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    You can search the website for csochina. 3rd , so you can see my video.I can't live on youtube in China
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    Too many planes destroyed the game
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    Are you crazy ?
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    Before 2009, csochina was the only electronic sports organization in China to host the four day of defeat 1.3 online league tournament. It was invited to participate in the DOD League in North America and achieved the top four results. In 2009, due to the deterioration of the DOD competitive environment, the site closed, the site management and some users of the site transition call of duty. It was not until the second half of 2015 that we came into contact with HG, and for the love of World War II FPS games, we fell in love with this game of love and hate. Because there are many fake in the game of CSO members appear, so I announced the CSO members and friends ID, in addition to all are fake. 在2009年以前csochina是中国唯一一个举办过四届day of defeat 1.3线上联赛的电子竞技组织,受邀参加了北美dod联赛取得了前四的好成绩。2009年由于dod竞技环境的恶化,网站关闭后网站管理层及部分网站用户转型call of duty。直到2015年下半年我们接触到了HG,出于对二战FPS游戏的热爱,我们深深的爱上了这个叫人又爱又恨的游戏。 csochinacso.dragonflycso.king cso.novffgaming_jerrycy_i3bugsyzhihen7aafung02thomasmak six-stringCharles.Zxuxuan5566cso.2748cso.4ag
  8. emmmm,希望中文板块有人气