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  1. I'm sorry but this list only concerns that particular battle. I think F1 and the report system in-game is useless because the F1 pop-up was not even showing itself when they were throwing grenades at me, this system is completely broken. If you want to report this griefer you should send a ticket here: like I did for thoses 3 griefers, and reto might take into consideration your report. Note that you must log in to gain access to the player reporting category. They had high-ranked soldiers so that does not make sense, they clearly knew what they were doing.
  2. So I had an insane game and I want to share it in the "Video & Pictures from the community" forum ! Am I the only one who ever had a game like this ?? Anyway, I had a game yesterday where the only rules were chaos and team killing. Here is the video link : Context : I joined a C&H Batlle game as tank crew in the soviet faction, I spawned my t34 and started driving to 01. Unfortunately a guy in jeep started to throw anti tank grenades into my tank, then I get out and tried to repair my tank but I got roadkilled, the recording start here. Note : at the very beginning we can see that I reported a player called "bandzula4" but this was a mistake, in fact one of the real griefers was called "BanzayNEW" wich is kinda similar. I used the virtual keyboard of the russian language in google translate to have the correct spelling of their names. Here the names of the 3 team killer : Мой_геморой BanzayNEW Мудофил They were in a squad named "47хромосом" I'm in charge of the report to reto. Timestamps of the video : 0:00 - 4:55 : team killing party 4:55 - 12:42 : nothing special 12:42 - 12:47 : 2 team kill in the Kill Feed 12:47 - 13:08 : nothing special 13:08 - 13:20 : Мудофил standing in front of the SU76M 13:20 : team kill in the Kill Feed (Мудофил forced Arche2025 to kill him) 13:21 - 13:52 : BanzayNEW shooting us with his BT7 13:52 : 3 team kill in the Kill Feed 13:53 - 14:49 : nothing special 14:50 - 15:00 : team kill in the Kill Feed 15:01 - 15:25 : nothing special 15:26 - 15:35 : Мой_геморой killing me with RPG-43 15:36 - 16:39 : nothing special If anyone has an explanation of such a weird game like this or whatever is going on in this game, I'll take it please.