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  1. Newbie_

    Join us for the ‘Deploy! Drive! Destroy!’ Preview

    All who did not stop complaining and to cry to the devs day and night 24\7 to buff their favorite weapon/faction and to nerf everything\everyone else, and ''all need to fear and bowl before our tanks'' hilltop HE spaming hiding in their spawn tankers of course. So i want to congratulate all of you who made that possible and to welcome you in Tankers and Campers i hope you will enjoy it, i personally loaded all my tanks with HE and equip all my main infantry with scoped BA/SAs, now i need only to wait for the new build to be released.
  2. Newbie_

    The Answer with 1 word forum game!

  3. Newbie_

    Paras are the elite

    My bad i didn't saw that you are playing with LMG i was thinking that you are still grinding SMG with the SA, i mean the best and fastest way to unlock the first SMG is to kill a recon and to use his rifle. The camouflage which you use is not good for paratroopers it is to bright and draw the enemy attention, better use something darker to merge easily with the attics, bushes and shadows in the corners. And you are definitely don't need this mods for Johnson, you are not infantry to need accuracy paras rely mostly on hipfire to clear their landing zones + you will need this extra credits from repairs to buy a vet membership so you can equip FR or PQF.
  4. Newbie_

    Paras are the elite

    What 16 kills ! My best K/D was 73\1 when i stole a GE recon rifle and start trolling around.
  5. Newbie_

    STG44 nerf

    When i see "NERF" in the Thread names on the forum GE have the most long time playing players in the game, and the STG is the last weapon in the Assault ribbon that's way most of the vets have and use it just like how the vets in the SU and US use AVS and Johonsan/M1M2, if there was some other weapon after the STG many peolple will be using it instead STG. Next time when you go in war and counter a calan dont leave and you will see that you will be wrecked all the time from SAs. Most of the people playing in the war are using SAs and they will destroy you from any distance. STG is god only agianst newbies in the staged battles if you go on war with STG you will be just a dead meat for the SAs. And from my point of view the best weapon in the game is the 2HK scouped SVT not the STG.
  6. Newbie_

    Vehicle Gameplay Update - Damage - ROUND 2

    When i play on the prototype server the game literary freezing for 10/15 sec every 30 sec, am i the only one with that issue?
  7. Newbie_

    Server down - 13.09.2018

    ♪┏(・o・)┛♪┗ ( ・o・) ┓♪ ┏ ( ) ┛♪┗ (・o・ ) ┓♪ (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ (҂◡̀_◡́)ᕤ
  8. Newbie_

    Server down - 13.09.2018

    Did they start the update?
  9. Newbie_


    They will remove the squad system in the next update anyway so don't worry about things like that.
  10. I chose the GE faction, and now GE are only in blue color no matter for which faction i play.
  11. Newbie_

    Plane bombs do not resupply

    No- planes that do not reload in mid air.
  12. Newbie_

    weird ragdolls

    If the ragdoll is a tanker i always teabag them. This bug is very old it is wasn't happened to me from a very long time, but its was fun to try to hide inside the body and killing unsuspecting enemies.
  13. Newbie_

    Plane bombs do not resupply

    I really would like to see that like a feature to all planes.
  14. Infantry First and Fast Reload to be able to vaporize jeeps, tanks are just bonus aim for jeeps and recon planes, but be quick to joy using the PTRD cuz when the next update struck the PTRD will be usles, beter spend your credits on OHK Mosin cuz with the new spawn sistem and vehicle speed it will be more easy to kill the jeep drivers and locking down the enemyes in their spawn.