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  1. Grind tips

    To grind what- credits, weapon ribbons, salt(if you are a troll), character Lvl ???
  2. lol and i can't type more than 10 words in the chat. I bet no one pays attention on that what you write in the in game chat anyway, many of the players can't read on english, and you need to type something like "u¡ʞ)nⅎ IDIOTS" to draw the attention on the rest of the team.
  3. Hay bales removed at forward airfield

    As if it is not enough that in the next update they will nerf the infantry vehicle off road speed, and make them even more exposed to the tankers/pilots/recons and the bush wookies, but they start to make it even harder with this new trees on the alternate river crossing on B4 and removing our covers(the hay bales). What next- incendiary/mustard gas shells and bombs for tankers and pilots, or maybe artilery for the recons, at least the infantry will receive some overpriced BDSM masks to hide their tears. Well at least the "pls BUFF/NERF that weapon" threads will end when people stop playing with the infantry class.
  4. Best way to grind for PTRD

    No need to do that almost every game have tanks in it, you will lose more time queueing like tanker than queueing like infantry, if you enter in a battle like a tanker and then switch to infantry you will have less spawns wich mean more queue. Best and fastest way to grind for PTRD is with RPG and Zooka, the cheapest way is with Faust and mines and ofcourse you need to spawncamp the tanks wich is easy when you are on the attackers side. Aim for battles with Medium tanks- the light are too fast and heavies can bounce your rocket or your RPG will be uneable to penn{something that i cant understand cuz we are moustly throwing them on theyr top (Reto logic at it finest)}. And better aim for battles agains GE They always have a lot of Panters and slow TDs on the field, US spawn mostly Hellcats and they are a bit of pain to chase around(most of the battles with Mediums have TDs in). To grind Fast Reload fight on the Encounter maps. To grind Infanry Fist spawn APCs on the Encounter or "Hill 60" no need to play like taxi driver unless you dont have some friend to drive with, and a lot of free time to play around instead grinding credits and Fast Reload/Tank destruction badge.

    Are you sure you didn't hit him in his rack/trunk/luggage carrier/cargo hold(not sure which word to use here).
  6. How does salary system works

    You need 1 hour of active gameplay, i mean you need to shot 1 hour non stop and to be in the middle of the fight without dying if you want to take this 10500 credits(which is impossible) , the depoy and traveling time to the action zone dont count you cant stay 1 hour in the paraplane and to expect 10500 credits to get into your account after the game. In short more time in the battle(fighting not camping)= more credits, something in wich the paratroopers are realy good in- to be always in the center of the gunfight. Понимаешь товарищ ?
  7. Of course the one that have used the legit hack called TS. Don't get upset from your K/D rate mate, dont lets people who mock you about your K/D to ruin your happiness, cheer up it's a u¡ʞ)nⅎ Friday !
  8. Your craziest/funniest K/D story?

    later in the battle the guy that made the last kill told me that the sight of us chasing around the trees waving wrenches desperately trying to kill the guy in front was the most intense and hilarious encounter that he has seen so far in this game.
  9. Your craziest/funniest K/D story?

    Ah these teabagging fails. There is a teabag fail story from me: It's happened somewhere around the new year i was out of credits cuz i spend a lot for these SMG camos. In order to grind some credits i switch to my mechanic/medik character and start lurking and hiding around our tanks with hope for some repair XP and salty tears from AT ramboes sent to the respawn from me , when suddenly a friendly Recon pass near me i was about to greet him with whistle then i saw that enemy tanker running and waving with his wrench after him. Like a real teammate i pull up my wrench and start chasing after the enemy tanker to save our recon, after 20/30 sec long pursuing amongst the trees the recon finally find a suitable place for camping and crouched, the tanker whistle over him and kill him and start teabagging him, but i wrenched him after his first teabag, the troll inside me prevail and i start carelessly to wistle and teabagging over their lifeless bodies only to get myself wrenched from another enemy tanker who started teabagging us on his turn, well his joy won't last long cuz my squadmate overrun him with his tank. So the lesson that i learned after that is always to check my back before teabagging.
  10. Sniper infantry

    Don't make a infantry with sniper rifle if he is your first or only one infantry that you have, better keep him with SMG/LMG for credit grinding and rise separated Recon ,because you will need a lot of credits to upgrade and maintain your scoped OHK rifles. Be aware that Recons can upgrade theyr rifles for bigger damage per distance than the infantry rifles and only they can use the 8x scopes when infantry can chose between 2,2 US, 3,6 SU and 4,2 GE scopes, and there are rumors that Reto will render all infantry scopes to 2,2 in some of the next updates(fingers crossed). Now about your question - are you sure that you have enought equipment points and if you have are you dont trying to put the Medkit in the vet membership slot(if you dont have membership), the game will not gonna alow you to buy something that you cant use, is for another class, or you dont have unlocked it yet, and i am pretty sure that every class can equip medkit.
  11. Modding the FG42

    I use FIELD ADJUSTED SIGHTS STAINLESS STEEL BARREL FAST TRIGGER no ammo mods is the perfect balance between RPM and Accuracy, everything else will make it unstable, slow, or you will run out of ammo very fast with the max RPM. Dont use scope it's a huge disadvantage in a CQC. I will advise you to make two paratroopers one with SMG for the small capzones and one with LMG for the bigger one.
  12. Are the servers down ?

    The game still crashing every time when i start it and i need to restart it , but that's happening to me after almost every update that they release until they don't apply the next one. I don't receive this "Setting up the final details" message any more so i think that everyting is back to normal atleast for me. I can't find option to close the topic by myself, so if you want you can close it , and thank you for your help.
  13. Negative credit earn

    One more thing i don't know did you do that purposely or you didn't know it, but if you want to save yourself from wasting a lot of credits in future take of the mods from weapons that you are not gonna use, because mods from some weapons can be used on other weapons from the same tier. Im teling you that because i saw that your SMGs are fully moded, i hope that you didn buy 3 separated T scopes for yours AS, BA and AR.
  14. Negative credit earn

    Don't use HSS you are wasting your badge slot with that useless badge better go for FR, only HSG worth it and can actually help you against OHK, grenades and double KOs.
  15. Negative credit earn

    I still can't understand why people using ammo mods on something different than BA/SA and handguns. Just buy that MG42 already, and you will not gonna need to mod it ! If you use Tight grip gold don't use accuracy mods, and if you don't have fast reload better strip off the RPM mods. If you want to make credits go and cap with Tommy and one RPM mod + medkit or M1M2 carbine no mods+medkit+PQF.