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  1. I enjoy playing staged battles with light armor only and when I first login, sometimes these settings are the default and sometimes not. Once I adjust them and fight through a match, about 50% of the time they revert back to all tanks and all matches and the other half of the time they stay at the setting I put.. Any input???
  2. So this snip- person was in several matches. he spawned once, killed 1 enemy tank, and then just sat in a hidden corner and racked up 2525 points? I drove over and he was AFK, as I pushed his tank all around the map with my tank and he just kept racking up points.. How can this be??
  3. I've seen older posts on this, but some people mentioned it was a bug that was fixed. Does anybody know if Iron Fist works while operating a tank? I'm using Quick Reloader and that for my tanker, but am open to other, better loadouts if anybody has a suggestion. Thanks!
  4. creepermansean

    Have ribbons/badges been redone?

    I have a US tanker and use Iron Fist and Gunner combat badges. For some reason my Iron Fist one is silver, but has a small gold badge next to it. Did they down-rate some badges or something? I also can't see the ribbon that would enhance Gunner any longer.. Does anybody know how I would grind that one up to gold? Thanks!
  5. I'm levelling up my german tanker and am curious if the Iron Fist badge will work when I'm using my tank's main gun? Or is it only with handheld weapons? I generally use Gunner(fast reload) and Mechanic (fast repair) so I can get in and out quickly and keep fighting. Any better loadouts or badge setups for tank grinding? Thanks!
  6. I am a student of military history and have read and watched hundreds of interviews with soldiers from every front of the war. Never once did they mention anything like the absolutely inane bell ringing noise that the new TD's make. It is simply absurd that is happens and echoes across the entire damn map. I'd love someone at RETO to help me understand how this stupid noise came to infect the game? I won't even mention T38's slaughtering Panthers, as that horse is long dead... But just wow, this dumb noise....
  7. creepermansean

    AT Rambo Badge Questions..

    This reply is fabulous. Being a fellow Irishman, I can appreciate it for all its beauty. You've got my "double tap" down, which is quick pfaust/zooka shot, with a death dart to finish if needed. I can tell you from great experience that I can hit the M2 tank with 2 shots, right next to it and it doesn't die. Same w/ the pesky Soviet MG Tank (T-38?) Chaffees I can pwn all day with 2 shots.. Strange. I'll switch it up to infantry first from grenadier and see if that changes anything.. I usually engage until I'm down to 1-2 rockets, then run back to a base and repeat, so the AT crate works best. This cancer may decide to spread itself to other clans... I'll try the Americans and see how it works. Thanks for the reply!
  8. So I love being a German AT Rambo. 16000+ tanks killed and counting. My current load out is: Bazooka, death darts, wrench, first aid kit, extra ammo. I drive a kubel with AT supply crate. My current badges are Iron Fist and Dynamite Lover, both gold.. I only play matches with tanks in them, so I never really used Infantry First, but was considering switching if it would let me kill the stupid light MG tanks w/ 2 shots instead of 3. I previously posted (and learned a great deal!) about how silly it is that the light Soviet tanks take 3 shots to kill, and I can usually destroy a hellcat/chaffee w/ 2 shots. What is the consensus of the hive mind on best badges please? Thanks!!
  9. So I am one of the dreaded "AT Rambo" types. I delight in killing tanks w/ handheld weapons (over 12,000 kills and counting. I have Iron Fist and Grenadier Gold, and use a pfaust, zooka to deliver a quick 1-2 punch, then use either lawn darts or another faust/zooka if needed. My question is this: Both the American M2 and Soviet T38 tanks take 3 shots to kill, while I regularly destroy M10's, Hellcats, and Shermans with 2 shots. Pershings and IS-2's take 3 shots. How is this logically possible? Thanks!!!
  10. creepermansean

    Help me understand costs....

    Great info, TY!
  11. creepermansean

    Help me understand costs....

    These replies are fantastic, many thanks! No need to open ones belly in dishonor!! It's interesting that the cost is per round as it leaves the tube, rather than when you spawn.. I hunt tanks just for fun really, and don't care about points/money/etc., but keep piling up stuff. A bit of study shows this is certainly not the fastest way to gather a large pile of shekels, but it is fun for me. Thanks for the clarification on the 3 rounds/vs. 2 round M2 tank as well. Very good stuff! Any other recommendations for my loadout? I used H3's for awhile, but it was harder to get them stuck, and I can't get the sticky nades as a German... This group is wonderful, thanks!!!
  12. So, I usually enjoy killing tanks as a Level 15, German, Rambo style. Polarizing, I know. My load out is a Kubel w/ AT crate, Bazooka, AT darts, wrench, and medkit. My ribbons are Iron Fist and Grenadier and I can usually slaughter any tank w/ 2 shots, except the Pershing and the M2 light tank (go figure). My questions are these: 1). When I spawn, there is a cost for me to deploy myself, my gear, and my vehicle. Correct? Any guess as to the cost, or is there a resource for the various spawn costs? 2). When I hunt down a tank, and say I use 2 Bazooka rockets on it, is there an additional cost? 3). Once I use my 7 rockets up, and go to a base to restock, am I charged again for new rockets? 4). I'm guessing there is a cost to restock my Pfaust every time as well.. 5). Does this cost also apply if I pick up a pfaust laying around the map or from another player's vehicle? 6). My medkit has a cost to use, I'm sure. Is there a cost to restock them from the med supply boxes laying around the map or someone's Medic crate? 7). I'm guessing the resource for #1 above will also let me know how many points I'll get for killing respective tanks? Thanks Hive-mind!!!
  13. Lately I am having lots of problems with the game. I can see through tanks, walls, and sometimes the ground. I get strange lines, vision blocking walls, different skies, maps that are only black, and a host of other visual problems. I've updated the video driver (Nvidia GEForce GTX560), and have never had these issues before. I have updated the driver and re-started the PC to no avail. Here is a link to the images: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B89kxdKfVxaeSnBMS3NmUlhOZEU?usp=sharing
  14. I own all 3 aircraft and use debug controls, but it seems like the P38 can now easily turn inside my ME109. I never used to get out-turned.. Anybody else seeing this??
  15. creepermansean

    Change the BF-109 variant?

    Speaking of crappy performance, has something changed with the P38? It can now turn circles inside my German plane. Yes I use debug controls, and have still been consistently out-turned by the P38's the past week or two. Anybody else have this happen? Cheers!