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  1. Im pretty sure Gromes realizes his suggestions would help SU more, even though he is top dog in the best US clan 😄 SU sorely needs an assist at this point, with AR being nerfed and their playerbase dwindling.
  2. I think that some of these changes could actually contribute to better, longer, wars, by making it easier to switch factions and build armies on them. At the moment, it seems like only US has an active clanbase, while GE vets are playing staged and SU are banned or sulking. Not sure about removing AR completely - would like to see what happens with 2-6 hour timers. But as a stopgap measure, it might be better than nothing. In my view, the warfund sinkholes are actually caused by softcapping, subsequent encirclement and death by AR. So, maybe reto should reduce the penalty on dying from encirclement, such as partial refunds on war end. To simulate prisoner exchange or something like that. Also, please make it possible to actually retreat. The current mechanism sends troops off in random directions, which are often other active battles waiting to AR.
  3. I am pretty excited to see that something might actually be done to improve the RTS experience 😄 I would however recommend to experiment with incremental increases, to see how non-EU players react, as long as only the AR timer is changed. Next on the agenda I would propose changing the matchmaker as Khadmon proposed, to make battles pop in sequential order. And maybe make MM prioritize war battles for those who have selected it when queuing randomly. What I mean is, make people wait a couple of minutes longer, in order to populate more war battles. This would hopefully bring more life to war/RTS during those late and early EU hours. Special priority should be given to "veterans" or players above level ~12, that have the necessary equipment to fight in war. But i realize that this last part is probably out of scope. Third experiment should be to decrease the penalty for troops lost to morale and encirclement. It seems fair to get refunded 50 to 75% of the warfunds lost due to this, and it would be solve alot of the warfund issues that players have been complaining about for years. I voted for 3 hours because that should be short enough to avoid getting skirmishes cut off, while at the same time (hopefully) mimicking no-AR. Thank you @Reto.Hades for asking the engaging the community on this issue, and also big thanks to whomever decided to put a team together to please us RTS addicts 😄
  4. Excactly. Just try some stuff out like it never left Beta. Which it never really did 😄
  5. I think this silent "Majority" might be whales that buy gold 😄 I do however believe that more gold can be earned sold by making RTS more attractive in general. Whales will keep buying gold to get bigger, because they focus on command points rather than deploy costs. They have huge warfund stockpiles because they can take all the warfunds earned from a large front, while smaller players just have to hope they can get a battle for themselves once in a while, without 2k dropping in to steal warfunds after pop. My final proposal is directed at needing gold to buy veteran membership, and making veterans rather than whales the main income for the end-game, AKA RTS/Generals. Which reminds me that i forgot to add something about this issue of adding tickets after pop. Oh and i should maybe add your idea of giving newbies free stuff. Excellent idea. Using semantics might actually also help alot.
  6. Well, thats why I am trying to highlight some easy fixes to make war and rts more attractive. At the moment, 90% of the playerbase doesnt care about the end-game, because its a huge disappointment. The largest playerbase, i.e. german faction, have given up on war because they lose it all the time, and just started sealclubbing in staged instead. This drives new players away from sovjet union and USA, or the game itself. Germans also lack the coordination between generals that US and SU have, because they have less but larger generals. Thats why i propose to give them a shorter queue and over-dog bonus. In the end you are completely right though. Even if reto had the ressources and will to fix RTS, most players will prefer balanced games in staged. I still hope that reto will show just a modicum of interest in their stillborn RTS at some point. Even if its just to bury it and start over.
  7. Sorry for replying before fully understanding your proposal 😄 I support the idea of reducing sizes of specialist classes, as it would solve many problems. I do however believe that it would lead to more specialist classes in battles, as the cost of adding them becomes smaller. I believe that is good for the war/generals/rts side of H&G, as more people will want to play it then. Further restrictions on spawn rates would make generals even happier to add toys to battles imo.
  8. I believe that battles with 3 or more people queued are prioritized by matchmaker, but yes, queuing for battles takes way too long against underpopulated factions. Especially since the armor update, which makes it almost impossible to pop battles where the enemy has no toys, at any given time of day. Thats why i suggested some changes to match maker, battle director, less queue for special classes, plus making it easier to switch factions.
