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  1. I am curious how long that battle last and do you win. They must to fix the matchmaker as soon as possible, even if your paras are grounded most of the time from their planes their paras dont have a big chance without some infantry support, its just a credit farm fest for their pilots. The US guns need to be a little bit noobfrendly it's a starting faction after all, but if you know the limits of your own guns and use them correctly its not a problem to defeat them play smart not hard.
  2. I have been played with all guns in that game, i have been able to score a kills with every one of them, I have been killed from every one of them and the only things that i want to be ''nerfed'' is that respawn queue (some time i am stuck there for more than a minute) and that objective/capture point hud icon that blinds me every time when I look to it. Please stop with all this weapon comparisons and nerf demands make some useful thread instead FFS.
  3. Increase the price of the HE shells, remove the the XP when infantry kill a tank and adjust the credit reward to be enough only to cover the credits that he spend for AT nade, do not remove the XP and credit reward for destroying APCs and recon vehicles. Make the XP for destroying a tank to be avilable only when the tank is destroyed from another tank not from tanker with AT nade. Pros and Cons( which I can think of): Pros- no more tankers QQ, no more brainless HE spam, no more brainless AT ramboing, if the infantry want to make some XP and 💰€ £ they must to play the objectives, no more tankers with ATnade(unless some vengeful noobs), more fun for everyone ヽ(´ー`)人(´∇`)人(`Д´)ノ Cons- some ATrambo QQ, there will be more people that will try to snipe you of your tank in order to take it( i suggest reverse controls for that one).
  4. Funny , so the tankers actually are killing each other like AT rambos and then coming here to complain about AT weapons and rambos . You are pathetic guys, get ashamed of yourself.
  5. Yeah, it's a bit unfair because the US already have BAR and i don't know why Reto don't release the Johnson only for they para, maybe in order to boost their population(thats is the only reason that i can see), but what the SU are supposed to say when they dont have nothing like Johnson,FG42 or BAR. well he said So you still need some paratrooper resources or at least paratrooper training in order to use FG42, in that case better ask Reto to give option when the paratrooper reach certain rank(17 or 18) to be able to switch to some kind of infantry with limited equipment of course not to make it to OP, it's elite infantry after all .
  6. Well when the enemy pilots take down all our para planes(something that's happening very often nowadays) the paratroopers actually become infantry. So if someone want to play like ELITE INFANTRY he is free to join whenever he want.
  7. Someone to make a thread named ,,SOVIETS BEING STEPPED ON AND GENERAL ISSUES ,, please. We need more balance between the factions.
  8. Yeah when i kill an enemy recon in 90% of the cases i always kill 3 or 4 people that are tried to take his sniper rifle. Still the best way for me to use my recon is like OHK BA Rambo with gold heavy set.(no scope)
  9. Once i make 21 killstreak with my FG42, when i run out of ammo i take one PPSH from the ground and take out another 7 people before they wiped me out with grenades. Just Imagine what some people can make with double FG42 set hoarder and tight grip badges.
  10. Do not underestimate the power of the US and SU crybabies.
  11. Sorry i don't want to look aggressive. I just don't want the only weapon that actually have some use and impact of his mods(if we don't count the scope which is useless in my opinion) to be ruined.
  12. Ok i will copy-paste myself from another topic with the same request like yours If they allow FG42 for GE infantry ,everyone will start to complain how OP are the GE because everyone is using FG42 and no one can stand against them. Do you know what will happen after that, i will tell you - they will NERF FG42 that's will gonna happen. Just remove Johnson from US infantry and give Fedorov Avtomat or something else to the SU paratroopers so they will be able to counter Johnson and FG42. P.S. STOP WITH THOSE REQUESTS ALREADY
  13. FG42 do not need improvement. FG42 is the best gun in the game for me (with the right mods). Do not add it to the infantry that will be the end of the FG42, because everyone will start to play with FG42 and they will nerf it, not to mention you can equip two FG42 at once and that will make the GE vets players too OP for all US and SU fanboys. Remove the Johnson from US infantry instead.
  14. It's true when i equiped my camo badge for first time i got 40+/2 K/D in staged, you just need to know where to stay, and if you really want to piss of the enemy team get yourself infront of the enemy spawn and start spawn killing , like i make in my second game with it, they kill me only when i I tried to resupply ammo from the ammo crate, but its becomes boring very fast. Now i am using my recon only when i want or i need to counter the enemy recons. The game becomes even more interesting when the recons from the both teams start to hunt each other, but now that is so rare and get boring very fast because Reto close the windows from where we were able to go for some rooftop action, the recon gameplay its not like before anymore (╥﹏╥).