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  1. Do not get me wrong i am not trying to tell you to go to war. I just want to tell you not to be so proud of that you are wrecking newbies with no experience, because there were no one to oppose you. With that topic you can make some people very salty, and they will start to cry again how all GE vets playing only staget and how OP are our weapons and etc, etc, etc.
  2. If they allow FG42 for GE infantry ,everyone will start to complain how OP are the GE because everyone is using FG42 and no one can stand against them. Do you know what will happen after that, i will tell you - they will nerf FG42 that's will gonna happen. Just remove Johnson from US infantry and give Fedorov Avtomat to SU paratroopers.
  3. let's hope that will not gonna happen, because it will be very weird to see how someone slaying the entire enemy team only with a bike. Imagine the horror that will instill that Ring Ring sound. Ring Ring the death is comming for you Ring Ring.
  4. Everything that i can see from your scoreboard and credits page is a veterans vs newbies with unmodded BA/SA rifles and SMGs. I have characters in all factions, but like mainly GE player i start to feel bad for US. For christ's sake one of them have K/D rate 4/30, and the sad truth is that i have seen worse K/D rates.
  5. I will equip all my characters with spades and start killing everything , before they nerf them too.
  6. Lol sorry i misread ''empty'' like ''enemy''. My bad sorry for that.
  7. When you use the ammo or health crate you will drop the enemy weapon automatically, same with the panzerfaust crates.
  8. Each player is like you when he start to play this game ,you are actually a lucky the paratroopers were nerfed before some months, and they change the old spawn sistem, with the old spawn sistem one good paratrooper were able to make a lot of spawn kills and troling. Before they change the size of the cappzone a good paratrooper was able to cap and defend it alone. like i say if you have difficult times against some of the classes try to play with them and you will learn all their weaknesses and how to counter them.
  9. Well i hate to be mean ,rude and to sound like some arrogant a****l, but sometime there is no other way , so i will say it - Git Gud.
  10. I don't know why everyone want realism, can you show me a video where the jeep driver teleport himself on the gunner's position, or a video where the fighter pilots receive new bombs after they drop the previos ones without go back to their base, or a video where someone who was shot to spawn back in his home. If they jump as you want, they will be dead in mid air from enemy fire or spend the entire game trying to get back in the action area. Just go and play like a paratrooper several games and you will se how easy is to counter the paratroopers. If you are not the first one who jump from the plane you cant hit the DZ and you have to wait for another run. If you know where to stay and where and when to look you will see how predictable they are especialy on the skirmish maps. Seriously people dont be a crybabies, do not think that everything and everyone that killing you is OP or a cheater and must be nerfet/banned. This game is for fun and relax not for realism, struggle, hates and headaches just play it.
  11. Thompson with drum clip, why we don't have those. just go and take Hetzer for yourself, the most tankers used him to stay inside the capzone and killing everyone who entered with his MG moutent on the roof and caping the point while staying inside their tank like F****G cowards.
  12. Every time enter from the opposite side on the supply crate, if you bug when you are in invincible mod in the spawn and the people cant enter in the car switch places with the gunner (unles you are not SU) and fire some shots thats work every time for me. Well, at least that make my game easier free kills i love them. especially when i have pistol or knife My AT para sometimes is the only thing, that restrain the tankers for HE sheling the capzone,or to shoot down our paraplane.
  13. Thats is a War mode there is not matchmaking, you can enter in every available battle if you want. I think you should know that.
  14. 1. I immediately going into cover when i hear planes, but when the HE spam begin there is nowhere to hide. 2. The tanks can be lions only in big open fields,but when they enter in the cities they are becoming in a big tasty piece of cheese for all hungry for XP rats.
  15. I have 700+ hours practice. Its fun to watch when people make fails, but when their failure is for your own expense is no longer fun.