steel plates. The levels of protection in the sand influence the quantity of bags, already in the steel protection, in the thickness AIRPLANES And now, finally, we'll talk about the planes my friend... And it get me mad Playing as a pilot is like being a pirate captain... If your crew is good and obnoxious, you'll probably rip everyone in front of you and unfortunately ruin some players gameplay (Especially if you're a P-38). If your team leaves the ship, and only you stay in the sea (In this case, air), u'll probably be killed by the 10 enemy planes having only you to hunt To have a challenging and balanced dogfight, we need to create an event where it is more common to see a fight between only 2 players For who is behind, the advantage is to have your enemy in the front, being able to knock him down while he runs away. So to avoid having more than 1 player doing this, we'll put the physics in the middle... Basically all the planes present in the game have propellers and of course, the turbine. Which in turn causes a huge distortion in the air and makes it difficult for another airplane to stay nearby, if two or more players are sharing the prey, they will have to focus more on keeping the aircraft steady than targeting the enemy. And for the one in the front, getting away is an arduous task. However, there are ways to break through to all of this. One of the tactics that was used in dogfights, was the dispersion of smoke, to confuse the enemy vision, forcing them to change their altitude Adding this will bring: - More balanced dogfights - New air tactics
  14. RCAPOL

    Update 1.10 is up on the Prototype Server!

    it's working now
  15. RCAPOL

    what is squad upgrade

    It happens when u reach a soldier level at 6! A squad upgrade gives u the rights to lead a squad with specifics commands like: Attack, Defend and Rush Her