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  1. PUMT2mester123

    Lend-Lease stuff

    In my humble opinion, the soviet faction should get rid of it's lend-lease vehicles and replace them with domestic vehucles. The Harley for example could be replaced with the Dnepr M72: The M3 Halftrack with the YaG-10: While it's a simple truck, it can't be up-armored, but it could have a DT or DShK machine gun behind the cabin. I couldn't find anything for the QMC-4, so that has to remain... Finally, some extra vehicles for all factions! The M3 scout car for the US Faction, categorised as Tier 2 terrain vehicle. LVT-3 as a Large-Class APC (Also amphibious): The Horch 108 Typ 40 for german T2 car: The SdKfz 6/1 for the german Heavy ISV: The soviet car could be the GAZ-A Model 1936: Finally the heavy-class ISV for the Soviets, the Komintern: Hope you like it, I feel I'm returning to the game a little bit, so I already had some ideas for improvements.
  2. PUMT2mester123

    Update 1.18 - UI and Anti-Air Overhaul

    I believe you like it, and then the fault is in me, but I jus't can't force myself to play longer matches. I feel the error in the core of the game, and feels like the devs are also bored of it, and they either want to end it, or keep pushing it untill it collapses... I don1t expect tanks to get fixed anymore, it was just my personal little thing in the game that keeps me away from it. And I never really cared about AA guns, nor flying, The AI Was changed a million times already, such as the flash client, and instead of improving, it got slower and bulkier every time... and I'm forcing myself not to swear. this is the opposint of Minor Release, that was the best update in years now. Did you notice they don't make videos on youtube since 1.13 got released? What is the reason? The wiki page is abandoned, this site gets crashed from tome to time, the whole game feels like it wants to fall apart, there's always something that doesn't let you fully enjoy the experience. Is this really the game we want to play?
  3. PUMT2mester123

    Give me honest opinions.

    I'm just curious about it, I'm actually in the 9th pahse, but shortly will progress to 10.
  4. PUMT2mester123

    Update 1.18 - UI and Anti-Air Overhaul

    And this is called a full Update? Just no... no more, please... you still didn't work on tank vs. tank by separating classes, just a quick example... everytime something gets upgraded or "fixed", 5 other things are broken. This game starts to look like a dead-end. The first update of the year was more than decent, but it seems like Reto is out of ideas, bored of making a game we want to play.
  5. PUMT2mester123

    New guns for all factions

    I can't F***ing Create a new topic, or rework this one properly, when I want to save it says I'm not logged in, even if I am... What's wrong with this page? Or is it my computer? But hey, thanks for all the suggestions, as I have the chance I'll rework the topic... if anyone is interested at all...
  6. PUMT2mester123

    New guns for all factions

    Yes, the 1887 would be cool, but it was even more outdated by the war than the Trench gun, and I couldn't find any info on it being used by the time. I only suggested the M1897 because US Doesn't have any proper Assault rifle, even the M1/M2 is a pimped carbine, but an AR is mainly defined by intermediate caliber, and the only such gun in-game is the StG... I think we should call them end-game weapons as they were first implemented in Walker and Xylander updates. Even the AVS is a so-called "battle rifle", similar to the M14 somewhat. And the Ithaca and Sauer M30 is meant to be only for pilots for a proper defensive primary instead of pistols.
  7. PUMT2mester123

    revert to prior 1.12

    Ya know wut m8? I'd go back as far as Furness - Fist of steel, as the last decently balanced update...
  8. PUMT2mester123

    Captured weapons (15 NOV 2019)

    Yeah, sure... now imagine this in Armor 2.0 where you need half of your ammo to kill a heavy tank, even while flanking and shooting key components on them.
  9. PUMT2mester123

    Captured weapons (15 NOV 2019)

    Pff... It's cheaper, and fights mediums better, but as a heavy, it's bad... really bad, nad it's been since it's introduction.
  10. PUMT2mester123

    Captured weapons (15 NOV 2019)

    Nice, the crappiest heavy tank gets sights... not like most of soviet tanks have german sights... and it's the last thing the KV needs. I can't even call it a "decent" tank, it S-U-C-K-S! End of story, Reto has f**ke dup this game.
  11. PUMT2mester123

    Captured weapons (15 NOV 2019)

    Oh, fhakking fantastic, then why don't we delete all restrictions, huh? Let recons run around with LMGs, why not? I'm getting sick of this bullsheyt Reto is pulling off in the last months, my god, what is this nonsense with captured weapons??? And shared AT guns again? H3 Returns everybody, you can put your tanks under the table, they'll be useless as you leave spawn... I had a year of pause from this game, and I returned for the old memories, but now I have to watch it die? Why?? Jesus christ now I honestly hope it will die in the next year, now this made me very pissed off man... If they would just listen to the community for ONCE, maybe they could bring back this rubbish game from the edge of the canyon, but nooo, let's implement minor little sheets that don't change the game at all, and more often just make it worse. Now I don't wonder the player count is decreasing, Hell, even Kotton and Atway, 2 of the best Youtubers left this game, there are no big names on youtube that play this pile of steaming horsedump... How long have we been asking for them to upgrade their servers, implement something new, something gamechanging, or just...idk, leave the game as it is...I know where the game started to go down. It was at the update Hallowes. After that, every update was on the negative side, every change, every nerf and buff just mage the game worse. Up until this moment I was defending this game, but now, I'll leave it forever, and everywhere I go to talk about my experience with video games, I'll beat this game as hard as I can. But if MAAAAAYBE... just MAYBE... Reto will not implement this krap, I'll bring this up in every of my future topics. P.s. #lmgsforreconsandtankers Thank you.
  12. PUMT2mester123

    Why is the wiki page abandoned?

    I just wanna know, it is like 10 miles behind the actual game, so many things are not present, and it also could get an update, like statistics of cost per spawn in case of vehicles and per shot on field of guns and their modifications. And Maaaaaaaybe a new comparing system like the ReDeamon one, which is also too old to be relevant...
  13. PUMT2mester123

    Wednesday Warrior - 30% OFF Vehicle Repair

    I like the idea, but why exactly Wednesday?
  14. PUMT2mester123

    New guns for all factions

    Yeah, I imagined the next thing will be axes or medieval swords.
  15. PUMT2mester123

    New guns for all factions

    Thanks Bruh, I'm not an expert on this front, I'm not into planes, so I think you'll have to do this list for me. *For the Devs, sorry. ^^