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  1. andreibaciu400

    New dlc's

    Just saw the new dlc's just want to ask 1 question WHO THE F.U.C.K IS WASTING MONEY ON ANY OF THAT S.H.I.T XDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
  2. andreibaciu400

    Just reinstalled h&g

    yeah psoitive k/d could mean staying at the back of the map with a scoped rifle but i guess it's better than negative k/d
  3. went right into war and the first 2 problems that i noticed are 1. the noobs: carried the whole game why are noobs allowed in war? 2. the ping retoX's way of dealing with bad latency is the fps if you have bad ping the fps drops down like crazy
  4. andreibaciu400


    What anti virus do you use?
  5. andreibaciu400

    where do you enter the voucher code?

    in game Top right there is a cogwheel click on that and then a drop down menu pops up search for REDEEM CODE and click on that paste the code and then boom voucher redeem
  6. andreibaciu400


    what exactly happens when you press play?
  7. andreibaciu400

    Flamethrowers really reto?

    loving plasma cutter or what is that shirt?
  8. andreibaciu400

    Flamethrowers really reto?

    too bad we can't see the fps
  9. i mean cmon when a tank shoots the muzzle smoke drop's 30 fps imagine a flamethrower just imagine that they are modeling flamethrowers instead of working on optimizing the game they work on flamethowers and i swear to god if they add flamethrowers im making a 10 man squad of flamethrower spamming frame dropping germans
  10. andreibaciu400

    Muzzle Smoke

    i was not talking about how to tame the smoke i was talking about the fact that the overused amount of muzzle smoke is restarted
  11. andreibaciu400


    oof they add flamethrowers when muzzle smoke makes the game run like shirt
  12. andreibaciu400

    Muzzle Smoke

    yeah i get it we are playing with ww2 weapons maybe even some ww1 weapons but cmon this isn't fun i full auto somebody and after 5 shots i can't see the enemy anymore in beta it was simplistic and that's why i started playing you devs just try making it better without finding out that you don't know how to do it and also your work with particles is pathetic also suspected that it is the main dropper of fps so for god sakes just make the muzzle smoke 60% smaller or just add entirely new ones also btw yall should probbaly update retoX we are getting the fallout 76 problme here you can't just use the same engine for more than 5 years you will just add more and more and your engine won't keep up soo do some weapon balancing and take some time to make a new engine or just move to unreal engine or unity
  13. andreibaciu400

    The elite weapons of h&g

    oh wow i must be blind there is 0 toxicity here
  14. andreibaciu400

    The elite weapons of h&g

    why are you talking about the m1a1 that thing has 15 bullets in mag maybe you were talking about m1/m2 which can be modded to fire faster than both avs and stg and to be honest i feel like it's balanced since most americans that use it are noobs