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  1. Team Killing

    The most of the time when i got teamkilled is because some noob want to take my sniper, and i am almost always behind the enemy line so they cant team kill me for camping in the bushes. Team kills don't drop weapons At least you don't need to read some kids spamming in the chat P***S and some other words that they just learned in school, and when you ask them how old they are their answer is " click F11 P***S " . Try to spawn APC and there will be always that one guy that is destroying it because he want everyone to use his APC, or that one noob that unlock friendly APCs just to drive them against the enemy tanks.
  2. You are not doing something right if you are in the range of the enemies pistols, SMGs and LMGs. The recon are the only playable class for me with all that HE spam and RNG headshots in the capzone. Just sneak behind the enemy line and shot from there, or spawnkill the tankers the empty tanks are a werry nice way to lure enemyes just wait until they unlock it and when they pop in kill them. Just a waste of time and credits if you play against tanks and planes.
  3. third medal ?

    I am telling that for the people that really want to have HSG hoping that will make them harder to kill not how to be useful in the war. I have HSG on almost all of my characters and i use him only on my recon.
  4. third medal ?

    Just ride a bike for a couple of hours in the war mode and you will unlock it, it's even faster if you have underdog bonus. And yeah 3 badges is too OP that will allow me to use Free Fall/TGG/FR on my LMG paras, or HSG/FR/Free Fall on my SMG paras , or HSG/Cammo/Ghillie(or FR) on my recon. There is a lot of combinations that can make some players too OP.
  5. 1.09 Public Test! Prototype Server Open from October 27th

    Sometimes when i use US and SU motorcycle 4WLA and i crash and stuck in the barbed wire barriers with my front tire i can't get out of the motorcycle. I don't know if that is a new or old or intentionally made, but there's a place near to the small wooden fence on the 03 in the hill skirmish map where you can capp from the outside of the cappzone. And for the end can you put some iron anti tank hedgehog to blok the new holes in the wall around A3 on the forward airfield map.
  6. 1.09 Public Test! Prototype Server Open from October 27th

    I like the new expanded capzone(C3) on the forward airfield map, but i think that will benefits only the defenders, because the attackers must to clear cap and deffend bigger zone while C2 can be cleared,capped and defended faster, and it's will make it easier for the defenders to stempush the other line while camping inside C3. lol that's true i had to make a lot of team kills to prevent tryhards from capping the last point after kindly asked them not to capp it in the team chat.
  7. Random headshots and planes.
  8. Planes still unbalanced and shouldn't be in the game.

    You can turn around faster with heavy than with medium plane.
  9. Planes still unbalanced and shouldn't be in the game.

    Yeah and the heavy planes are more maneuverable than the medium fighters i can't see the logic here.
  10. veterans 1st H&G battle experiences :D

    I start with US infantry on the village map, i shoot around with my M1 garand just because i liked that clicking sound from the reload, and then someone shot me i was so angry because he break my happiness that i throw all my grenades to him when i respawn, and kill him again and again with grenades, after the game i saw that we actually paying for everything that we use, i turn of the auto repair, used everything that i have in my US infantry without paying, and then make a fresh start with GE with a lot of credits in reserve.
  11. 1.09 Public Test! Prototype Server Open from October 27th

    The path from the spawn to 01 in the town map is even easy to spawn camp now, and that glitch in the spiral staircase in the church(the one that leading from the ground level to the second floor) where when you are climbing to the wall when going down is really annoying, especially when you counter an enemy and can't shot because you are in midair .
  12. 1.09 Public Test! Prototype Server Open from October 27th

    I am not sure how i am supposed to test anything, when the game is full with fully modded STG noobs without any imagination in their "hollow" heads that are just capping all lines for a couple of minutes.
  13. Bombing planes spam

  14. Why is it hard for new players to start out?

    You will be even more frustrated when you unlock the other maps, and will come back here to complain how you cant make a single kill an everyone else are stomping you with SMGs and end gear weapons. You are waiting so much time because there are not so many players with your Lvl near your location with which the matchmaker can group you. That didn't worked out at least for me. P.S. And F11 is for suicide don't believe if someone told you something else will happen if you press F11.
  15. not save your butt but You cant win if the most of your team have bad ping and you are teleporting all over the map or can't hit nothing because of the lag, and when you get insta headshoted every time when you face the enemy. So my problem is that I am tired of RNG headshots and HE spam every time when i play the objective, and i am finding that to be a recon is the best way to avoid all this s***s.