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  1. Newbie_

    Landmines need some love

    Are you playing a game for first time, if the developers make everything profitable and affordable for the players with in-game currency (silver) how are they suppose to make any profit if they can't make you buy any gold .
  2. Newbie_

    i just love to play aginst germany

    learn to read (and to understand what you read) on cirilica and you will be surprised + everyone are spawn camping when they have a chance to do it.
  3. Newbie_

    Bruce Lee

    . Gordon Freeman
  4. Newbie_

    unlock 2 badges

    Third badge is not a big deal i am okay with their current state, but if they add a 50% off of the character deploy time timer that will make a lot of people to consider buying a Vet membership.
  5. Newbie_

    Why they WILL do captured vehicles

    Nice infantry class can buy tanks now, we all can finally drive safely and cheaper to the cap point when there are light tanks resources.
  6. Newbie_


    What is the point of selling infantry SA, T2 SMGs, AR packs when we encounter only pilots and tankers, and stock tier 1 SMGs are more than enough to kill bots without losing credits?
  7. Newbie_

    FG42 not working for infantry

    Ugh didn't realize it until now (i am almost asleep right now) probably UI bug or some MAX rank character benefits.
  8. Newbie_

    FG42 not working for infantry

    That's a standard tank hunter set you need fast reload and hoarder gold which work for both the zooka and SA ammo. That's how they will get all US and SU players who think that having STG or FG42 will make them OP to buy ribbon boosters or unlocking the badges directly with gold.
  9. Newbie_

    FG42 not working for infantry

    Try to pick up FG42 in a battle and shoot around, or try to kill someone with picked up FG42 that may restart the ribbon, after the update i have the feeling that i have missing ribbons but that dont boter me cuz i dont have the intention of buing unmoddable weapons that i already have fully unlocked and modded on my other characters.
  10. Newbie_

    FG42 not working for infantry

    I am not sure why are you want FG42 for your infantry when you can use MG13 which have better recoil animation than FG42 which got ruined from that stupid bipod update + you cant modd it but try to buy it from the store
  11. Newbie_


    Send support ticket from here, but don't give it too much hope, there a lot of people like you -some got refunded others not. There is a subforum where you can speak with other people на русском языке if you have issues with the ticket page. Good luck!
  12. Newbie_

    Сlub of millionaires , Entrance only for millionaires.

    haters gonna hate.
  13. Newbie_

    Сlub of millionaires , Entrance only for millionaires.

    Is that because i'm Newbie ? I feel myself discriminated !
  14. Newbie_

    Сlub of millionaires , Entrance only for millionaires.

    Can i consider myself for the club president ?
  15. Newbie_


    @Reto.Hades why M1A1 don't have scope added , in the DEV TALK #7 they showed us a scoped M1A1, but there are no scope for it in that update?