  9. Dear reto-moto. There are serious issues driving old and new players away from the generals side of Heroes & Generals. The main issue being that very little has been done to improve it. I realize that the server had to be "refactored" to make it easier to make changes, but that has been going on for years now. I would like to propose that some subtle experiments be carried out to tweak things such as the ones described below. But any changes will be welcomed. Warfound sinkholes: - Autoresolve/AR (e.g. increase the timer length, and reduce the loss of warfounds when encircled and AR'ed to oblivion) - Morale system (Why do we lose so much morale from winning, and why do units undeploy when they still have morale left? Also, why dont we get refunded at least a part of the warfunds lost due to morale issues? Even if our troops run away, cant they be put into penal squadrons or regain their morale at some point?) - Warfound earnings allocation (Allocate warfound gains to the assault teams that have been used, and not the ones that have (barely) lost any ressources. And put back unused ressources into assault teams after the battle please. Including undeployed vehicles, and vehicles that have not been destroyed) OR - First come first serve (Keep additional infantry out of the battle after it starts - Maybe except for APC's) - Superstacks: Generals tend to put most of their AT's into battles on the front lines, leaving empty towns behind, and piling up tickets in cities that become easy prey for clans and whales. The size of these cities often reach 5-10.000 tickets, presenting a yummy opportunity for whales or clans to add them to their stockpiles (Superstacks can be adressed via the 2 ideas above, and a better retreat mechanism) Queuing for battles / Waiting times: - Matchmaker (Give us the old battle list back, and use the system you already have in place to match players according to skill) - Battle director (like populating skirmishes and encounters more often, or making battles populate in order of when they are initiated) - Use the old battle list to show us battles where others are queuing, and maybe even use it for a clan vs. clan system War balance & Onboarding: - Queue (like less vehicles in assault teams, more deploy alloted to Germany, and allow more tanks, paras and planes to be deployed in general) - Underdog bonus (e.g. turn it around and give incentive to fight the underdogs with AT's, while still giving FPS players incentives to change factions) - Make underdog bonus dynamically adjust for the amount of active generals and their number of AT's deployed (not just whomever clicked "join faction in war") - Make it possible to switch factions, even at a cost if necessary. German faction should cost more. Even if just command points can be transferred, more players would join SU or US - Give new players free stuff, like medkits, wrench and pistols, if they join a different faction in war Onboarding: - Disallowing the use of characters above level X in staged (or at least divide staged games into noobs vs. noobs and vets vs. vets, to avoid turning new players off the game because they get sealclubbed by veterans) - Give new accounts access to buy 1-3 assault team early on a level 6 or so (to make them explore the generals game early on, maybe with an assault team of each type) - Stop pre-selecting war mode for new toons, and maybe even make it a requirement to be level X to use Matchmaker for war - Make Sovjet and US factions more attractive to new players by nerfing german equipment to oblivion 😄 Or just highlight the cool things about US and SU, like AVS, M1919, Hellcat and Stug. Maybe even just make a video showcasing the 3 factions, that newbies can watch before joining a faction. - Link to a video explaining how RTS works, even if its just some streamer who makes the video for you for free. Logistics: - Retreat mechanism (Dont retreat into other battles - run away from the frontline!) - Pathfinder sending assault teams and especially reinforcements into active battles where they die off if battle is lost - Assault team experience gain (Decreasing the amount of XP required to get APC's, heavy fighters and heavy tanks) - Specialist assault teams size (smaller specialist AT's would lower the cost of usage for generals, and might encourage them to add more toys to battles, making war battles more fun for the average joe, and make it possible for generals to sort of "vote" to get battles played, without ruining chances of victory by attracting newbies that queue as specialists. As far as I know, battle director prioritizes battles with assault teams from many different generals) - Specialist assault team vehicle ratio (less vehicles and more soldiers would encourage specialists to act more often in supportive roles and increase the likelyhood of them to capture points and/or work together as small teams) GUI: - Visual and auditory feedback on the map (to allow old and