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  1. Rockboje

    What 2021 should bring in H & G...

    very well and most of ur lists i agree! but i believe, H&G is so much to improve but the playercounts go down and down. we have to aczept, this game is walking to his end and in max 2 years we have still 200 Players in H&G. Just little changes and improvements we have still to expect, lets enjoy what we have and fight untill the big end.
  2. Hi Du hast in einem deiner Videos ein Lied das mich interessiert, es heisst "Dont Turn back" habe nicht herausgefunden ob dieses von Gema or anderen Rechten befreit ist da ich dies selbst gerne in einem Angelvideo verwenden möchte. Gehst du bei der Musikwahl in deinen Videos einfach auf Risiko das dich jemand verklagen könnte oder woher beziehst du die Musik? Meine Tante wurde diesbezüglich schon einmal auf mehrere Tausen Euros verklagt da sie Material verwendet hat auf das sie keine Rechte hatte, das möchte ich mir lieber ersparen und bin um Tipps sehr dankbar. Grüsse
  3. Hi... I am realy like to play H&G but RETO is realy do 1 mistake after the other... this RETO Ladies and Boys have so much problems to ballancing his game fair so i dont understand whats the way there want to go. MG42 was unplayable like 2 years and now it gets again nerfed... STG44 isnt worth to play anymore coz the last nerf and buff of the MG34 makes them so much better like STG44 now. The time to kill in MG34 is so much faster and the control is most the same... if u use Bypod u got a accurate u nefer reach with STG44 so why still play STG44? u can use SME bullets in MG34 and time to kill is still much better then STG44. over this u earn much much more credits becouse Anschuss sS for STG44 is very expensive. Chaffee used 7,5cm Gun right? so why Chaffee has same reload like other nations Lighttank with much lower caliber and can carry more hits then other Nation LightTanks... i want reloadtime like Panter in Chaffee or lower Hitpoints/armor. STUG G did have a MG like Hetzer to control from insite the Tank so change it please! Why do Bazooka M9A1 more damage like Panzerschreck??? if u shoot in the door of Kübelwagen a M9A1 did 9/10 Structurepoints and Panzerschreck just 7/10 so u can deal with Iron Fist and Infantry First much more damge by higher penetration.... thiws is Bull...AA Why is P51 so much stronker then other NAtion Planes of same Tier?? Oh... thats all Americans, maybe RETO is US-Fanboy? Suggestion... u have 1 class 1 tank 1 plane 1 weapon = same stok values just ur mods and Skill makes a different and nobody have a reason to cry thats RETO is to stupid to ballanced his game. With Badgets , Boosters, Ribbons and first aid kids it is going and noone crys, so do same with ur Weapons!!! Heavy Set have to use 2 Carrypoints and Carbines lower Firerate. This Game isnt a copy of history so ballance the weopons same values. And peaple like me would pay again some €/$ and dont just the Hardcorefanboys. Ah.. and i never change to US/SU becouse i spend so much Time in my German soldgiers i am tired and empty of credits to enjoy this. Maybe u can use ur Generals in all Nations wich nation u participate and change ur Soldgiers to other Nations 1/2 Times... thats maybe will bring more ballancing and not nerf Germans Stuff or OP buff US/SU shirt... u trie this since years without succest and lost a lot of players by this! i hope 1 RETO Guy will read this and think about his mistakes u also missed to create a Clan function **** VERY BIG FAIL**** much more importent like new Weapons and Vehicles who unballanced again! **maybe the biggest mistake u did** Greating and have nice battles
  4. Wow sehr gutes Video. Da habe ich gleich mal einen Blick auf die Stug im Spiel geworfen die mit Ausführung G gekenzeichnet ist! Daher dürfen wir jetzt eine korrekte Kanonenblände + von Innen bewegliches MG verlangen wie beim Hetzer.
  5. Rockboje

    Puck u RETO

    Yeha is the english speaking loosers cry long enouth "the MG42 is OP" RETO will make it unplayable for 2 years... there cry " oh MG13 is OP" and RETO crouch in the backsite an nerfed it!!! Why is the OP M1919a1 not also get nerfed?Why cant deal the Panzerbüchse the same damage vs planes like PTRS??? Coz all the little boys cry then again "OOOH its to strong can 1 shoot my Plane,nerf it please" Everytime if i pick up M1919A1 i feel like Rambo coz i have a FJ42+MP40 in 1 weopon!!!! SJGunn got a P51 and u will see thats FW190 have no chance 1vs1 becouse the US Players again crys enouth thats FW190 is too strong and got nerfed. If i dont feel thats RETO ballanced thats corectly i dont spend Money for this . What did u thinking why RETO loose so much players??? Coz there listen too much of this US Flamers and now there cant turn back, his chance is over!
  6. Why can a Lightning fly faster then FW190 and a US-HeavyPlane turn a FW190 out? U like kiss US - Backsite?? I nver spent Money for ur Game becouse like that unballanced shirt. And never i would change to SU or US earlier i leave the Game/ welcome Hell let Loose and Post Scriptum. If u want my Money make this Game fair ballanced. AVS max Firerate 500 not even More and 4 Hits for Player with Heavyset like STG44. Nerf PTRS that absolute OP vs Planes and 1 shoot a Kübelwagen in backsite + kill, why cant Panzerbüchse do that? Make Camoclothes cheaper
  7. Rockboje

    Battle of Dunkirk 2019! War log

    Yeah come on RETO ... delete Dunkirk (Dünnpfiff) we don't have any interest to participate your fail WAR and loose every day 2 times vs US I play now at 4 years this game and my German Hero dont have 1 of the Ribbon "WarVictory" and i prever to play War ... M1919 and Johnson are so OP thats a K98k can learn how precise a rifle can be bevore i change the nation i prever to fallow most off my friends and leave the game finaly i don't wanna do that but i am close to do it EVERY WAR i order my Para ATs but never get them bevore is War over or it needs 2-4 days. I want to use it !!! 99% of Warbattles Ger. u dont see Paras in battles coz this guys who get them dont send this in battles... my para is absolute ridiculous! If guys dont send Para ATs in a Battle for 12 hours there must sending back to recourses without warfounds back. So can player like me use it