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  1. AVS for Soviet Paratroopers

  2. Bug with the weapon ribbon XP

    I don't know if someone already reported that, but thats is the thing that i noticed And when i restart the game everything is ok
  3. Soo when i equip M1M2 Carabine and M1903(BA) with hoarder badge only my M1M2 Carabine recive 3 extra clips. When i equip Mosin-Nagant M91/30 and AVS with Hoarder badge only my AVS recive 3 extra clips. When i equip Kar98k and Sturmgewehr 44 with Hoarder both of them recive 3 extra clips. And when i equip any BA + any LMG or SMG with Hoarder both of them recive 3 extra clips. Can some one explain me whay SU and US are screwed up?
  4. Either/Or

    At least in your cases the enemy trying to hide their APCs, in the battles that i participate no one is tries to hide their APC, and even then the people are to afraid to show their noses out of the cappzone to destroy it.
  5. mo money

    Yeah but you can't blow up cars with a picked up PTRD unless you don't have Infantry fist gold equipped all the time. I grind soviets because i wanted to have and try every weapon in the game, you know the grass is alwys greenier from the other side of the fence.
  6. mo money

    Wheel when i need fast credits, which is not too common, i play with everything that i have in all nations but first i uncheck auto repairs on my equipment. PTRD ? Ah the sweet pain after missing a 10 meters shot with PTRD.
  7. But first your friend need to have tank character, and the battle need to have a tank resources in it, you can use a special class only if you have that class in your account.
  8. When is that happened, why i don't know about that?
  9. Closing line

    When your team is near to closing one of the lines, but the enemy is already capping your last main objective, and someone write in the chat "we still can win people, push them back''.
  10. Yeah 9 of 10 squad leaders with which i am teamed up don't have any auxiliary slots. And even when i am teamed up with someone that have auxiliary slots i still can't use them because: 1. The squad leader is too busy to pooke in his nose instead adjusting the slots to the available resources in the battle. 2. When i try to use the auxillary seat i got disbanded from the squad. 3. The line with the resources which i want to use is closed.
  11. Why i supposed to use leased weapons when i can simply play US.
  12. BUFF johnson

    Don't listen to him reto. Buff M1A1 Carbine. Stop Buffing only EZmod weapons Buff something that need to be buffed!
  13. I just came up from a game on the mountain town. The enemy tanks didn't make even 2 meters from their spawn zone because they were destroyed from 3 Zooka AT rambos. Yeah we lose a lot of credits but we keep our team safe from them because we didn have tankers, and they start to HE spam us which was their biggest mistake. I am not against the tankers having their funn, i play with tanks too, but i am against HE spam and i do not support the AT rambos that are chasing tanks without reason, because i have suffered from their shirts too. I dont want to be a AT rambo and i dont want to be a HE spammer. I normaly trying to stay away from the tanks when i dont play with my tank, and i dont attack infantry when i tanking because i dont want to reveal my position, and i know what is the feeling to be HE spamed, but when i got HE spamed or AT ramboet i am turning the other side and start AT ramboing all tanks in the battle, or HE spamming everything thats move. What goes around comes around.
  14. It would be too OP in a night battles.
  15. no sense of accomplishment

    Great now i'm hungry. Thanks dude now i need to go to the store to buy something sweet to eat.