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  1. If they allow FG42 for GE infantry ,everyone will start to complain how OP are the GE because everyone is using FG42 and no one can stand against them. Do you know what will happen after that, i will tell you - they will NERF FG42 that's will gonna happen. Just remove Johnson from US infantry and give Fedorov Avtomat or something else to the SU paratroopers so they will be able to counter Johnson and FG42.
  2. Please nerf HE shells ,or decrease the number of tankers per game,one is enough, three tankers is a lot, you can not play infantry anymore, this is very bad, please do this.
  3. Yep the market but it's better to have one throwable AT if the tank is trying to escape.
  4. In order to call a weapon OP or to compare them you must to have it in your inventory and to have gold or silver ribbon with him, not to make your conclusion on that how often you are get killed from that particular weapon, or how you fill that weapon when you picked him from the ground. Every faction, every class and every player have his own playstyle that depend of the weapons that they have available to them, or that they liked. If you want to be competive in every situation like infantry just rise 3 characters antyinfantry for long range and CQC- BA and SMG very expensive for maintain, but great for cap and defense. midrange for credit grind LMG and Spade\pistol ATrambo (use only against HE spammers) I am mostly GE para with LMG for biger map and capzones SMG for smal capzones ATpara for HE spammers if you want fun make SU smg with PPSH, or US para with two pistols and grenades.
  5. Yeah i forgot for this guys , it's very frustrating when you and someone else clear the capzone and someone throw grenade inside the house and wipe everyone from inside, some times i think the people make that intentionally just to get all the XP for himself, or when you waste your next parajump only to defend the point that you cap and defend ALONE 30 sec ago.
  6. The players from all factions are playing like this not only GE. Because everyone thinking that when they only attack they will make more XP , many people just don't realize that if they want to make a successful attack someone of them must to defend the previous cappoint.
  7. I have 700+ hours in H&G and i don't play only like para, i have Lvl 15 para and infantry in all factions and tanker pilot and recon in GE. I am sory for that you have bad experience and feelings against the paratroopers, but not every one are like you, not every one want to play only like infantry, it will be very boring once after the player unlock everything that he want and there is nothing to challenging him after that. There is some new games only with infantry if you want you can go and play there no one will stop you. PS: I am not using the Team Speak but why someone will write in it instead of talking .
  8. Lol i was expecting some kind of thread like this one to be written from a new player ,but when you describe yourself as a old player(veteran) i was like WTF. I was thinking that all Vets know how, when and like what class to play, depending against what they are faced. Some of my best K/D are when i play against enemy team with more paratroopers than our team. The paras are the most predictable and easy to spot class. This game is not only for attacking you must also to defend as well. I can't count how many times the paras are the only ones that are defending the objective, while the infantry just spawn and passing around the objective without paying any attention on that the cappoint from where they spawn is contested, and just rushing to the next objective. I am not going to talk about all this campers that just waiting outside the capzone and when the paras land and clear it from all enemies, they just get inside and make free XP, or worst throwing grenade and wiping out every one inside because they dont paying any attention like usual. This game will become only tankers VS campers if there is no paratroopers. This class is the only thing that keep me in this game, the paratrooper class drag me in this game in first place, they are the only thing that the others games do not have(or atleast i dont know them). Tanks for your attention.
  9. They must to establish some rules in that forum, i mean in order to call a weapon OP you must to have it in your inventory and to have gold or silver ribbon with him, not to make your conclusion on that how often you are get killed from that particular weapon.
  10. If you want to grind FG42/Johnson faster open your parachute immediately after you jump from the plane, but dont jump in the middle of the war zone. Try to look behind and above yourself when you are in the air to see if there is no enemy para after you. Inform your team when you see that the enemy para are jumping above the crucial points.
  11. Ok i am not going to comment the GE weapons, because i don want my favorites to get nerfed but STG it's definitely not the best GE weapon. PPD better than PPSH that is a joke seriously WTF.
  12. I think it's will be better if they make it like in the old CoD where when you kill the enemy player he drop 15 or 20% healthbox, because if they make more stationary med crates that will give to the defenders a big advantage over the attackers.
  13. That's why i have one AT para to use him against the camping tankers.