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  1. piero604

    The Snow

    Quit snow pls i am getting blind!!!
  2. piero604

    I found a visual glitch

    I think is a small glitch but you can shoot through this.... so Reto check it...
  3. piero604

    Is not fair the tank method.

    How many time are you playing this game? A long time ago, the light tanks plays against light tanks not mixed, that is my point return to the normal method, because is not fair die 10 times because a panther V is spaming you, i stop to playing with chaffee because is really expensive to repair and i cant kill anything....
  4. piero604

    Is not fair the tank method.

    You do not understand my point. I mean why should I do that to kill? Would not it be better to put each type of tank in your game as it was before?
  5. piero604

    Is not fair the tank method.

    yes buy why i need to spend coins in that? to kill 1 or 2 tanks. No i dont like that is not fair the tank system...
  6. piero604

    Is not fair the tank method.

    Is not fair play with light tanks agains medium tanks or tank destroyers. I cant play light tanks because in my team are 3 stuarts and in the other team 5 panther V. I'm getting tired of playing and just die and die because not even 50 bullets destroy a Panther V.
  7. Te recomiendo que completes facciones. Yo complete la rusa con todo lvl 15 (2 soldados de inf y el resto 1 de todo). Fui por la americana en 2 semanas me saque 2 soldados lvl 14 con m1m2 y m1919, eso si tenia todo antes en US menos infanteria y con los Alemanes hare lo mismo comprar 2 soldados lvl 12 y paciencia y mucho juego... (Para lograr esto meti dinero)
  8. piero604

    Why the repair is so expensive!?

    Srly i dont know why, i am playing this game a lot of years, and with the newest updates everything change, something are positives and other are really bad...
  9. piero604

    Why the repair is so expensive!?

    i dont need money... i only got surprised about the cost of the repair...
  10. piero604

    Why the repair is so expensive!?

    Oohh, i am going to take all of the scopes and bullets to my weaponds...
  11. piero604

    Why the repair is so expensive!?

    is a paratroop lvl 14. And yes the ppsh was fully moded...
  12. piero604

    Why the repair is so expensive!?

    Hello idk why is so expensive now repair the weaponds check this example: https://gyazo.com/7125ec020495330b109485c8481cc8c4 https://gyazo.com/2228723d0f3ea8c65ecb12bc53e651ed I made 42 kills, a lot of points and i only get 6k and the repair was 7k....
  13. piero604

    Pilots now can't get playing

    Put 6$ in gold. Buy a german pilot. Start to play.
  14. piero604

    I found a glitch in war

    Is not my main faction hahaha, but i am going to spend more $$ and hours to get more reccons haahahaha
  15. piero604

    when will the next gold discount?

    Okay ty for the answer.