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  1. I dont think that what you suggest will stop me. I am spawn killing when i am bored, or if in the previous game someone spawn kill me or my team. Unfortunately some times the spawn kills are inevitable because of the spawn zones, and of course dont forget the people that just wat to troll the enemy(me included).
  2. Lvl15 para with spade,land mine and pistol, that's how i play with my US para when i want some credits and fun. Equip your para squad with pilot(Lvl15 if possible), and infantry(Lvl15) slots. If you have GE or US para equip him with LMG(cheaper to mentain and deadly) or unmodded SMG. Dont camp arond the objectives get in, always wait for the enemy to get inside the capzone before kill him for more XP. More time in a combat = more credits, that's why you must to choose what, where and how to spawn in order to get faster to battle. Use your para to attack and cap, use your infantry to defend(only when you see that you will deploy faster with infantry than with para), unmodded weapons only. If you are bad in piloting wite untill your team achieve air superiority, or you see that your team have better pilots. When you see that there are a lot of enemy in some cappoint and they are camping inside - spawn a pilot and bomb them or bomb their vehicles. If you have APC always look for opportunity to spawn one when is needed.
  3. Rise all classes in one of the factions, that way you will be able to switch between them in battle, then make them in the other two. Don't buy all weapons and stuff only for one character(my biggest mistake). Every class/faction have his own bad and good sides, OP and UP weapons, crybabies, vehicles, fanbois, tanks, whines, planes, spawnkillers , etc, etc, etc.
  4. How unfortunate, now the US pilots must to actually use skills and to put some efforts in order to make credits and XP. Let's hope that they didn't forget how to fly when they have rivals in the sky, thinkingly that OP38 will be OP forewer. Why to lose 5 minutes stalking a plane for some miserable 20xp when i can make 100xp while taking the objective.
  5. Just imagine the shitstorm that will came upon this form if they release the FG42 for GE infantry and some people start to use it with those 2 badges.
  6. Sorry i didn't want to hurt you T_T
  7. I don't like camping tankers that's why i always vote against everything that can make them even more happy campers.
  8. I have didn't pick the side in the war for more than a year.
  9. Seeing the K/D rate of the US and SU players you can easily say that they are new players with starter equipment, and your team were smart enough to not closing one of the enemy lines and to keep farming them.
  10. i am newbie but i am way better than you in this case - i have only around 30/45 minutes in the war(more than 1500 hours in total), i actually didn't care about with which faction i will play in the war, but the ping and the latency just pushing me back. P.S. : i have soldiers in all factions, not only GE.
  11. I am usually trying to stay away from topics that have ''OP'' and ''Nerf'' in their names, but that's how i imagine the usual Devs briefing according to the forum: - What is our first task today? - First we must to nerf GE! - Ok what abot the SU? - We will ballance the SU. - You are right we ned to balance them. What we are gonna doo with US then? - We think its better to buff them little bit more. - Yeah thats seem logicall, buff them. Something else? - We need to nerf GE!!! - But we arleady nerf them? - Sooo what !!! - Actually you have a point nerf them.
  12. That's actually how i play when i play with my US para- Spade(The Undertaker) M1917 Revolver TM35(nice low profile) My advice is always go for the enemy recon when he kill you or you see from where he killing your teammates.
  13. You are a recon play like a recon and you will be no more outgunned, you don't need mines you are not ATrambo. And for Christ sake dont stay at one place the entire game becouse you will be hunted down after every kill that you make. The biger scope dont make you invincible- use your heads and look at the map to adjust your pozition with the front line.
  14. Change your faction. I have a tanker and i can tell you that i get killed more times bu a camping tankers than from infantry, in fact i am going chased from an infantry only when i engage them first. I have recon and medium fighters planes in all factions (i still suck in piloting), the truth is if your pilot teammates sucks you will get your A** kicked no matter the faction . Play for fun and you will get fun. Definitely one of the best way to troll the enemy especially if you have cammo badge. It's even nicer to play like spade paratrooper recon hunter. Most of the players in staged don't have it. Don't queue with heavies, and again i have been in a matches where SU and GE pilots smashed US P 38 pilots like a flies. Don't know If you are lazy ,or you just like to complain.