especially new players to see whats going on - like make cities change colors according to active state or let us see how many units are in a town, at a glance) - Add a sound and animation whenever something changes in a battle our assault teams are engaged in - HUD (like being able to minimize it) - Reduce the cost of renaming assault teams (at the moment we are paying alot of warfounds just to group and organize assault teams) OR: - Give us battlegroups, i.e. allow us to group assault teams into larger units (You can even charge us warfounds for this) - Battle reports for Generals (to analyze warfounds) - Show a percentage chance of a win/loss of populated battles, based on player skill, map type and whether or not its a defense/attack. Or just show us some more info about individual players, so we can do our own risk analysis. - Give us back the browser version of generals RTS (port it to a website) In-game / War FPS mode: - Adjust the respawn ability dynamically on special classes, like pilot, to account for the number of ressources in the battle. Like, if there are 24 pilots and planes in the battle, one can only be spawned every minute and 15 seconds, to avoid running out of ressources. This would make generals more likely to add toys like airforce and armor to battles, which in turn would make war battles more fun. At the moment, pilots and planes can pretty much only be used once per war, due to loooong queues. - Remove unused lines from battles, like in staged - Make it impossible to capture "dead" lines (many battles are lost because newbies capture lines that has no opposition) - Highlight the option to capture primary objectives (the O's), even if your own line doesnt have access yet - Make it possible to change lines even if squad leader is not dead - Make the more experienced players squad leaders in war, not staged - Or just remove squads and add more commands to the the binoculars (squads seem to crash the game anyway) Eternal Bugs: - When assault teams are defeated, we have to wait until they regain morale from 0 to 100, or un-equip and re-equip them one at a time. Annoying and should have been fixed years ago. - Losing warfound gains if your line into a city is captured - Squads that crash the game - Equipping/un-equipping generals badges with AT's equipped at the same time ANY changes would be welcomed and would make alot of players very happy, myself included. I might even start buying veteran memberships with gold again. Actually, if you need more ressources, then just make it impossible to buy veteran membership with credits. But only if you use those ressources to improve RTS! 😉 As it is, its nearly impossible to play RTS without having veteran membership, because it costs so many warfoonds. I think most veterans would accept buying veteran memberships with gold, if they actually saw their favorite game improved in a meaningful way. There is a ton of other suggestions in the strategy forum, so don't necessarily use my ideas. Many of them are not my ideas anyway, just some i stole. I realize the list is long, and the issues many, but dont give up! One little change at a time, and the RTS could be a moneymaker for years to come. @Reto.JM @Reto.RedBjarne
  10. PurGe

    New morale system

    This would be nice to have, if only a few other issues were fixed first. Like pathfinder sending AT's into active battles, and the impossibly large distances in Russia. Also, if losing AT's to encirclement and AR, the loss should only be a fraction of the full cost of redeployment. I like the idea though 🙂 Being further from home must make soldiers lose morale IRL. Maybe a special assault team such as "Medic" or a buff like "Visit from Hollywood celebs" could be bought to improve morale as well 😄
  11. I have played Natural Selection alot, in which all matches have a commander that places ressources, gives orders and such. It works really well, and I believe it would be a superb addition to this game. It will never get developed by reto, but it would be really, really cool 😄
  12. Yea, smaller AT's, especially when it comes to vehicles, would help in lots of ways. Like warfound drain, queue and willingness to take risks with AT's. I believe it would result in more specialist classes being put into battles, which would make battles and the game more fun.
  13. I second that idea. Now go make a post about it 😄
  14. Yea, bringing back the old battle list would go a long way toward fixing that i think. I used to use that alot before i got any AT's. Unfotunately i sometimes used it only to join defensive battles 😄 But there are downsides to everything. Also, it only showed ongoing battles. Would be cool if generals could like vote for battles to get played, and they would get put on the MM list. Probably too much to ask though.
  15. PurGe

    AT List

    I would like to be able to hide the entire HUD. The way it is now, I can only fill around two thirds of my screen with the map.