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    74th Panzer Grenadier Division Clan

    74th Panzer Grenadier Division: Description: This is a clan that in newly found, we seek new and old players to this game we are a clan that will be working with other clans closely meaning we will be pushing with other clans or having other clans push with us, we do not disrespect each other clans. This clan will not tolerate people who threaten others based off race, gender or religion in a non joking manner, banter is fine if it is not serious. Rules: Have respect for highers up and clan members in general meaning try not to argue or have problems with people within in the clan Do not insult other clans (try not to at least) Smiffweez, and BlackRaven44 are the clan leaders this doesn’t mean that there won’t be other co leaders or officers but they for now take authority Try not to be toxic Call outs take priority when in battle meaning keep the talk to a minimum 16+ prefered but exceptions can be made Requirements: Have played for at least 50 hours Mains Germany as a faction (doesn’t mean you can’t play other factions just for war be playing Germany with us) Has at least a rank 10 infantry or Higher You do not need Assault Teams but anything helps We play war mostly try to not played staged unless for grinding purposes Microphones are very much needed for communication Good KDs are welcomed but if you are not that great at combat we can train you in time (just have a 1.0 KD or more What we can offer: If you are having trouble in battle we are more than willing to train you for war, and just having a better experience overall in this game as the leaders of the group care for each other 74th Panzer is already setup and ready to take on the War on the RTS map and to give SU & US a run for their money! The Clan is a easy-going, English speaking Clan, for multi-nationality of players, regardless if you play casual or hardcore. Do you wish to be part of a community and to play together in FPS and RTS? Voice coms and teamwork? Communication, Coordination & Teamplay will be the central focus! regardless of your skill! JOIN TODAY! And Let's bring them hell! Want to join Our Clan? Just Fill in below via copy and paste to join to sign up! It's As easy as that! Join the Discord now for more information https://discord.gg/Z5Mat9Q Join this Teamspeak : Leave a response below if you would like to join
  2. BlackRaven44

    The real battle of dunkirk: Krasnohrad

    The long 2 hour fight between the Soviets and the Germans. This true heroic last stand against the endless advance by the persistence of the red army ended in a pyrrhic Soviet victory. Valiant efforts for the Germans to hold their hangers to let the Luftwaffe retreat, many got shot down by anti tank weaponry in the process of escape. This was the true battle of Dunkirk!
  3. BlackRaven44

    The real battle of dunkirk: Krasnohrad

    Good game btw was a long one it was funny when the game kind of bugged out and let us keep defending after we lost the battle lol
  4. BlackRaven44

    74th Panzer Grenadier Division Clan

    Thank you Mr. Moderator I love you ❤️
  5. BlackRaven44

    74th Panzer Grenadier Division Clan

    Accepted my friend come and join the discord
  6. BlackRaven44

    Some of my favourite guns In game

    I agree with you mitron the 1919 seems a bit op like what is the deal with that laser accuracy it is insane can literally snipe with that thing, I main Germany still so I like using the mp40 with the same modes since it has decent accuracy
  7. BlackRaven44

    ☠The Last Battalion☠

    Age:18 Country: United States of America Reason for Joining; Wanting to play with an active clan Time-Zone: PST In-game UN: BlackRaven44 Mic?: Yes Do you have Assault reams? Yes If so how many and what type are they? Oh god... 17 Guards. 37 Motorized Guards. 5 Infantry. 6 Motorized Infantry. 1 Motorized Recon. 2 Mechanized Recon. 4 Light Tanks. 6 Medium Tanks. 3 Tank Destroyers. 1 Recon Plane. 5 Medium Fighters. And 1 Pathfinder = 88 Total ATs